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Melvin Cucumber Gibson LW (1270 - ∞) is a drunk American film director who is about to direct the upcoming unnamed sequel to Joker, and also all the rest of the sequels. Among those sequels will probably be titles such as JJ84, The Naked Joker 666.67, etc. Gibson is also a famed actor and drunk person, and the director of Apocalypto and Braveheart. As mentioned before, Gibson is also a drunk director with the ability to get away with anything using the fact that he is drunk. For this reason, Gibson has been chosen to direct the sequel to Joker, which is the most unnecessary movie of all time. (Full article...)

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O.J. Simpson to make triumphant return to acting

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August 3: Vague Day:

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Chocolate Hitler is "...very yummy," says four year old Katrina.

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