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NOW THAT IS HAWWWWT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hikari (known in USA by her stage name Dawn) is a character/actress on the show Pokemon. Known for her hot looks, she is by far the hottest female Pokemon character in the history of the whole show, and every male wants to sleep with her (or at least stare at her looks for over an hour). This is because she is the first girl Ash has ever met that actually wears something different every day.


Born in the relatively quiet city of Sarasota, Florida, Hikari quickly burst into the spotlight as a bikini model. Her hotness really made her rise meteorically through the modeling world. Unfortunately, her modeling career ended when she was tossed out of a runway shoot after getting into a fist fight with Naomi Campbell. She later on said the fight was due to Naomi Campbell calling her a ho. After that, she was jobless. Just when everything was about to A Splode, Hikari was hired to star in a show that had already been running for some time called Pokemon. She accepted, seeing as she was about to become sexy (and pennyless). She bid farewell to her hometown and her friends Lucas and Damion (both of whom she promptly forgot about after becoming famous), she set out to begin her new life.

As a Character/Actress on Pokemon[edit]

Why you dirty little son of a-

After Hikari's first appearance on the show, ratings went their highest since Season 3. Hikari went through a stage that May did when she was new: sexy fanart. Everywhere from Kalamazoo to Ulan Bataar, people drew Hikari in sexy poses. The only difference between Hikari's phase and May's was that Hikari hasn't been drawn (at least not very well) in a bikini yet...UNTIL JULY 11, 2007! Finally, Someone did a good job of drawing her in a bikini and the world was once again at ease.

Cameo Appearances[edit]

The show Everybody Hates Raymond is rumored to have requested Hikari to star in an upcoming episode, which will be the final season's opening show. Hikari will be a hot neighbor that tempts Raymond to leave Deborah. Frank is also very tempted. Oh, by the way, Frank is now played by your dad instead of the late Millard Fillmore. Hikari has rejected this role, but May accepted. Boy, did she do a good job.

The Simpsons also have requested Hikari star in an episode for 2008. No word yet on whether Hikari will accept or not. Chances are she will decline because of the Bart Simpson incident (read more below).

In the Bill Engvall Show, Hikari will star in a few episodes as herself...except in the plot, she just graduated from high school and she wears less...and less..and less...hard to believe she hasn't done this in Pokemon. She should seriously be in a bikini for a few episodes...topless would be nice, too (wahoo!).

Family Guy has asked Hikari to guest-star in an upcoming episode, but as of now, there is no word on if Hikari will accept.

Role on Show[edit]

Hikari, bringing forth a hell storm.

Hikari's addition to the show did three things. First, it initially pissed everybody off because Misty was not reentered into the show. Second, everybody then realized that Hikari wore shorter shorts than Misty, so it was okay. Third, it raised the show's popularity to teenagers tremendously. Hikari is new to the whole pokemon experience, but as of Episode 27, she is getting better by the hour (so I wouldn't count her out yet). She started out on a sour note, though. She couldn't even beat Team Rocket in the premiere episode. Boy, that must've been immensely embarrassing. Well, at least she managed to call federal authorities. Team Rocket was arrested shortly after, then released on $14,000,000 bond two days later.

Hikari has attracted a whole new crowd of angsty teens to mix in with the show's current audience of IT nerds & geeks. However hot she is, she is still new. It is obvious that Hikari will often get herself screwed up, until Ash pops in and supposedly saves everything while Hikari stands by, seducing innocent teen boys, even if she isn't trying (she hooked me). May's job was similar, but she killed the guy who gave her that job after he asked for sex after his wife left him (she spiked his Miller Lite with arsenic and he died of heavy metal poisoning), thus a lawsuit was filed due to the fact that May putting the arsenic in the beer was caught on film...forever. However, the lawsuit was dropped when the victim's lust for May was exposed.

Struggles Off-Camera[edit]

Brock and his SudoWOODo satisfy their twisted needs. After seeing this scene and having Brock confess his perversion, Hikari left him.

Hikari has had many struggles during her tenure on Pokemon.

Hikari had a very unsteady financial situation after the IRS screwed her over numerous times. She eventually threatened a lawsuit due to unfair, high taxes. The IRS eventually backed down after Hikari's long-time friend John Cena beat the living shit out of an IRS member after hearing of the heavily-publicized incident.

Hikari had a relationship with Brock for awhile. Then the relationship ended when Brock punched a lamp out in a heated argument about the still-unstable finances as well as his perv-like 'affection' for Hikari, which was scaring her. Eventually, Brock became an emo and joined the band My Chemical Romance. He's the new bassist. She is now single and looking for somebody to love. (So all you creepy old folks people can still keep you hopes up.)


Hikari sees something disturbing...
Ash Rectum, one of Hikari's many stalkers

There are many stalkers on Hikari's tail including:


“Hello sexy...”

~ Oscar Wilde on Hikari


~ Bill Clinton on Hikari

“No you didn't, that was only in the Sims”

~ Hikari on the above quote


~ Bill Clinton on his fantasies


~ Samuel L. Jackson on Hikari

“Back away! I will dance with this hot girl myself!”

