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Jimmy Donal "Jimbo" Wales (born August 7, 1966) is an American Internet method actor, best known for his character as the founder and spokesman of the cynical, money-losing project Wikipedia, an online self-proclaimed knowledge-consortium that exists to help people arguing over trivial facts to look it up on their phones to settle the score. He also plays the President of the for-profit fancruft catalog Wikia.

While Wikipedia is a financially collapsing organization, they actually secretly generate an enormous sum of revenues each year from accepting dubious favourable edits from celebrities and corporations all handled through shell companies in countries of fiscal fraud like the Cayman islands or Lichtenstein. In order to present the illusion of a free, open, and objective encyclopedia, Wikipedia decided to invent a dorky-yet-charming character who would pretend to lead the company giving it a soft-start-up-like goofy legitimacy. Jimbo Wales is the actor who filled the role. His contribution to Wikipedia is giving interviews with planned questions and answers and then seriously endangering the company by going off script. He is also a reasonably good beer-pong enthusiast but never wins a single colored wedge when playing Trvial Pursuit. (Full article...)

Did you know...

Napalmdeath shane1.jpg
  • ... Altaïr has excelled in the tactics of fooling the mentally challenged?
  • ... that it is important to tune your Air Guitar constantly, as any dust particles that stick to the complicated arrangement of air will completely deform it?
  • ... that the White House is really off-white?
  • ... that the only thing money can't buy is poverty?
  • ... that goldfish are neither gold nor fish?
  • ... that Jackson Pollock is the Jackson Pollock of painting?
  • ... that not all πr². There are also many π that r rounded?

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