World War II (video game)

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F0t0m4n223: D00d ive totly seen this b4

Video Game Wars


In Development

War: ICOUnited Kingdom.pngICOTaiwan.pngICOChina.pngICOCanada.pngICOUnited States of America.pngICOSoviet Union.pngICOPoland.pngICOFrance.png vs. ICOGermany.pngICOItaly.pngICOJapan.png

Prelude to war[edit | edit source]

DaFuhrer Strikes First[edit | edit source]

*DaFuhrer has entered the game*

*DaFuhrer takes over for player: WeimaRep

DaFuhrer: sweet. j00z and c0munizts are da suxorz!!!one!!11!!!!!1!1eleven!11!1!11!

*DaFuhrer occupies Rhinoland!*

*Franc3 has entered the game*

*YouKay has entered the game*

Franc3: d00d you can't do that. look at the r00lz!!

DaFuhrer: fux dat i make my on rulz lol

DaFuhrer: but i do want peace. just want to make the reich whole again.

*Marlboro Man is no longer idle.*

Marlboro Man: YouKay we should do som3thing about DaFuhrer. that dude wants war.

YouKay: Nah, war sucks. Besides he wants peace.

Franc3: yeah i agree wit you YouKay.

Rising_Sun_03 Starts war in Asia[edit | edit source]

*Rising_Sun_03 has entered the game*

*Rep_of_CHiNa has entered the game*

*Rising_Sun_03 has struck Rep_of_CHiNa, 30 damage!*

Screenshot from the game chat boards.
The Rising_Sun_03 solders were noted for their brutality in China.

Rising_Sun_03: Take that sUxOr!

Rep_of_CHinA: oww oww oww. yo, CKS help free the country from the agrezzorz?

CKS: yeah, they h4x0rzz.

*Rising_Sun_03 has activated mod /nanking.*

*200 Damage to Rep_of_CHinA! 2 x 105 civilians killed!*


*Strz&Strpz has entered the game*

Strz&Strpz: wth you doin fag! Dun make me com over ther...

DaFuhrer: O_O d00d not kul nub. Wtf was that?

Der Anschluss[edit | edit source]

*pwnedland has entered the game*

DaFuhrer: lol noobz ph33r my 1337 skills!!011!!

pwnedland: you sux noob, you still emo lol?

DaFuhrer: take this n00b

*DaFuhrer has struck pwnedland, 73 damage!*

*DaFuhrer has killed pwnedland!*

pwnedland: OW fuk u btch

DaFuhrer announces a bold new strategy

DaFuhrer: ha ha tank patch is teh 1337 noobz!

*DaFuhrer captures pwnedland!*

The Munich Agreement[edit | edit source]

DaFuhrer: yo ChexMix, give me the sudetenland.

ChexMix: fuk no, thats mine.

DaFuhrer: so what, theres germans living there and you're oppressing them.

ChexMix: ur crazy n00b

Franc3:lol, i'll back you up ChexMix.

ChexMix: thanks man. youre cool.

DaFuhrer: i ain't playing. give me the sudetenland!

*YouKay is no longer idle.*

YouKay: maybe we can make a deal to keep da peace.

DaFuhrer: fine

Franc3: WTF YouKay, u r such a gurl.

YouKay pronounces its great prewar joke.

*Sudetenland is transfered from ChexMix to DaFuhrer*

ChexMix: n00bz

YouKay: w00t! Peace in our time!

*DaFuhrer captures ChexMix!*

YouKay: WTF!!! no more conquering. attack one more nation and we're going to war.

Franc3: yeah

ppl_0f_sp41n rise up[edit | edit source]

*ppl_0f_sp41n has declared utopia!*

fr4nk13_f4l4n615t4: wtf, n00b!

ppl_0f_sp41n: j00 r st00pid, f45c15t!

DaFuhrer: ill help you, fr4nk13

*DaFuhrer sends bats and gats to fr4nk13_f4l4n615t4*

i741i4: so will i

*i741i4 sends more bats and more gats to fr4nk13_f4l4n615t4*

ppl_0f_sp41n: WTF! some1 help!

