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Behold! Once upon a time there was a fair-skinned princess with lovely brown eyes. Her mother died when she was just a baby, and her father—who was a gambler and a womanizer ended up marrying a nasty old cooter who was very cruel. She was jealous of the princess' beauty, so she kicked the princess out with nothing but a single red velvet dress.

Unfortunately, the princess had trouble finding work with just a cheesy red dress and no college education, so she ended up living in a cottage with seven dwarves to save on rent. The dwarves were ok roommates, but the princess wanted to find a husband and have children one day. A few years had passed, and finally it was announced that the prince of the kingdom was having a grand ball in order to find a wife, and he sent out invitations to every woman in the land.
File:Snøhvit og de syv dvergene - Snow White and the seven dwarves (34448617885).jpg

The princess was delighted when she received an invitation. The first thing she did was shave all of her pussy hair off in case she got laid, and one of the dwarves glued it to his face like a beard because he thought it made him look older. Another of the dwarves was helping the princess by shaving her back, which was hard for her to reach. The other five dwarves made the princess' velvet dress a little fancier by decorating it with bird feathers and mouse fur after killing all the little creatures that were hanging around.

The next night, the princess was ready for the ball. She went to the palace with the seven dwarves and eagerly awaited audience with the prince. At last, it was the princess' turn in front of his royal majesty. The prince was stunned at the sight of the beautiful princess, and after a formal introduction, one of the dwarves put on some music—Katy Perry's Eye of the Tiger. The prince was a bit disappointed, because he was hoping to hear Survivor's version of the song, but he had no time to objects as the dwarves began dancing around the princess b-boy style, rythmically undressing. Singing along, they lined up before the prince and the princess got down on her hands and knees, wildly thrashing her hair from side to side. One by one, she then gave each of the dwarves a blow job. After she was done, she stood up, dwarf cum dripping from her mouth, and pointed at the prince.

Perfectly timed, the music changed to Madonna's Like a Virgin. One of the dwarves took a dump on the floor and the princess picked it up and smeared it all over her chest. Another one of the dwarves gave her a golden shower for that sexy 'wet look' as she rolled around in the feces, singing along with Madonna, furiously rubbing her vagina. It turned into a fabulous vaudeville style show as she danced, the dwarves dancing behind her, still naked, their dwarf penii swinging back and forth.

Lengthwise, one of the dwarves laid down on the floor, and the princess straddled him. Another of the dwarves got behind the princess and they positioned themselves for some double penetration. Another of the dwarves stood over the first one so the princess could blow him and then the other four dwarves encircled them, two at the princess' feet and two at her hands. It was a real Siete Hombre show! After the dwarf getting the blowjob came, he punched the princess in the face and gave her a bloody nose and a nasty shiner. The music changed to Los Del Rio's Macarena.
File:Buttplug dwarf.jpg

Unflinchingly, the rest of the dwarves came, and they all began line-dancing to the Macarena. One by one, the dwarves bent over and the princess pulled their buttplugs out, giving each of them a Dirty Sanchez—except for the dwarf that took a dump earlier because he had already pulled his buttplug out—he shoved a maraca up his ass and started shaking out some sweet percussion (this was the dwarf with the pubic beard). A few of the dwarves got sick from the stench of their ass-play and vomited all over the princess, but the show must go on! The princess was doing the Macarena and began juggling the six buttplugs, flinging excrement all over the room. For the grand finale, she threw the buttplugs up in the air and the dwarves each caught their own buttplug in their mouth.

Gallant though he was, the prince was sitting, mouth agape, watching the circus before him. As the song ended, the princess was standing with her arms outstretched, covered in every type of bodily fluid imaginable. One of the dwarves laid between her legs belly-down, his elbows on the floor and his head propped up on his hands, smiling at the prince. Three dwarves stood on either side of the princess, arms in the air, each doing their version of 'jazz hands'. The beautiful princess smiled at the prince and said, "Ta-daahhhhhh!"

Shocked, but also aroused, Prince Charming didn't quite know what to say. He couldn't hide his obvious erection, and he didn't want his court and counsel to think it was because he was sexually attracted to male dwarves, so he married the princess (who was also his sister), and they lived happily ever after.

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