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Usels that speak Engrish.

  • 0 Usel does not undelstand this ranguage.
  • 1 Usel has basic undelstanding of this ranguage.
  • 2 Usel has intelmediate undelstanding of this ranguage.
  • 3 Usel has advanced undelstanding of this ranguage.
  • 4 Usel has neal-native undelstanding of this ranguage.
  • N Usel is a native speakel of this ranguage.
  • A Usel speakas dis ranguage wit a fhick accent.
  • E Usel realned this ranguage in schoor and nevel used it since.
  • F Usel got an F in this ranguage.
  • G Usel wants to lemove this ranguage flom existence.
  • L Usel has a risp that affects how they speak this ranguage.
  • P Usel is a plofane speakel of this ranguage.
  • X Usel onry speaks this ranguage enough to seduce native speakels of this ranguage.

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