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Official U.S. Reporting Agency Agent Shield

The U.S. Reporting Agency is an INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS global ' Public Safety ', security, Investigations and Internal Affairs(IA) Agency responsible for maintaining civilian as well as Enforcement Community (EC) and Military Agency, police and defense operations.

The U.S. Reporting Agency, responsible for apprehending global clowns, magicians and run away children are on call 24 Hours a Day for official recovery as needed by the Enforcement, Intelligence and circus family community.

The U.S. Reporting Agency is under INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS Executive Branch (EB) Order to fulfill the mission(s) associated with INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS operational 'Prime Directives (PD)'.

The U.S. Reporting Agency is operated by Official Agents and officers, justices and certified international delegates, most whom are under special oath to fulfill global obligations associated with balancing relations between SOVEREIGN degrees and more common citizens within every day societal environments and/or social degrees.

To continue, keeping ghost, praying mantis, extra terrestrial beings as well as unidentified flying objects and anomalies as well as managing X Files is also U.S. Reporting Agency business.

Working with the International Interpol Association Intelligence and Enforcement Certification Administration (IIAIECA), responsible for licensing, certification, permits, official security clearances and more, the U.S. Reporting Agency maintains private sector power, control and authority partnered with governed organizational collaboratives such as the White House Faith Based Neighborhood Partnership (FBNP) office, the NATIONAL GUARD and maintain direct links to the Department of Defense (DOD), Air Force Office in Special Investigations (OSI) and other global partners such as the British Royal Family, Russian Federacy, Korean Republic, Australian governance and Canadian Partnering governed and/or private sector security forces.

U.S. Reporting Agency OPERATIONS[edit | edit source]

Credit Reporting, Distribution as well as Clearance Department International Transportation Safety Regulations Department
Emergency Response Preparation as well as Preparedness Data Systems Intelligence Counter Development Dismantlement Division
Stationary as well as Field Tactical Support Systems Medical information exchange systems
Digitally Enhanced Sound Recording Regulations Systems Physical Autonomy Addiction Reinvertant Alliance System(s)
Public Agency Administration Fraud Unit (PAAFU) (Perpetrated against Innocent Citizens) Reproduction Management System(s)
International Data Recovery programs Military Corrections Program(s)
Mobile Audio Schematics Calculations Program(s) Social Bearings Balancing Conduit hardware and programs
International Tune and Vibrational balancing operations Increased FAA Flight Security Operations
Code, Welfare, Governed Operations and Systems Fraud Control, Detection and Prevention Plutonium Enrichment Enhancement Systems
Federation Space Station Flight Design Systems for Star Cluster Alpha Gate Transversion Protocol
Native Land Recovery and Reconveyance Unit Global Data Transfer Protocol(s)
Mind Controlling Substance Freedom Programs & Protocol Psychological Enhancement, Improvement and Stability Protocol
Night I (I) Seeing (I) Technology Copyright, Patent and Trademark Enforcement
FEMA Ground to Air Communications Networks U.S. Fraud Prevention Unit
Hazardous Materials Squad/Unit Human Genome Enhancement Protocol
Interstellar High Frequency Transmissions Communication Improved Secondary Star Systems Signal Transmitter Technologies Unit (s)
Misuse of Authority Illegal Charge Reversal International Enforcement Internal Affairs Regulations Unit (ICRU) Involuntary Reproduction Addiction Precedent Establishment (RAPE) Control Unit
Turpitude Regulations Division Genetic Spore Filtering System
Bio Electronic Integration Systems Robotic Enhancement Creation, Development and Strategic Production Division
Modeling Systems Imaging Unit Digital Recovery and Recording Unit
Historic Imagery Collections Unit Advanced Credit Payment Release and Transfer Systems
Citizen Alliance Implementation Team (s) Clandestine Operations Implementation Team

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