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Kyle was born in USSR
Jewish stuff
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A little known fact about Kyle is that he is a frequent patron at the local Disco.

Kyle Brofloski was born in 1666 during the Soccer World Cup in USSR. He is well known for being the Muslim on South Park and for having the worst fashion sense in the show. Kyle is a big fan of poo and is known to have fathered two children with Mr. Hankey's alcoholic wife. When asked about this, Mr Hankey replied: "She was my sister. It would have been illegal for me to fuck her"

Kyle has attended South Park Elementary for the last 10 years and is now in the fourth grade. His teacher Ms. Garrison has often said that he was The Jew. When informed that he was in fact a Muslim she responded: A what? Mel Gibson does not approve of this kid.


Kyle Shown here in a Movie theater in the 1990's Cowarding about Hitler however little does he know Hitler has been Dead since 1945 and World War II has been over since 1945.

Contrary to common belief that Kyle is a Jew, he is in fact a muslim. The "Jew" misconception was an evil manical plot thought up by Eric Cartman, Possibly the best Dictator since Adolf Hitler. As we all know, Muslims are not to be approched under any circumstances and therefore, Cartman is technicly a hero for confronting this man on numerous occasions. Kyles famly are all Jews, except him; he was thrown out of the house for this reason and has sworn revenge on his family. This is a common trait of Muslims, irrational oaths.

Why Kyle is NOT cool[edit]

  • Drinks melted ice cream
  • He tells lame jokes
  • Green hats are SO yesterday
  • Rectum? I nearly killed him!
  • Doesn't have a sidekick
  • Always is real level headed and actually has a inner voice
  • Is a daywalker
  • Kyle's Mom's a Bitch

Why Kyle IS cool[edit]

Jew Super Powers!
  • Has an adopted Canadian brother.
  • That ushanka will FUCK YOU UP!!
  • Has a Super Best Friend, not a sidekick.
  • Is gay with said Super Best Friend.
  • Is a JEW!! Come on...Jews are awesome.
  • If his hat doesn't fuck you up, his Mom will.
  • Can use his Jew superpowers to kill grues.
  • Has a little bag of Jew Gold around his neck.

Things Kyle neither has nor wants[edit]

  • Manners

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