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UNDERTALE is a videogame about a child murdering subterranean monsters who attempt to kill you at every turn, but the monsters are the good guys because of course they are and you should feel ashamed of yourself for even thinking of killing one, you monster. It's called UNDERTALE cause CAVERNFABLE, GROTTOYARN, SUBTERRANEANDIEGESIS, and Cave Story were taken. You play a silent protagonist who finds themself in a mysterious cave system haunted by flowers modified by a mad scientist, and no these flowers are golden and not red so you can't sue. Instead of flying with boosters and shooting bars of soap, you dodge many "different" objects the obvious good guys (fuck you for making the Genocide Route) throw at you.

The game has an inventive story which touches on meta-narratives, choice and the consequences of violence in interactive entertainment, which means it attracts the Thomas Was Alone crowd who believe videogames were all murder simulators and Tetris before they started blogging about it. The game has a colorful cast of anthropomorphized animals with shoehorned character tics, which appeals to the My Little Pony fans and other zoophilics who don't see the shame in fapping to pictures of blue glowing skeleton boners. Add the two together and somehow you get the biggest indie game of 2015.


You have to dodge aforesaid monster-themed objects. Like, a lot.

You can (but obviously won't, MONSTER) attack monsters and kill them, but according to the game logic you MUST spare them since that's how you get to play the feel-good Pacifist route, the only one that matters. God knows you won't spare them otherwise, since they'll be walking all-invisible like getting ready to pounce on you even after you've spared them for the fifth goddamn time. You can also FLIRT with monsters, a game mechanic created solely to inspire smut art and incessant shipping wars.


The fandom of UNDERTALE is well known for having its ups and downs, as its active fandom is composed by:

  • 45% porn and other sins who crawl up your back;
  • 25% failed artists who want a new career;
  • 5% creeps who rant at everyone's opinion;
  • 20% weird kids who enjoy the 45% a tiny bit too much;
  • 5% good and legitimate fans.
  • also featuring: 0% quality and effort

UNDERTALE is currently in its fandom reinassance thanks to Deltarune, but we'll get to that in a minute later in another article.


Frisk: The main protagonist of UNDERTALE and holy figure of the Agender faith is a blind[1] and genderless child named Frisk. Notably, his gender became a major debate topic late in the 2016 U.S. Election Wars between Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Sportacus. To this day Russian hackers are too invested in the Undertale lore.

One of these is not like the others...

The story of Frisk begins after his over-exposure to the publicitary campaign of the Minion movie. The character attempts to take their own life by jumping off a cliff, but unfortunately survives the fall only to become talking flower's bitch. At this point, Frisk knew they fucked up. Interestingly enough, Frisk would be saved from the talking flower with the help of Toriel 'the Goat Mom,' who then attempts to enslave the fallen child as one of her own children. For the 10-20 minutes to follow, Toriel would teach Frisk the ways of peace, love, and friendship while at the same time serving the fallen child butterscotch pie.

Outcome 1: Frisk, after three or four "fights" of sparing random people in the streets, suddenly becomes a skilled ambassador, and through some Back to the Future 2 bullshit he manages to travel back to the past and fend off intergalactic beasts such as Omega Flowey, a superplant with willpower, Asriel Dreemurr, ze God Goat of Hyperdeath, and eventually Shaggy himself.

Outcome 2: Regardless of Toriel's best attempts to civilize the child, Frisk would soon discover Toriel's MAC-10 and proceed to kill everyone, only to eventually fall into an endless loop of getting dunked on by a skeleton.

Yellow Flower/Asriel Dreemurr: The main antagonist of UNDERTALE. He is a very short and angry man who basically looks cute but wants to murder absolutely everything because plot. He is also apparently Asgore's and Toriel's son who turned into a flower because of the experiment from Dr. Lizard.

Sans the Skeleton: Basically a living pun dispenser who usually speaks in the font Comic Sans, and Sans Serif if he's serious, hence the VERY WITTY AND CLEVER name. He is somewhat mysterious, and can also "teleport" by appearing twice in one room but far enough to not appear twice in the same screen.