YouKay: no way, n00b

Franc3: yeah

muthaland: ill help you

*muthaland sends ghetto bats and ghetto gats to ppl_0f_sp41n*

fr4nk13_f4l4n615t4: d00d those are so ghetto

*fr4nk13_f4l4n615t4 has struck ppl_0f_sp41n, 23 damage!*

*ppl_0f_sp41n has struck fr4nk13_f4l4n615t4, 5 damage!*

fr4nk13_f4l4n615t4: lol n00b

*fr4nk13_f4l4n615t4 has struck ppl_0f_sp41n, 20 damage!*

*fr4nk13_f4l4n615t4 has killed ppl_0f_sp41n!*

fr4nk13_f4l4n615t4: w00t! i am t3h r00l3r of sp41n!

DaFuhrer and muthaland make Peace[edit | edit source]

*muthaland captures HOTLAtViA!*

*muthaland captures E-Stoner!*

*muthaland captures Lil'Waynia!*

*muthaland captures Bessarabia!*

muthaland: yo coldfish, gimme carland007

cold_fish27: f u, biach!

*muthaland has struck cold_fish27, 4 damage!*

cold_fish27: u die for that n00b!

*cold_fish27 has struck muthaland, 5 damage!*

muthaland: wtf r u cheating? DIE!!11111111

*cold_fish27 has struck muthaland, 7 damage!*

*muthaland has struck cold_fish27, 7 damage!*

muthaland: u hax!!!!111111111111!

*cold_fish27 has struck muthaland, 30 damage!*

*muthaland has struck cold_fish27, 10 damage!*

cold_fish27: I don't give a f___ nemore! Have carland I dun wanit!

*cold_fish27 has left the game*

*muthaland captures carland007!*

muthaland: ha ha I am teh 1337 at item gathering

DaFuhrer: no ur not! u coudint even kill cold_fish all t3w wai......

muthaland: yo fuhrer... peace?

DaFuhrer: sure whatever

muthaland: cool

The War Begins[edit | edit source]

P0lska Attacked![edit | edit source]

*DaFuhrer has struck P0lska, 30 damage!*

*muthaland has struck P0lska, 19 damage!*

P0lska: Ow WTF gize halp

*P0lska has struck DaFuhrer, 1 damage!*


*DaFuhrer has struck P0lska, 118 damage!*

*DaFuhrer has killed P0lska!*

*boomerangman has entered the game*

*lotr_freak21 has entered the game*

*C4nuck has entered the game*

YouKay: u cant do that now 1 g0tts to br3ng in mi pWn3g c00mm00nnw3lth col0nies nd we w1ll pwn j00!!!

Franc3: yea P01ska woz on our side now i'm g3nna not pwn u nd im j0st gonna uze my +10 sh33ld aab1l1ty nd w8 behind my line! u w0nt be abl to g3t m33 n00b! r0flmao

C4nuck: yea noob you lost last time eh? lolzorz!

boomerangman: lolololololololololololol crikey gday DahFuhrer me r gonna help youkay to pwn j00 n00b!

lotr_freak21: lololol dun forg3t me bro! i got da hoobitz on my side bro and a pwn3ge sh33p armi

muthaland: lol i have got to see this

i741i4: hey noobz im with DaFuhrer he pwns j00

DaFuhrer cheats against Franc3[edit | edit source]

Franc3 humbly concedes to DaFuhrer

*DaFuhrer has struck breakfastlovr232, 29 damage!*

*DaFuhrer has killed breakfastlovr232!*

*DaFuhrer has struck vikingsfan, 28 damage!*

vikingsfan: ow u dumb fuk fine dont kill me pleez

DaFuhrer: k i need 300 gold

*Marlboro Man becomes new admin for YouKay!*

*DaFuhrer has killed 1<3w4ff13s!*

*DaFuhrer has killed richashell001!*

*DaFuhrer has killed better_late_than_nether!*

*DaFuhrer captures 1<3w4ff13s!*

*DaFuhrer captures richashell001!*

*DaFuhrer captures better_late_than_nether!*

Franc3: hey OMGWTF H4X!!!!11

DaFuhrer: entercheat/all your base are belong to us

*Cheat: Blitzkrieg activated*

*DaFuhrer has struck Franc3, 84 damage!*

Franc3: ow you dumb fukkr ow

*DaFuhrer has struck Franc3, 100 damage!*

*DaFuhrer has killed Franc3!*

The Battle of Britain[edit | edit source]

YouKay: u homo! u go down for this!

