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To be or not to be, that is a gnarly question. For, is it noble to face the question of mortality? 'Tis better, methinks, to leave it at 'maybe.' That sounds nice and ambiguous.

Hamlet on existence

Maybe is more of a single word than a short phrase but it is accepted as a phrase. Maybe generally means "No!" or even "No, I don't ------- care. Besides this was a bad suggestion, so ---- you! Who are you anyway to talk to me like that!!".


Maybe derives from the words "May" as the month may which is the month everyone just hates and wants to end and never come again and the word be.

Be is the same as the simple form of "to be". Anything can be. Be is a word that is linked with no certainty whatsoever. What does to be mean anyway? Everything is and nothing is! To be means to "think". I think, therefore I am. In many cases be is confused with the word bee. This happens when some retard pressed the E-key on the keyboard twice - one of the few typos which would make sense, if they would make sense. It might also be the case if someone wrote something about bees, but this is simply ridiculous, because who would EVER write ANYTHING about bees anyway? Bees are for losers, man.

To be signifies the presence of egotism. Someone who uses I am very often is what is known as an egoist. they are to be damned forever. Egoists burn in hell, together with all narcissists there are.

Occasionally, to be is used for insulting someone: "Are you being funny?". Replying with "yes" testifies your qualities as a professional douche bag. Preferably, you'll want to answer with "Yes, maybe!" in order to resolve the suggestive question and cause a Worp-Core breach. As a result, the one who asked the question will explode spectacularly and splatter his/her flesh all over the place. It will prove your superiority.


If someone dislikes a person in their vicinity they are likely to reply a question or a request from this very person with Maybe. By doing so this action signifies the lack of drive to follow a request, answer to a question or accept a hint or a comment.

Maybe is also used to show the lack of interest for a discussed topic. If the the individual that has the word talks rubbish, crap that no one fancies, selfish shit, unimportant stuff or compliments to the Repulican party and at the same time seeks the response of a listener, the person addressed - no matter if this person heard the direct (or indirect) question - shall then reply with Maybe! in order to inform the person talking all the Blahblahblah about the fact that they are talking things of no interest AND to see whether anyone feels the same.

Would I be such a filthy, mean scumbag as thou art, I would now ask you if thou were still trying to understand the meaning of what you're just reading. Obviously, I'm not, so nevermind.

Famous Moments in History[edit]

Although the word maybe sounds rude and disrespectful to oneselve, it is unquestioned that people love to use it! As for providing proof to this, we are glad to present to you the most important quotes by far more important entities who've used maybe to a satanic extend. Reading on might cause flu.

Yeah, well, maybe I DID have sexual intercourse with that woman!

Bill Clinton on Whitney Housten

Maybe I shouldn't have made them as ugly as that! ...

God on creating pirhanas

Et tu, Maybe! ...

Julius Caesar on daggers in his intestines

Oy, I hate may! I do hate the month may, be it because of it's attitude towards minorities, maybe I even loathe it!! Skip May, everybody! Let's get to June!

Gregorian on calendars

Maybe not.

Samuel Johnson on maybe

To be or not to be; Maybe!

Hamlet on Maybe

Maybe you should shut the hell up.

Me on televangelists

Maybe they went this way?

Krekka on the Toa

Questions which often elicit Maybe for an answer[edit]

  • Are you absolutely certain?
  • Are we winning the war?
  • Where were you on the night of April 14?
  • You mean I have already won a new car in your sweepstakes, Mr. McMahon?
  • So this ultra-extended warranty will cover the repair cost if my computer breaks down?
  • Will you respect me in the morning?
  • Will you love me in December as you did in May?
  • Will I pull through this, Doc?
  • Is the glass half empty or half full?
  • If JFK had just ducked, would he have lived?
  • Can the Titanic ever sail again?
  • Does Jesus love me?
  • Mr. Bush, is it true that you gravely manipulated the elections in 2000 along with some retarded henchmen of yours?
  • Do you love me?
  • Hey, do you want to watch 2 girls 1 cup again?
  • Hmmmm. "Word expressing boredom, 5 digits" ... What could that be?
  • Oh my god dude! Are these naked pictures of your sister!?
  • Mommy, are we going to die?
  • Will it hurt?
  • Doctor, wouldn't it be better to tranquilize the patient before starting the operation?!
  • Daddy, do your razor blades taste like strawberry ice cream?
  • If it won't be published in April, when will it be?
  • I'll quick smoking tomorrow, 'ight?
  • Where's Waldo?
  • Am I living?
  • Do I look fat in this ?
  • Is it my baby?
  • Is it a boy?