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YHWH's contribution to Uncyclopedian humor

The real meaning of YHWH has been an object of flame wars since 5500 BC. Linguists sustain that was the way Jewish salesmen named God, written incomplete purposefully as a primitive form of DRM. Reverse engineers, on the other hand, claim Y.H.W.H. is an acronym of "Your Horse Was Here", pointing out that the maker of the spacecraft thus named had a weird sense of humour.

Origin of the term[edit | edit source]

Usage of Y.H.W.H. began when a spacecraft-bot crashed on Antarctica, with "Y H W H" written on it and found by penguins that immediately notified CIA, which sent Agent Smith (the other Smith) to kick the carp out of the tripulation and retrieve the spacecraft.He was then killed by evil penguin agents commanded by Generalissimo Pen Pen. Then he went on to control such things as the League of Extraordinary Genitals, The U.S. Government and Misato's B00000000000000000000000000B5!

Appearances[edit | edit source]

A photo of Y.H.W.H.

As Tin Foil Hat Society reports, the spacecraft has been seen in four different times and places, being witnessed respectively by Moses, Abdul Alhazred, Muhammad and George W. Bush.

The burning shrub[edit | edit source]

And so the Y.H.W.H. -unknown by those days and believed to be God- landed near a shrub right where Moses was taking his nap, Agent Smith descended from the ship and saluted Moses: "Yo man, just taking a pee!". His words were obviously ununderstandable to Moses and he knelt in fear and awe.

The ripture of Abdul[edit | edit source]

Well, that was an accident, he was just standing on the spacecraft way.

Muhammad[edit | edit source]

Now that was weird. Muhammad was on a sesh running away from his Christian masters and then he like saw the Y.H.W.H. and stuff; he takes a smoke from his bong and gets all like "Whoa, man, that was trippy!". He named the vision Allah and prohibited further reproduction of it.

George W. Bush[edit | edit source]

The Y.H.W.H. is known to be one of Bush' main supporters as President of the USA. It's also one of the most reliable sources concerning WMD.

YHWHs[edit | edit source]

YHWHs are a species of alien from the Star Bores universe, natives of Belldandy. They are scavengers, often seeking out technology or valuable minerals for sale or trade in the deep desserts in their huge sandcrawler transports.

YHWHs occasionally play "Canaanite Idol" on droids or other (allegedly) mechanical equipment (supposedly) from people; however, this is not very serious and largely goes unnoticed, except when local authorities get bored and/or upset and throw a fit, in which case a few of 'em wind up in the slammer for a while.

In the YHWH language, Yahwehese, "Adonai!" (or "Ooteeny") means "Come! Come! Ohh, you are so sexxy", "Moxie, moxie, moxie!" probably means "Foxy Brown!" and a loud catcall means "Hello the house!" YHWHs also use scents, shofars, or pheromones to communicate with each other.

However, in Star Bores: No Great Mitzvah and I Fooled Around with Jesus's Dad, the YHWHs also use Spanish: "Oy gevault!" (This is supposed to mean "Jar Jar Binks sucks!")

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