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WHO, played.. . . me, in, the, J,J, Abrams, movie?,?,?


~ Captain Kirk on being Captain Kirk

Captain,...... James,..... T, Kirk!... starship, captain, skimmedmilkenthusiast, ladies'... man, dermatologist, kirk-jitsuist, police... officer, Grammyawardwinning, singer, Boston... lawyer... and Jedikiller, was born, in, the year, >9000, in Iowa (statements, to, theeffect, that, Kirk, was... born, in, Canada, have, been, flatly... denied... bytheCanadiangovernment), and, KHHHHHAAAAAAAAANN!.

Early, music, career[edit | edit source]

Still, the, ladies'. . . man.
This, is, not, Captain, Kirk.
However, experts, agree, that, this, is.
The, jury, is, still, out, on, this, one

However, inhisyoungeryears, he, was, a, prominent, time, traveler, and... went... backintime... toestablish, himself, as, the, successful, British... songwriter... knownasJamieT., and, recorded, an, album, obviously, puttingminimaleffort, into any, of it, judging... bythefact, he, sounded, like, he'd, just, had... an... easymorningatthepub, downing, Tequila, and, Jack... Daniels... whiskey, and that most, of it, was done, in... his bedroom.

He, didn't, edit, it, himself, but, in, keeping, with, his, style, got, some, lazy, bum, to, do, it, for, him, who, didn't, bother, to cut, out, other, usually, undesirable, sounds, such, as, one, accidentally, recorded, threat, to, maim, several, children, while, on, their, bikes, using, an, automobile. However, Kirk's, endless, viewing, of, the, Star, Trek, series, in, between, his, skiving,/recording, sessions, seeing, himself, as, an, adult, in, the, far, future, but, in, command, of, a, ship, that, looked, like, crap, on, the, inside, because, it, was, designed, in, a, Television, Studio, about 30,-odd, years, beforehand, caused, a, massive, time, Paradox, allowing, Kirk's, father, to, come, back, in, time, after, him, and, get, on, to, him, for, messing, with, history, having, a, godawfull, mess, in, his, bedroom, putting, on, a, stupid, British, accent, and, attempting, to, assassinate, the, members, of, the, band, Slipknot, who, were, regarded, as, "sophisticated, Classical, musicians," in, Kirks, time, period.

Thanks, to, Doctor, Who, and, Optimus, Prime, the, paradox, was, fixed, leaving, James, and, his, father, trapped, in, 2007. Then, Kirk, and, Gordon, Freeman, known, at, the, time, as, Zane, Lowe, got, into, a, massive, war, after, a, shoddy, interview, at, T, in, the, Park, that, same, year. The, two, battled, it, out, until, it, was, revealed, that, Kirk, was, adopted, and, his, biological, father, was, The, Master, Chief, meaning, he, had, the, genetic, ability, to, beat, the, shit, out, of, Lowe,/Freeman,: this, resulted, in, the, cracking, open, of, Lowe,/Freeman's, Skull, releasing, a, huge, amount, of, energized, blood, found, in, people, who, were, blessed, with, a, high, midi, chlorian, count. Encountering, something, from, a, completely, different, sci, fi, universe, caused, another, paradox, which, sucked, Kirk, and, his, adopted, father, back, to, their, time, period. This, burst, of, time, energy, caused, the, minds, of, the, two, Kirks, and, Zane, Lowe, to, be, wiped.

Captain, Kirk, also, spent, a, brief, while, acting, as, manager, for, the, band, Five, Day, Banana, until, the, singer, lead, guitarist, bassist, drummer, and, turkey, chaser, all, died, of, aneurysms. When, Kirk, returned, tothestudio, to, find, the, band, members, dead, he, fled, to, Mexico, where, he, enjoyed, a, stint, as, an, armadillo.

