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John is in his bed and the alarm clock goes off.

It's Grouuuuuuuundhog Day!

That's right. Welcome to another sunny day in beautiful Pittsburgh. Today we're gonna find out if our winter will last another few weeks or not.

John is confused and doesn't really know where he is. The door opens and his son Mark enters.

Happy Groundhog Day Dad!

Dad? Who are you? I don't have a son.
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Did you know... 

  • ... that still lifes are the most interesting paintings?
  • ... that the fictional droid C-3PO is fluent in over six million forms of communication, but only four of them are love?
  • ... that every time you blink, you get transported to another alternative Universe?
  • ... that not all πr². There are also many π that r rounded?
  • ... that if you breed a Bulldog and a Shih Tzu; you will get a Bullshit?
  • ... that apparently, this Charles Norris fellow is quite the ruffian?
  • ... that 5/3 people cannot do fractions?

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O.J. Simpson to make triumphant return to acting

On this day 

It's easy. Just follow the sign.

August 2: Intentionally Give A Stranger Misleading Directions Day

  • 456 - Maurading Mongol hoardes are repeatedly given misleading directions, resulting in wide swaths of carnage being cut through unsuspecting and largely unpopulated regions of central Europe.
  • 1877 - When asked for directions by a stranger, Oscar Wilde, then at the height of his wit, searingly suggested that the stranger seek directions from his own mother.
  • 1922 - Allen Zeitgeist asks for directions to New York from Boston. Told to "turn left where the large tree used to be" the series of events that followed causes the stock mareket crash and the great depression.
  • 1939 - Tomasz Wankovszki, a Ukrainian farmer, accidentally starts World War II by sending the German army into Poland, telling them that it is actually a shortcut to Czechoslovakia.
  • 1939 - Hitler refuses to order troops to stop at gas station and ask for directions; Warsaw and Krakow invaded by accident.
  • 1993 - The shocking discrepancy between men and woman drivers who ask for directions is highlighted in a study by Cambridge professor Dr. Gerry von Coppenfeels.

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The Last Supper
Something seems to be missing, but everyone is too stoned to care.

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