DaFuhrer: entercheat/all your base are belong to us

*Cheat: Blitzkrieg activated*

YouKay: dam this is n0t going well

YouKay: entercheat/for great justice

*Cheat: Dynamo activated*

DaFuhrer: WTF? u ran away pansy?

DaFuhrer: meh, pwn u anyway

*RADAR Error: Cheats not allowed in capitol zones*

*Luftwaffe has struck RAF, 8 damage!*

*RAF has struck Luftwaffe, 19 damage!*

DaFuhrer: WTF?

*Luftwaffe has struck RAF, 11 damage!*

*RAF has struck Luftwaffe, 27 damage!*

DaFuhrer: OMG h4x?!!

YouKay: N00b, RADAR anti-cheat patch!

*Luftwaffe has struck RAF, 7 damage!*

*RAF has struck Luftwaffe, 16 damage!*

DaFuhrer: ok, i still hurt you enough so that you can't fight back.

Cracking the Enigma[edit | edit source]

DaFuhrer: ☺þÜF_eÙÞ◙"|ΦΦ╔███

YouKay: DaFuhrer stop usin alt codes

YouKay: Its not funny

Franc3 (Spec): yh, what u talkin bout

Strz&Strpz: yeh

*Turing_555 has joined the game.*

DaFuhrer: o damn its the hacker

Turing_555: lol got ur code, hax0r3r! her it is guyz

YouKay: LOL adolf u got owned

Turing_555: yeh ROFL!

Strz&Strpz: hehe

DaFuhrer: gah these noobs h4x!

Turing_555: i just pwn at haxing ur enigma :)

Turing_555: c4n i join ur team

Strz&Strpz: sur3, not like u'll live nyway lmao

Bismarck and Hood[edit | edit source]

SPAIZ O_o: YouKay! Addy got da Bizmark!

YouKay: WTF? RADAR is on, that's not possible. Erm...

*Error: RADAR server is down for maintinence. Please GTFO.*


DaFuhrer: lol, Bismarck will pwn u!

YouKay: no. f***ing. chance. lol.

*UKShip:Hood misses NaziShip:Bismarck, 0 damage!*

*UKShip:Prince of Wales hits NaziShip:Bismarck, 10 damage!*

*NaziShip:Bismarck hits UKShip:Hood, 10 damage!*

*NaziShip:Prinz Eugen hits UKShip:Hood, 3 damage!*

*NaziShip:Bismarck hits UKShip:Hood, CRITICAL HIT!!! 100 damage!*

*DaFuhrer has killed UKShip:Hood!*

DaFuhrer: lol, nubz.

YouKay: OMGWTFH4X?????!!!1

YouKay: u gayer, u f***ing go down now

*Torp:Swordfish hits NaziShip:Bismarck, 1 damage!*

YouKay: oh come on

DaFuhrer: biplanes? rofl.

*Torp:Swordfish misses UKShip:Sheffield, 0 damage!*

YouKay: oops, lol

DaFuhrer: this is 2 funny, lol

*NaziShip:Bismark misses UKPlane:Swordfish, 0 damage!*

*Torp:Swordfish hits NaziShip:Bismarck, 1 damage!*

*Torp:Swordfish hits NaziShip:Bismarck, CRITICAL HIT!!!! 50 damage!*

*NaziShip:Bismarck unmanoeuvrable*

DaFuhrer: omgwtf? WTFh4x!!? WTF!!!??/

*UKShip:King George V hits NaziShip:Bismarck, 13 damage*

*UKShip:Norfolk hits NaziShip:Bismarck, 5 damage*

DaFuhrer: screw u, ghey blobbers

*NaziShip:Bismarck self-destruct initiated*

*UKShip:Rodney hits NaziShip:Bismarck, 14 damage*

*UKShip:Dorsetshire hits NaziShip:Bismarck, 6 damage*

*YouKay has killed NaziShip:Bismarck!*

Battle of the Atlantic[edit | edit source]

DaFuhrer: y0 langsdorff. Tak da graf sp33 nd f*** those n00bs in teh south atlantic, k?