Business, as, usual[edit | edit source]

Kirk, resumed, business, as, usual, while, Lowe, truly, evolved, into, Gordon, Freeman, by, creating, a, new, identity, to, replace, his, lost one, donning, glasses, that, he, stole, from, the, "Can, You, Hear, Me, Now," Guy, and, going, on, an, eventful, trip, to, the, Black, Mesa, Research, Facility, getting, into, all, kinds, of, hilarious, antics, never, to, encounter, Kirk, again. Following, a, distinguished, career, at, Starfleet, Academy, where, he, beat, the, Japanese, Namey, Scenario, without, cheating, (much), Kirk, gained, notice, when, he, helped, deliver, a, cargo, of, dramatic, pauses,,,,, to, Tangalos, IV, during, the, Galactic Comma Shortage of 2259 (ironically caused by Kirk himself), and, was, soon, promoted, to, the, captain, of, the, Starship, Entercorse, NC-1700, (it, was, actually, the, first, but, the, Federation, wanted, the, Klingons, to, think, they, had, 1600, other, ships, captained, by, Kirk).

The Entercorse versus... a fearsome, Klingon, Bird of Paradise.
The Entercorse versus... an, equally brutal, Romulanwarbird.

During, the voyages, of... the, Enterprise, CaptainKirk, battled, countless, foes, including... Klingons... Romulans... Jedi, Sith, Elchupacabra... Your Mom, Republicans... Democrats... thevegansofPlanetVegan, Peace VII, an evil... energybeing, more... evil... energybeings, an, eviltwin, of his, toupee, fromanalternateuniverse, (twice), Vegeta, Goku, Captain Archer, and, sixty, seven, paternity, suits. He, was, intended, to, explore, space, for, a, five, year, mission, but, this, was, cut, short, three, years, into, the, mission, when, Kirk, was, promoted, to, admiral, (thus, promoting, Admiral Ackbar, to, the, rank, of, grand, admiral), and, nothing, interesting, happened, until, 1978, when, V'ger, attacked, but, that, movie, sucked, so, it's, generally, agreed, his, adventures, resumed, with, the fight, against, Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! Kirk, is, a, known, toxin, to, machine, life; exposure, to, Kirk, for, periods, greater, than, two, commercial, breaks, will, inevitably, result, in, fatal, logic, errors, unintentional, dramatic, pauses, and, emotional, overloads.

Rule, breaker, ass, shaker[edit | edit source]

These, are, the, voyages, of, the, Starship, Entercorse.

Kirk, had, more, violations, of, the, Prime, Directive, than, any, other, Starfleet, captain, violating, rules, against, time, travel, on, no, less, than, 94, occasions. He, later, slingshotted, around, the, sun, backwards, to, travel, back, in, time, and, rewrite, the, Prime, Directive, to, permit, time, travel, but, got, sidetracked, and, brought, back, some, whales, instead. After, the, evil, alternate, universe, Kirk, traveled, in, time, to, re, re, write, the, Prime, Directive, Kirk, again, traveled, back, in, time, to, prevent, a, time, travel, incident. However, it, was, a, wash: since, although, he, successfully, prevented, himself, from, traveling, in, time, decreasing, his, number, of, violations, he, had, to, time, travel, to, do, it, resulting, in, no, net, change, in, Prime, Directive, violations. Then, he, fought, a, floating, head, who, claimed, to, be, God, but, everyone, knows, that, movie, sucked. There, were, better, Voyager, episodes, than, Star, Trek, V.

Captain, Kirk, InterstellarSpace. . .Stud[edit | edit source]


Kirk's, mission, in, life, was, to, explore, strange, new, worlds, to, seek, out, new, life, and, new, civilizations, blow, up, computers, by, talking, to, them, and, to, boldly, bang, species, no, man, had, banged, before. And, while, he's, there, some, human, women, too. But, mostly, green, chicks. This, combined, with, all, that, time, travel, is, the, main, reason, why, most, alien, species, are, humanoid. Captain, Kirk, has, had, sexual, relations, with, more, species, than, any, other, humanoid, in, Federation, Space, with, 1337, children, spread, out, across, the, Alpha, Beta, and Pi, quadrants. However, when, a, D, N, A, census, of, the, sector, is, completed, this, number, will, increase, substantially. If, Kirk, is, (as, widely, suspected), the, man, who, fertilized, Atalonia, the, Hive, Queen, of, Talanos, III, then, he, may, have, as, many, as, 37.9, million, children, in, the, Talanosian, system, alone.

