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You’ve seen it on Oprah. You vaguely remember seeing it on a map somewhere when you were ten. You might have even seen it in awful crocodile-themed films produced in the eighties. So why not see it with your own eyes? Release the shackles of the nine-to-five rat race and take a trip down under, or if you’re stationed on the Antarctic base, up over, or if you’re South American, due west. How about you just head in whichever colloquially-named compass bearing that applies to your nation of residence and come on down to Australia. Or is that come on left? Nevermind.

Due its considerably large geographical area and relative abundance of nothingness, not to mention the various poisonous marsupials, reptiles, mammals and plants, it is advised that international tourists develop a clear itinerary. By doing this, your holiday will be efficient and cheap, and you’ll avoid a fate worse than death: getting lost in the Outback with no food or water. Or even worse — getting stuck in Adelaide. (Full article...)

Did you know... 

Shoved into stove.jpg
  • ... that the classic fairy tale Hansel and Gretel was blamed for hundreds of accidental deaths involving elderly women being pushed into ovens by children? (Pictured)
  • ... that when a grizzly bear becomes excited sexually it is known as a jizzly bear?
  • ... that you have probably broken at least three of the Ten Commandments just by visiting this website?
  • ... pole dancing was introduced to Egyptian culture by Cleopatra?
  • ... that Africa's space program, AIDS, has had several successful launches to altitudes over 11 feet?
  • ... that the rumors that you are paranoid were started by someone who's out to get you?
  • ... that existing is highly dangerous, and should not be performed unless you are competent enough to understand how to perform it?
  • ... that you can always pay your credit card bills using your credit card?

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What the hell is going on?

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This God person.jpg

September 18: God's Birthday. Happy birthday, God!

  • Infinity B.C. - God is born. Exactly how this happens remains of of the great mysteries of time, especially since the date is known with precision.
  • 4004 B.C. - God receives the universe as a birthday present, but loses interest when He discovers that it is infested with parasites
  • 3200 B.C. - S'dhkai, a canaanite, is struck down by lightning when he forgets God's birthday.
  • 1300 B.C. - God decrees to his peoples that the holiest Number shall be 91. When griping ensues, God relents and changes to the much easier to remember 7.
  • 854 A.D. - God creates Hell once the most wicked neighborhoods of Heaven reach capacity.
  • 2001 - God gets drunk at His birthday party and passes out in Buddha´s bathroom.

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Ben Franklin, kickin' it oldschool
Benjamin Franklin: founding father, inventor, politician, passionate kite-flier, and self-proclaimed King of Rhyme. In short, a true Renaissance man.

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