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Red, from Among Us

Seems kinda sus to me...

Lollipop, BFB 25

When the imposter is sus (insert something)

M E M E S, the internet

Enough with the SUS!

Bentley, Sly Cooper 3

"Sus" is an African diminutive for "suspicious". It is commonly used in the overplayed gaym simply titled Amogus, played by homosexuals, Bilbo Baggins, cerebral animal classificators to convey pigs and by young Generation Alpha members who don't know that they're playing a game played by both gays and Baggins.

Origins[edit | edit source]

Contrary to popular belief, sus did not originate in Among Us; the term instead originated as a law that allowed British cops to arrest people for only being suspicious. However, cops used the term as a form of racism and the law was done away with. Later, a comedian used the word to show people his "sus face." Eventually, 2020 happened, and everyone screamed "GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY IT'S ALL GONE TO SHEIT." At the end of 2020, things got better (for the most part). We were blessed with things like the Cave(s and Cliffs) Update becoming a confirmed reality, school starting again (WAIT SCRATCH THAT), and of course, Among Us, the game no one played until 2020; all because of Soda-freaking-poppin.

"Sus" in Among Us[edit | edit source]

The term "sus" was re-invented by gum-chewing dropout wangstas shortening words for faster typing. After all, humans always do that. But we did it yet again and sus was used again in that classic game about finding the impostor before they find you alone, or killing people and not getting blasted off again into space. Players could be considered sus for reasons like committing murder, slipping their fat-ass posteriors into vents, converting their own flesh into that of other crew members (oh hey me), or committing more mordor (AGAIN?). Read more on this fairly useless article.

"Sus" in usage[edit | edit source]

General Teenage Fuckmen[edit | edit source]

"Bro, that's kinda sus, not gon' lie."

"Ayo, brotha, you so sus right now I finna check up on you."

"You're such a sussy baka desu!"

"Hol up, yo, das pretty sus right there."

Amogus Players[edit | edit source]




Youtube Poop (Don't question it. If you think it doesn't count, then it doesn't count)[edit | edit source]





"HoH SiS"


Final Words[edit | edit source]

"Sus" has gone from a racist law to a hilarious phrase mentioned to annoy people. Funny how things work. Also: there are 9 links in this article that direct to the Among Us page. These are the things you notice while drifting through space after getting ejected.


*gets obliterated by stray laser*

<insert name here> was not the imposter. 1 impostor remains.