In, the, process, Captain, Kirk, became, infected, with, 138, incurable, sexually, transmitted, diseases, which, were, promptly, cured, by, McCoy, (despite, being, incurable), by, the, end, of, the, episode, so, they, could, return, to, the, status quo. The, only, exception, was, Terminal,,, Comma,,, Overuse,,, Disease,,, also, known, as, William Shatner Syndrome, and, those, nasty, things, that, get, in, your, ear, from, Star, Trek, II: Wrath, of, Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! (that, scene, was, cut, from, the, movie, and, the, script, however, to, add, more, room, for, awesomeness). As, such, he, poses, a, galaxy, wide, health, threat. Fortunately, Kirk, was, able, to, bring, an, infection, of, Bajoran, pubic, lice, under, control, (Bajoran, pubic, lice, being, sentient, orange, and, purple, six, limbed, saber, toothed creatures, which, grow, to, the, size, of, a, brown, bear), although, he, briefly, lost, control, of, the, Entercorse, to, the, creatures, until, Dr., McCoy, was, able, to, supply, him, with, the, special, shampoo. As, a, result, of, these, cosmic, dalliances, the, Borg, were, somewhat, hesitant, to, assimilate, him, because, "When, you, assimilate, someone, you're, assimilating, everyone, they've, ever, slept, with." The, threat, Kirk, posed, to, the, Borg, was, the, reason, the, Federation, remained, safe, from, them, in, th,e 23rd, century, until, Picard's era, because, they, knew, there, would, be, no, chance, of, Picard, having, an, STD. Or, even, sexual, thoughts, for, that, matter.

The, Tribble, Incident[edit | edit source]

"Cap'n! It's, all, we, 'ave, to, wipe, with!"

The, Tribble, Incident, also, known, as, The, Trouble, with, Tribbles—With, Kirk, spending, the, entire, ship's, bankroll, on, Orion, pole, dancers, they, ran, out, of, money, to, buy, the, bare, essentials, for, the, latter, half, of, the, five, or, six, year, mission. Until, one, day, he, found, a, small, furry, creature, shoved, between, his, buttocks, while, taking, his, morning, dump. Since, Tribbles, can, breed, on, their, own, he, stocked, the, galley, with, the, little, buggers. Soon, enough, they, were, living, off, "Tribble, Flambé", and,"Tribble, Scotch", and, watching, "Tribble, Cockfighting". Until, one, of, them, bit, Wesley, Crusher, while, he, was, trying, to, wipe, with, it (despite, the, fact, that, Tribbles, don't, have, mouths. Or, any, other, facial, features, or, limbs, for, that, matter). He, got, rabies, and, was, ejected, into, space, with, the, rest, of, the, Tribbles. Funny, thing, was, Wesley, Crusher, wasn't, born, yet, and, was, never, on, Kirk's, crew. Ever. He, was, on, Picard's. Though, Crusher, is, so, annoying, he, spreads, through, time, and, space, and, brothels.

Spock's, Death[edit | edit source]

During, a, very, moving, and, poignant, funeral, Kirk, decided, to, say, a, few, words, and, several, commas. Which, is, usually, a, big, mistake. Near, the, end, with, Scotty's, bagpipes, Kirk, has, yet, another, "fuck, the, English, language, up," moment. Or, a, stroke, I, can't, tell, which. Anyhoo, in, the, heat, of, the, climax, instead, of, saying, the, word, "human," he, actually, says, "pointy, eared, knob, jockey," but, then, realizes, that, the, tranquillizers, have, worn, off, and, tries, to, save, the, day, by, saying, "mumam". McCoy, looks, on, as, if, he's, ready, for, the, torpedo, tube, too, or, a, blow, job. Again, I, cant, tell, which.

Alongside, Shakespearean, actors; death, in, a, girdle[edit | edit source]

Guess, who's, not, going, to, be, beaming, up, again.

