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(Sketch Of What Umbreon Is Said to Look Like)

Japanese name Buraky まいにち ちほ (Translates to Blacky)
Evolves from Undocumented
Evolves to Undocumented
Generation Stolen
Species Pokémon
Type Vampire
Height 14-24 Inches
Weight Varies Depending on Blood Consumption
Ability It Will Bite you

Umbreon is a Pokémon that thrives in darkness. Because of this strange trait it is the favoured choice by emo Pokémon players. Umbreon is believed to have been first witnessed in the wild by Ash Ketchum.

Training Tips[edit | edit source]

Trainers frequently acquire these magnificent beasts and treat them poorly. The inexpirienced trainers will take their rare Umbreons out in broad daylight and watch helplessly as their new Pokémon runs to the shade... Usually the inexperienced trainer then asks for a new one. As a result Umbreon are becoming critically endangered.

Umbreon Bites[edit | edit source]

MYTH: Since their discovery in the 12th century, Umbreon bites were believed to transform victims into hybrid "were-Umbreons". This is not true, however, it has resulted in Umbreon being hunted and killed.
WARNING: Though they do not cause any major transformations, Umbreons' bites are poisonous.
  • You have been bitten by an Umbreon if any of the following applies to you: You felt a shap stabbing pain when you were walking at night; If the sun isn't visible; Your entire arm is black and glowing yellow; You have a strange feeling you may have been bit by an Umbreon; Upon Being bitten you were attacked by a Vampire/Pokemon Trainer; You were bit by an Umbreon
  • You were probably not bitten if: You were inside a well lit room; You are still alive and the sun is out; You Were in possesion of a +55 stat booster.

Seek immediate medical attention when bitten as you will die if you do not. Depending on the time an location you may have time. If you are in central antarctica during the winter you may have as many as 3 days to get help. However if you are bit just before sun up anywhere or during a solar eclipse you are FUCKED... Medical help is generally available through your local Pokemon center.

Dwindleing Populations[edit | edit source]

Do to excessive unnessicary hunting of these beautiful pokemon Umbreon have become critically endangered and can only be found in captivity. As a result of unexpirienced trainers more Umbreon die each day. It is estimated only 20 remain in the wild. While only 500 remain in the hands of responsible pokemon trainers. If you are an inexpirienced trainer and purchase an Umbreon from some shady character with a red "R" logo on their shirt, send your Umbreon to the local police for a full refund.

Battle Stats[edit | edit source]

  • +10 Attack
  • +7 Defense
  • +3 Magic
  • -6 Against Light Attacks