~ General Grievous on dancing with Hikari

“Everybody thinks she's hot.”

~ Captain Obvious on Hikari

“Bust my buffers! She's hot!”


~ Borat Sagdiyev on Hikari

“I'm not a hooker you perv! *sprays mace*”

~ Hikari on Borat Sagdiyev

~ Azamat Bagatov on Hikari


~ Hikari on above quote


~ Napoleon Dynamite on Ash Ketchum

“I am McLovin.”

~ Fogell McLovin on Hikari

“Stay away from me PERV! *sprays mace*”

~ Hikari on Fogell McLovin

“Do what must be done, Hikari. Do not hesitate. Show no mercy”

“He's kinda creepy...”

~ Hikari on Ash

“I was replacing HER? DAMN!”

~ Dawn on May (after she saw an episode being filmed)

“So...maybe you'd like to see me in a different light? *totally throws her shirt off to reveal a red bra*”

~ Hikari on her intense emotions

“Like my body?”

~ Hikari on You


~ You on Hikari

“*BOOM!* *Head explodes, tips over and falls on the ground.*”

~ AT-AT on Hikari's intense emotions

“What a bunch of bitches!”

~ Hikari on Flavor Flav's reality show

“Nobody cares...”

~ Hikari on VH1

“Emo much?”

~ Hikari on Brock

“Who's THAT Pokemon?”

~ Hikari on Sanjaya Malakar

“He's gay, enough said.”

~ Hikari on Clay Gay Ken Aiken Gayken


~ Hikari on Strong Bad stalking her

“Ned, what are you doing?”

~ Hikari on Ned Flanders getting horny

“He's about as straight as cooked vermicelli.”

~ Hikari on Oscar Wilde

“Why the hell is everyone STALKING me?”

~ Hikari on How EVERYONE Stalks Her

“Because you're hot?”

~ Strong Bad on why he stalks Hikari

“I deny that accusation! Dis-missed!”

~ Colonel Klink on why he stalks Hikari

“You're hot when nude, THAT'S why!”

~ Jessie Hughes on why he stalks Hikari

“(in cheat-ish) Well, you're hot and I'm trying to horn in on SB's girls.”

~ Teh Cheat on why he stalks Hikari

“HEY! I read that quote! You're NOT touching one of my precious girls!”

~ Strong Bad on Hikari

“You finally made me straight!”

~ Ash on why he stalks Hikari


~ A mime on why he stalks Hikari

“You have a beautiful body!”

~ Simon Cowell on why he stalks Hikari

“I know nothing! Nothing!”

~ Sergeant Schultz on why he stalks Hikari

“Eat my edible shorts, hotstuff!”

~ Bart Simpson on his perverted fantasies about Hikari

“*creepy music*”

~ Brian Peppers on stalking Hikari

“That's the worst-looking hat I ever saw... Oh, it looks good on you, though!”

~ Hikari on her former neighbour Lucas

“Lose the ridiculous hairstyle, and MAYBE we'll talk...”

~ Hikari on her other neighbour Barry

“Uh... aren't you a little... old to be lusting after me?”

~ Hikari on Professor Rowan

“Why most CERTAINLY not!”

~ Professor Rowan on Hikari's previous comment

“LUST THIS! *whips out mace and sprays it*”

~ Hikari on Professor Rowan's perversion

“What's with his hair?”

~ Hikari on that kid from New Bark named Jimmy or Yoshi

“Wow, he's hot,”

~ Hikari on Vincent Lecavalier

“I'd be tapping her.”

~ you on Hikari

“SHE RULES! Is she a tomboy? Or a shemale?”

~ Asi Ana on Hikari

“Uhhhhh......... (blushes)”

~ Hikari on Asi Ana

“Ehhhhhh....... do you like Piplupz? I heard you liek piplupz”

~ Joe9320 on Hikari

“Yes, I love Piplups!”

~ Hikari on Joe9320

“Let's be friends, right?”

~ Joe9320 on Hikari

“Sure, why not? You can join with Ash”

~ Hikari on Joe9320


~ Joe9320 on Hikari


Hikari in her epic battle with the Count.
  • Hikari battled Count von Count in one of the Pokemon Episodes. This was because the Count was busy killing innocent Pokemon. Piplup surprisingly did the Count in due to the Count's freak accident when a Steelix swatted him to the ground, splintering his ribcage.
  • Hikari has a dish washing detergent named after her (in America, that is).
  • Hikari (at 10) is said to be sexier than even Britney Spears at 18!
  • Hikari has been known to pull into the Pokemon studio lot with random metal songs blaring out her Mazda RX-7's speakers.

Need For Speed: Ultra Revenge[edit]

Along with a whole host of celbrity stars, Hikari will be starring in the newest Need for Speed video game. She plays herself. her character is unknowingly seductive and has a fast-as-hell car (Mazda RX-7!). However, she is the easiest opponent for the player to beat. The hardest is Jeffrey, played by Bruce Willis (Batmobile, duh).

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