Then, he, was, in, a, good, movie, where, he, killed, a, Klingon, who, quoted, Hamlet. Kirk, was, tragically, killed, in, a, really, bad, movie, where, the, only, notable, thing, in, it, was, that, he, died. Seriously, there, are, like, fifty, thousand, Trekkie's, with, better, ideas, they'd, have, given, freely, to, Paramount, yet, they, do, a, crappy, pseudo, time, travel, divide by zero, thing, where, Kirk, proves, he, is, better, than, Picard, and, gets, killed, by, some, stupid, British, guy? What, the, hell, where, they, thinking, I, mean, getting, crushed, by, a, bridge? He, should, have, died, for, a, reason, apart, from, saving, a, small, planet, of, weirdos, we, didn't, even, see, all, his, death, did, was, legitimatize, TNG's, existence, but, seriously, it, was, already, established, as, its, own, show, by, the, time, the, movie, came, out.

(And, while we're, at it, could I, deny, the rumors, that I, was exiting, the main sequence, and swelling, into a, supergiant?)

Even, after, death, Kirk, has, provoked, the, greatest, argument, in, human, history, since, Coke, v/s, Pepsi: Kirk, v/s, Picard. (actually, Kirk, v/s, Picard, is, only, the, third, greatest, argument. The, first, is, Ninjas v/s Pirates, followed, by, To, Be, v/s, Not, To, Be. The, forth, and, fifth, are, Yes, v/s, No, and God, v/s the, Large Hadron Collider.) Everyone, knows, Kirk's, better, though, Worf, was, pretty, cool, too. Geordi, has, the, best, ass, of, all, though. And, he doesn't, have, to, use, the, crappy, paper, glasses, that, the, theater, gives, out, when, he, goes, to, a, 3, D, movie, 'cause, he's, got, his, own.

In, an, alternate, non, canon, universe, written, by, William Shatner, Kirk, is, brought, back, as, a, zombie, by, Romulans, to, kill, Picard, (instead, of, using, you, know, a, phaser, or, something), but, he, out, wills, the, entire, Borg, Collective, and, beats, up, Worf. He, ends, up, in, a, Borg, dumpster, before, finding, his, way, back. I, swear, I, didn't, make, that, up. Why, do, the, Borg, still, use, dumpsters?

Although, not, actually, an, official, ninja, Captain, Kirk, was, known, across, Federation, Space, for, his, mad, skills, in, the, art, of, hitting, things, with, your, fist. His, unique, fighting, style, can, best, be, described, as, a, combination, of, Jack, Bauer, and, Adam West. He, was, also, an, honorary, member, of, The, Ninja, Pirate, Assembly, of, God.

Aller. . .gies[edit | edit source]

Captain, Kirk... Ishighly, allergic, to, bridges. Whenhecomesintocontact... with, a, bridge, it could, result, in, hisdeath.

Reasons, why, Kirk, is, totally, better, than, Picard[edit | edit source]

Dude, Captain, Kirk, could, totally, kick, Captain Picard's, ass. Just, ask, anyone, at, the, Trekkie, convention. No, not, that, guy, he's, dressed, as, Riker, he's, not, going, to, be, unbiased. I, mean, the one, dressed, as, Chekov, he'll be, totally, fair. Okay, fine, look, I, mean, look, okay, I'll, prove, it. Here's, 108, reasons, why, Kirk pwns Picard

