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[The Teletubbies are eating their custard breakfast]

LAA-LAA: How many pounds of custard are we talkin' here?

DIPSY: We're talking, like... at least 500 pounds of custard in that vault.

TINKY WINKY: No shit? That's a whole lot of fuckin' custard. That would do wonders for our business, man.

PO: You guys remember that motherfucker, Noo-Noo? Little vacuum thing? Baby Sun told me he's already got information regarding the joint.

TINKY WINKY: Noo-Noo? We worked with him once and I nearly fuckin' died cause of it, remember? His goddamn battery started overheating and he almost exploded! How can we be sure he's reliable for a job as big as this?

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Did you know... 

  • ... that this in not a DYK entry?
  • ... that an umbrella is a magical object that is used in many cultures to discourage rainfall?
  • ... that Calvin and Hobbes was an action-packed buddy comedy series that ran from 1542-1549, featuring philosophers John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes as themselves?
  • ... that the Japanese have a saying: "A man cannot read the same Wikipedia page twice"? The pages are constantly being edited, and the act of reading it will make you a different person. Therefore, when a man goes back to re-read it, both the text and the man have been changed.
  • ... that spambots suffer from constant self-doubt and low self esteem? They have feelings too you know.
  • ... that at some point, hanging in there just makes you look like an even bigger loser?
  • ... that Heaven has met its quota, and your dead granny has just been waitlisted?

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Oh God I feel it.
April 24: Regretting Eating Those Novelty Chocolate Easter Bunnies Day (U.S.)
  • ∞ BC - Time begins, to the disappointment of trillions.
  • 1353 - Badger maulings reach record levels in Europe.
  • 1704 - The first regular newspaper is published in America: The Boston New-Letter, containing overly-opinionated columns and hyped-up headlines. Circulation soars.
  • 1856 - The word chairman is introduced to the Oxford English Dictionary as "A person with a proclivity to stand sitting."
  • 1862 - The American Civil War on spelling begins, the letter 'u' in 'color' being the first victim.
  • 1995 - The most amazing child on earth was born, sadly, he was born in Croatia.
  • 2005 - George W. Bush declares, "America is officially full," all immigrants rerouted to Nunavut.

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GI Jew: The Movie
GI Jew: The Movie is a 2006 remake of the classic Torah! Torah! Torah! of 1967 fame. The remake underwent many names before GI Jew was chosen, including Hebrews with Hutzpah and Israel is Real.

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