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Jeffrey Epstein was a businessman, philanthropist, educator, feminist and child rights advocate. He was well known for his charitable work, his success in the finance sector, and his tropical work-study program, which gave socioeconomically disadvantaged young girls the opportunity to meet the foremost leaders in business and politics, so that they can learn from their example and become the next generation of girlbosses.

Because of Epstein's strength of character and moral integrity, he managed to live sixty-six long years without raping a single child. Epstein was posthumously granted the title of Knight Commander of the British Empire (KBE) by Prince Andrew, Duke of York, for this commendable show of restraint.

On 10 August 2019, after a long and tumultuous battle with depression, Epstein took his own life, by strangling himself while swandiving headfirst into the concrete floor of his prison cell approximately seven or eight times. (Full article...)

Did you know...

  • ... that Angelina Jolie took method acting to the extreme to play the role of Slim in A Bug's Life? (Pictured)
  • ... that Alaska is a mooseocracy, in which citizens select a moose to lead them?
  • ... that the great Wall Street Crash of 1929 led to many opportunities for great photography of homeless people and farmers covered in dust the following years?
  • ... that the Byzantine Empire is pretty much the same as the Roman Empire, only not as cool?
  • ... that midget cockpunching terrorists are a threat to America and her allies?
  • ... that it's been proven beyond reasonable doubt that 50% of modern marriages end in divorce because of arguments inside IKEA stores?
  • ... that when a grizzly bear becomes excited sexually it is known as a jizzly bear?
  • ... that the sky is up and the ground is down, except in Australia where the opposite is true?

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Hannity scrambles to interview Levi Parnas
Hannity to Maddow: Nope, not listening. La la la la la.

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"Grant, your hands are really sticky. Please let go of me Grant. Grant."

January 26: Civil War Day

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