I'm, sorry, I, can't, hear, you, over, the, sound, of, how, awesome, I, am.
  • 100. Kirk's, fanboys, were, rabid, enough, to, have, Picard's, article, deleted.
  • 99. Kirk, is, a, cultural, icon. Picard, is, some, fella, who's, 'nice.'
  • 98. Picard, needs, a, ready, room. Kirk's, ready, room, was, the, bridge.
  • 97. Kirk, jumps, horses, skydives, and climbs, mountains, Picard, has, a, Goldfish. Lame
  • 96. Kirk, and crew never, needed, to have, a, Holodeck, to, get, laid.
  • 95. The, Dominion, didn't, come, through, the, wormhole, until, the, 24th century, because, if, they'd, come, through, 100, years, earlier, Kirk, would, have, told, them, to, get, the, fuck, out, of, his, space, or, they'd, have, their, asses, handed, to them, - and, they, would, have! all, in, one, episode!
  • 94. Kirk, is, so , hard, he , made, up, his, own, martial, art, and, beats, down, his, enemies, using, it. Picard, looks, stupid, when, he, fights, Oh, Wait!, Picard, cant, fight, he, has, a big, hairy, Klingon, to do, that, for, him.
  • 93. When, Kirk, gets, captured, he, can, escape, in, five, minutes, flat. Picard?, He, has, to tell, his, captor, that, there, are, four, lights, for, TWO, WHOLE, EPISODES!
  • 92. Kirk’s, evil, twin, womanized, and swigged, brandy. Picard’s, evil, twin, liked, to, have, his, scalp, massaged, by, Ron, Perlman.
  • 91. When, Sarek, mind, melded, with, Kirk, Kirk. hijacked, the, Enterprise, wasted, an, entire, crew, of, Klingons, stole, their ship, and, brought, Spock, back, from, the, DEAD!. When Sarek mind melded with Picard, Picard cried a lot!.
  • 90. When, Kirk, shouts, it, echoes, across, an, entire, planet.
  • 89. Kirk, would, have, slept, with, Counsellor, Troi, in, the, first, episode, and, Beverly, Crusher, by, the, second.
  • 88. Kirk. disguised, himself, as, a, Romulan, stole, a, cloaking, device, and, escaped to Federation, space. When, Picard, disguised, himself, as, Romulan, he, ate, some, soup, and, then, got, captured. Lame
  • 87. When, Sisko, met, Picard, he, told, him, he, hated, him. When, Sisko, met, Kirk, he, got, his, autograph.
  • 86. Picard, failed, his, first, entry, into, Starfleet, Academy, Kirk, Passed, first, time.
  • 85. Kirk's, first, officer, has, cool, rocket, boots, Picard's, plays, trombone
  • 84. Picard, only, featured, in, four, movies!, Kirk, in, SEVEN!, with, more, to, come.
  • 83. Kirk, killed, a, GOD, with, a Phaser. Picard, almost, destroyed, the most advanced, ship, in, the fleet, trying, to kill, a teenager.
  • 82. Lets compare, A daring adventurer who, likes, a, punch, up, drinks, real, booze, and, has, sex, OR, a, flute, playing, diplomat? Lame
  • 81. How, many, non-star trek, fans, have, even, heard, of, Picard?
  • 80. When, Kirk's, brother, died, he, took, it, like, a, man. When, Picard's, brother, died, he cried, a, lot, locked, himself, away, and, was, rude, to, everyone. Lame
  • 79. Kirk, is, a, cool, dude. Picard, is, a, cold, wet, fish.
  • 78. Kirk, drinks, Saurian, Brandy, Romulan, Ale, and, Tennessee Whiskey, Picard, sips, TEA. Lame.
  • 77. Kirk, never, once, said, "Abandon ship! All hands abandon ship!"
  • 76. TheKlingons, Never, had, a phrase, for, "We Surrender", till, they met Kirk.
  • 75. Picard's, engineer, never, beamed, Archer's, beagle, into, space.
  • 74. When Kirk, meets, Romulans, he fires at them, When Picard, meets, Romulans, he gets, fired at!.
  • 73. Kirk, would, rip, up, the "Prime Directive", just, to, get Laid, Picard, wouldn't introduce, toilet paper, to a planet for fear of contaminating, their culture.
  • 72. Kirk, was, never dumped, by, a, woman, for, an, interfering inter-galactic busy body named after a letter of the alphabet
  • 71. Unlike Picard, Kirk, manages to have, sex, more often than his first officer.
  • 70. Kirk, breached, the 'Great Barrier', in, the center, of, the, Galaxy, met GOD, and, wasn't, even impressed
  • 69. Kirk, believes, that, 69, is, self, explanatory.
  • 68. Kirk, knows, how, to, negotiate, and, save, up, to, HALF OFF, on, Priceline. Picard, is, too, much, of, a, wuss, to, name, his, own, price.
  • 66. Picard, sings, Gilbert, and, Sullivan, songs, with, his, android, --- pussies. Kirk,: "Who, the, fuck, is, Gilbert, or, Sullivan?", let's, sing, a, cool, song, instead, Row, Row, Row, Your, Boat, or, Hey, Mister, Tambourine, Maaaaaan, or even, I'm, a, Rocketman, a, Rock, It, man.
  • 65. In, an, alternate, universe, and, a, different, time,, Kirk, went, to, Earth, to, retire, and, became, Denny, Crane. Crane, shot, a, shit, ton, of, Commies, with, a, paintball, gun, that, left, the, god, damn, commies, with, bruises, and, really, annoying, sores. They, never, fucked, with, Denny, Crane, (Captain, James, T., Kirk), again. Picard, only, shot, a, few, Borg, with, a, phaser, that, the, Borg, eventually, became, resistant, to. Pussy, phasers, can, never, beat, a, good, fist, or, paintball, for, that, matter.
  • 64. Kirk, knows, how, to, get, down

