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Robot sex has been, throughout the decades, a popular fantasy for many men. I mean why have sex with an actual human being who can emote when you can have sex with a robot that looks just like a woman and doesn't have any feelings. We've all had that fantasy, when you're on a date with an absolutely hot chick and all you want to do is fuck but you have to keep sitting there on the damn date, I dunno. Fortunately, people in Hollywood have had the same idea and have incorporated robot sex into popular media, ranging from movies, television shows and all the way to broadway play productions, and while those depictions have been varied, the idea remains the same. Here are several notable moments of robot sex in popular media. (Full article...)

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  • ... that Burger King briefly attempted to introduce traditional British cuisine in the US? (Pictured)

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Joe Biden to remake The Mask
Do you know how hard it is to find a decent man in this town?

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Rare image of the invention of alcohol.

September 25: Pastafarian New Year's Eve

  • 75 BC - Julius Caesar assembles a small army to punish the prophet Mosey for ransoming him at too low a cost.
  • 20 - God invents Grues to punish Jews who prosecuted Jesus.
  • 879 - Vikings find the word "Viking" offensive. Change name to Berserkers.
  • 1936 - The great prophet Barry Foster is killed by an unplugged electric model tram whilst convening a Burns supper; he is subsequently devoured by his guests as part of the main course.
  • 2006 - You log on and view Uncyclopedia; millions die.

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