He also serves as one of the two real boss fights in the entire Genocide Run of UNDERTALE (the one Toby Fox added only to repeatedly say not to do it, and yet here we are) because all the others are just scripted events in which you deal an impossible amount of damage. His infamous boss fight has wasted many hours in the lives of gamers. He has spawned dozens, if not hundreds of "theories," fanfictions and even worse, fangirls. He's also rumored to have a blue dick, despite being a skeleton. His battle theme, Megalovania, is currently the most beloved song in all of the internet, despite being overlooked the other two times it was shoved into something (more specifically the Halloween Hack for Earthbound and a webcomic) by its creator. But oh well.

PAPYRUS: Sans's brother and Undyne's close friend, who is also named after a font. In summary, he enjoys murdering Italian cuisine with his glittery version of spaghetti and wants to join The Royal Guard. His only purpose in the Genocide Run is to attempt to make you feel guilty and quote Shakespeare.
Wow, another character trait? That's a lot of thought put into one character!

Undyne An anthropomorphic fish who has magic laser spears and is a tomboyish lesbian. In the Pacifist-and-also-totally-the-best™ Route she tries to kill Frisk and somehow befriends them due to Papyrus -befriending them also. Later in the game, she gives them a totally non-filler mission to deliver a love letter to Alphys, which unfolds into a PG love story in which she and Alphys realize their mutual affection for each other. In the Genocide Route she saves a random kid from Frisk, and becomes a slightly more threatening fish that tries to kill him, and is the less difficult (but still maddening) boss fight in that Route.

Napstablook: It is a depressed character only added to justify putting in some new soundtrack. He is, in fact, depressed, for it is his only character trait and we'll just overlook it.

Dinosaur Lisa: A female, yellow reptilian that lives in the lab in western Holland. She is the Royal Scientist, a position she was awarded by Asgore after the very convenient disappearance of her predecessor.

Mettaton: This robot of controversial gender is a showman with one of the most annoying voices in the history of games. If it's not a female character, it's probably gay. This piece of metal escalates quickly by shifting his appearance into a homosexual sex symbol halfway through his character arc, making him somewhat interesting in comparison to his cousin, the ghost.

Toriel: A kind goat lady that acts as a protective mother for Frisk. She's the main objective of 45% of the fandom[2].

Asgore Dreemurr: The king of the monsters. He was Toriel's husband until she left him because he declared war on humanity. He enjoyes creeping up on random strangers and start to chat with them. His name is shown in all caps to make it look more dramatic up until the second half of the game, after which he is revealed to be ANOTHER anthropomorphic goat who is tortured by a guilty conscience.

He wields a pretty badass trident which is red. Add that to him being a goat, and you MOST DEFINITELY do NOT get fanmade theories saying that he is Satan.

Gaster: The subject of endless crappy dubs and fanart. Not much is known about "it", and we're never going to know either.

Ze Music[edit]

Surprisingly enough, this little game managed to get himself some pretty funky music, although most of it has been overlooked because MEGALOVANIA and third time's the charm. Toby Fox really likes repeating himself to the point where you can't tell what's original and what is not, but there are some distinct pieces of music here and there. It doesn't help that Toby invited a weeb to help with some of the music, so a whole lot of the music (and also the plot) could fit much better in an anime rather than in Undertale.

so you're done with the article i see...before you leave, let me show you a little song.

It's raining tacos From out of the sky Tacos No need to ask why Just open your mouth and close your eyes It's raining tacos It's raining tacos Out in the street Tacos All you can eat Lettuce and shells Cheese and meat It's raining tacos Yum, yum, yum, yum, yumidy yum It's like a dream Yum, yum, yum, yum, yumidy yum Bring your sour cream Shell Meat Lettuce Cheese Shell Meat Lettuce Cheese Shell Meat Cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese It's raining tacos Raining tacos Raining tacos It's raining tacos It's raining tacos Raining tacos Raining tacos Shells, meat, lettuce, cheese It's raining tacos It's raining tacos

  1. Or maybe he keeps his eyes shut to ignore the fandom
  2. I'm starting to see parallels I don't like...