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Make Poverty History was a 2005 campaign launched by Bob "God" Geldof, its aim being to Make Poverty History. The campaign was unique in that it encouraged ordinary people to do something to make a difference to poverty by wearing a white band on their wrist where everyone could see it, so that everyone knew that they were committed to Making Poverty History.

In December 2004, Geldof made a speech to launch Make Poverty History year (he was meant to wait until January, but was way too excited to keep quiet about it): "I know that it won't be easy to Make Poverty History. It's not a trivial task - it takes all of us to stand up and say: 'I want to do this!' But if enough of us do, then governments will listen. Maybe even the Guinness Book of Records will listen!" (Full article...)

Did you know...

  • ... that the man on the left is late for an important meeting with an international Terrorist and the man on the right is indignant at the increased cost of accessing Internet porn? (Pictured)
  • ... that bipolar bears are not to be messed with, more-so than polar bears?
  • ... that anyone who dies at Disneyland receives a free lifetime pass?
  • ... that if we used a language without homonyms, a certain type of pun would be impossible, and thereby much gaiety would be lost?
  • ... that the butler did it?
  • ... conjuction verb noun preposition article verb noun?
  • ... that Anonymous has written over 4,323,904,528 poems and 23,900,241 short stories, among a million other kinds of written word?
  • ... that this is why we can't have nice things?

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Trump urges Van Helsing: "STOP THE COUNT!"
"Gimme a B flat, Jack."

On this day

The sweet taste of victory.

November 23: Official Lucky Glass Golf Trophy Meets Blonde Girl Who Wins At Golf Day

  • 0 - Creation of glass.
  • 1871 - Creation of GOLF (Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden).
  • 1337 - Creation of 'Lucky Glass Golf Trophy'.
  • 1987 - Creation of 'Blonde Girl Who Wins At Golf'.
  • 2006 - Presentation ceremony.

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Grue Crossing
The Grue Crossing signs have proven to be an effective way to prepare drivers for an encounter.

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