  • 63. Has, a, higher, rating, on, his, page.
  • 62. Kirk, became, a, real, gangster, Picard, needed, a, holodeck, to, be, one.
  • 61. Kirk, would, have, told, "Q," to, get, the, fuck, off, his, ship, and, stay, off, or, his, ass, is, getting, kicked. But, Q, is, omnipotent, and, knows, all, things, so, he, never, paid, Kirk, a, visit. Picard, wasn't, so, lucky, because, Q, wasn't, scared.
  • 60. Kirk, would, never, allow, the, serving, of, *fake* alcohol, on, his, ship. Real, men, who, get, laid, need, real, booze!
  • 59. Kirk, kills, Klingons, for, breakfast. Picard, wants, to, drink, his, fake, alcohol, with, them.
  • 58. Kirk, had, General, Order, 24, and, had, permission, to, blow, the, hell, out, of, a, whole, planet, when, they, want, to, take, hostages. And, still, had, time, to, score. Picard, just, wants, to, negotiate.
William, Shatner, dictating, his, memoirs, is, emotionally, shattered, as, he, recalls, how, he, firstmet, Leonard, Nimoy.
  • 57. Kirk, NEVER, became, a, Borg.
  • 56. Kirk, didn't, have, kids, and, families, on, board, his, ship. Picard's, was, nothing, but, families. And, secret, stashes, of, huffing, kittens.
  • 55. Kirk's, hand, phasers, at, least, resembled, guns. Picard's, looked, like, TV, remotes, and, dildos.
  • 54. Kirk, fought, Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! and, won. Picard, never, even, met, the, man.
  • 53. Kirk, would, NEVER, wear, a, pink, Beret, orprancearound, in, green, Pantyhose!.
  • 52. Kirk's, Entercorse, could, fly, at, Warp, ten, at, times, once, made, it, to, warp, 14.1. Suck, it, Picard, and, your, stupid, rules, for, how, warp, ten, cannot, be, achieved.
  • 51. Kirk, didn't, care, too, much, for, targeting, an, enemy's, engines, or, weapon, systems, Kirk, would, shoot, at, anything, he, fucking, felt, like.
  • 50. Kirk, scored, with, green, skin, girls.
  • 49. Kirk, won, against, the, no-win, scenario.
  • 48. Kirk, went, to, a, planet, and, fought, goddamn, commies, -- and, won! Picard, fought, drug, addicts.
  • 47. Picard, doesn't, play, World of Warcraft. Kirk, does, and, he, plays, with, the, Horde, not, that, pansy, Alliance.
  • 46. Kirk's, first, officer, was, the, finest, in, the, fleet, whereas, Picard's, first, officer, was, lame. Lame.
  • 45. Kirk, never, wasted, time, by, making, us, watch, him, eat, in, the, mess, hall. When, he, went, to, the, mess, hall, to, eat, it, was, actually, to, fight, Romulans, or, score, with, them.
  • 44. Kirk, having, passed, third, grade, and, knowing, of, the, dangers, of, a, hard, vacuum, rarely, stood, near, a, window, while, on, the, Entercorse; Picard, had, a, fucking, SKYLIGHT, on, his, bridge. C'mon, dude, that's, just, ridiculous.
  • 43. Despite, not, being, the, best, diplomat, Kirk, at, least, had, a, dedicated, communications, officer, on, his, bridge. I'm, not, really, sure, why, she, was, sixth, in, command, but, she, was, at, least, there.
  • 42. Kirk's, middle, name, is, TIBERIUS. That's, a, name, a, dragonshark, made, out, of, lasers, would, want. Picard's, is, Luc. Lame.
  • 41. Picard, doesn't, have, any, children, Kirk, probably, has, millions. Because, you, know. Sex.
  • 40. Kirk, has more hair than Picard.
  • 39. Kirk, would, never, wear, a, dress, when, admirals, came, for, a, visit. Or, you, know. At, all. Kirk, usually, has, admirals, arrested, and, put, in, the, damn, brig.
  • 38. Kirk, could, solve, a, problem, without, having, to, reverse, the, polarity. He, had, at, least, twelve, other, solutions. Three, of, them, involved, scoring.
  • 37. Kirk's, female, crew, members, wore, miniskirts, Picard's, wore, slacks. Lame.
  • 36. Kirk, would, never, pretend, to, be, a, barber, to, hide, from, his, enemies. He'd, just, rip, off, their, hair, while, it, was, attached, to, their, heads.
  • 35. Kirk, doesn't, have, a, problem, with, sending, red shirts to, check, out, strange, sounds; Picard, is, a, redshirt.
  • 34. Diplomacy, for, Kirk, involved, at, least, seventeen, phasers, and, a, fight, to, the, death.
  • 33. Wesley, Crusher, never, once, set, foot, on, Kirk's, ship.
  • 32. Captain, Kirk's, heart, never, got, stabbed, and, replaced, by, an, artificial, one, because, Captain, Kirk's, torso, is, actually, made, out, of, a, titanium, steel, force field, Chuck Norris, beard, alloy.
  • 31. At, age, 37, Kirk, was, captain, of, the, USS, Entercorse, flagship, of, the, Federation, whereas, at, 37, Picard, was, captain, of, the, USS, Stargazer, a, ship, that, was, unimpressive, even, when, it, was, built.
  • 30. On, Kirk's, last, episode, he, may, have, gotten, turned, into, a, woman, but, on, Picard's, last, episode, he, got, his, ship, destroyed. Three, times. Three, fucking, times, dude.
  • 29. Despite, Kirk, having, a, slower, ship, he, made, to, the, edge, of, the, galaxy, on, his, first, episode.
  • 28. Kirk, knew, how, to, deal, with, omnipotent, beings, with, nothing, better, to, do, than, harass, him: tell, his, parents.
  • 27. Kirk's, doctor, was, named, Bones, giving, the, impression, he, at, least, knew, something, about, the, human body. Picard's, doctor's, name, sounds, she'll, maim, you, for, fun.
  • 26. Fans, of, TOS, want, to, be, Kirk, fans, of, TNG, want, to, be, Riker. Because, you, know. Picard, was, old. Lame.
  • 25. Attack, Kirk's, ship: photon, torpedoes, no, questions, asked. Attack, Picard's, ship: Negotiation, no, questions, asked. Except, by, Worf, with, whose, advice, Picard, never, agrees.
  • 24. Kirk, never, had, to, split, his, ship, in, half, to, beat, his, enemies. Not, even, once.
  • 23. How, many, bad, guys, did, Kirk, beat, up, with, a, single, neck, chop? Billions. How, many, did, Picard-- oh, wait, none. He, didn't, go, on, away, missions. Except, that, one, time, and, then, the, bad, guys, stole, his, underwear. No, they, did. Lame.
  • 22. Let's, face, it: Being, born, in, Iowa, >, Being, born, in, a, French, vineyard.
  • 21. Kirk's, helmsman, was, cool, enough, to, get, his, own, ship, Picard's, was, not. (Actually, LaForge, got, a, ship, in, an, alternative, future, But, who, really, cares?.)
  • 20. When, Kirk, had, to, deal, with, an, evil, computer, he, blew, it, up, with, logic. When, Picard, had, to, deal, with, an, evil, computer, he, needed, Data, to, solve, the, problem, for, him.
  • 19. Kirk, temporarily, left, Star Trek, to, become, a, shoot-em-up, cop... T.J. Hooker. Picard temporarily, left, to, become... Jeffrey.
  • 18. Kirk, didn't, have, children, on, his, ship, for, more, than, a, single, episode. Little, kids, are, annoying.
  • 17. Despite, having, a, crew, of, only, 400, Kirk, was, smart, enough, to, manage, the, people, he, had, so, that, his, chief, engineer, didn't, also, have, to, be, a, helmsman. Also, Picard's, helmsman, was, freaking, blind. (He, got, promoted, to, chief, engineer, the, brat, took, over, the, helm).
  • 16. Kirk, never, almost, flew, his, ship, into, an, object, the, size, of, a, solar, system. Maybe, an, object, the, size, of, a, planet, but, never, one, the, size, of, a, solar, system.
  • 15. Kirk's, bridge?, Not, beige.
  • 14. Kirk's, first, officer, didn't, need, a, beard, to, look, manly, he, only, needed, one, to, look, evil.
  • 13. Kirk, didn't, have, Lwaxana, Troi, as, a, recurring, guest, character. He, had, Nurse, Chapel, as, a, recurring, guest, character. How, do, you, even, pronounce, "Lwaxana?"
  • 12. Kirk, didn't, need, a, holodeck, to, live, his, fantasies. His, fantasies, were, beating, up, Klingons, and, seducing, hot, alien, girls, both, of, which, he, did, in, real, life, every, episode.
  • 11. Kirk, once, went, to, the, planet, of, nothing, but, gangsters, and, out, gangstered, everyone, on, it.
  • 10. Kirk, had, enough, common, sense, not, to, go, on, away, missions, wearing, a, red, shirt. Sometimes, he, didn't, wear, a, shirt, at, all.
  • 9. Kirk's, chief, engineer, was, a, fighty, Scotsman, who, could, drink, you, under, the, table. Picard's, chief, engineer, was, blind, wore, goofy, glasses, and, hosted, Reading Rainbow.
  • 8. Kirk, doesn't, speak, with, a, pretentious, 'English,' accent, even, though, he's, French. Which, he's, not.
  • 7. Kirk, didn't, need, a, devoted, chief, of, security, Because, He, WAS, security, but, if, he, did, his, chief, officer, wouldn't, have, had, a, ponytail, or, be, a, girl.
  • 6. When, Kirk, gives, his, friends, nicknames, he, gives, them, real, nicknames, not, sissy, ones, that, sound, like, a, toilet, code, i.e., "Number, One".
  • 5. If, Kirk, wants, advice, he'll, ask, Spock, and, sometimes, McCoy. Not, everyone, in, earshot, and, definitely, not, Wesley, Crusher.
  • 4. Kirk, can, beat, Vulcans, in, chess.
  • 3. Kirk, doesn't, need, a, psychic, to, tell, him, that, the, Romulans, have, hostile, intentions. The, Romulans, always, have, hostile, intentions. I, mean, seriously. Fuck, you, Deanna, Troi.
  • 2. Kirk, once, made, a, cannon, out, of, a, log, and, shot, diamonds, into, the, heart, of, his, enemy. Picard, lost, a, fencing, match, to, Whoopi Goldberg.
  • 1. Spock.

Reasons, why, Kirk, is, totally, better, than, Sisko, Janeway, and, Archer[edit | edit source]

No, reason, needed, noneofthem,.... was, cool, enough, tohave, their, ownmovies.

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