I<3maGR4FSP33: k, played ww 1 b4, dis gunna b easy

DaFuhrer: c001 langy

*NaziShip:GrafSpee hits UKMerchantShip1, 34 damage*

*I<3maGR4FSP33 has killed UKMerchantShip1!

*NaziShip:GrafSpee hits UKMerchantShip2, 24 damage*

*I<3maGR4FSP33 has killed UKMerchantShip2!

I<3maGR4FSP33: pwned! sux0rs

YouKay: yo i need to traed stopit!!!!11

I<3maGR4FSP33: stfu n00b, ur bein 0wn3d!!

DaFuhrer: lm40 tak dis j00kay!

*NaziSub:U94 hits UKMerchantShip3, 24 damage*

*DaFuhrer has killed UKMerchantShip3!

*NaziSub:U94 hits UKMerchantShip4, 27 damage*

*DaFuhrer has killed UKMerchantShip4!

*NaziSub:U94 hits BRMerchantShip1, 29 damage*

*DaFuhrer has killed BRMerchantShip1!

*BR4zuk45!!11one is no longer idle.*

BR4zuk45!!11one: yo fockin shithed i was in msn! p1u5, im n3utr4a1!!!!11

DaFuhrer: ur problem, not mien. bsides j00 r an allies` biotch, i'm takin j00 down after i tak these l0zerz

BR4zuk45!!11one: dis game suks i wanna play fifas worldcup

YouKay: stfu man, u suk

DaFuhrer: yeh n00b. 2 pansy ta play ww2?

BR4zuk45!!11one: ...

Strz&Strpz: man, join us allies, I giv u g00dis

BR4zuk45!!11one: ill get back to dat lata..

*BR4zuk45!!11one has gone idle.*

*NaziShip:GrafSpee hits UKMerchantShip5, 26 damage*

*I<3maGR4FSP33 has killed UKMerchantShip5!

I<3maGR4FSP33: man I rulz! yo fuhrer, gunna get sum ships at teh rver plate

DaFuhrer: k, but d0nt screw it

YouKay: im followin ya

I<3maGR4FSP33: is dat u ova der? wat a n3wb! im comin for ya!

YouKay: now ye di3!!

*NaziShip:GrafSpee hits UKShip:Exeter, 25 damage*

*UKShip:Exeter hits NaziShip:GrafSpee, 16 damage*

*UKShip:Achilles hits NaziShip:GrafSpee, 14 damage*

*UKShip:Ajax hits NaziShip:GrafSpee, 19 damage*

DaFuhrer: langy it's 3x1 u idi0t!

I<3maGR4FSP33: man f*** off, i ken do dis

*UKShip:Exeter hits NaziShip:GrafSpee, 21 damage*

*NaziShip:GrafSpee hits UKShip:Exeter, 31 damage*

*UKShip:Exeter retreats, 31 damage*

*UKShip:Achilles hits NaziShip:GrafSpee, 19 damage*

*UKShip:Ajax hits NaziShip:GrafSpee, 17 damage*

I<3maGR4FSP33: yo bring da ship bak heer u stupid coward

YouKay: come get it f001

I<3maGR4FSP33: u askd for it!

*NaziShip:GrafSpee misses*

*UKShip:Achilles hits NaziShip:GrafSpee, 15 damage*

*UKShip:Ajax hits NaziShip:GrafSpee, 18 damage*

I<3maGR4FSP33: im heet! im heet! f411 bak! addy wer is next port?

DaFuhrer: man go to bu3n0s 4ir3s in 4rgentina tehy r our p33ps

I<3maGR4FSP33: thats 2 far man, the brits get to me b4 i get ther!im stopping in urugu4y

DaFuhrer: watever

YouKay: fuuk they r getting asylum ther!

*U_R_GAY is no longer idle.*

U_R_GAY: yo wassup

YouKay: hi

Strz&Strpz: hey

DaFuhrer: hi der

I<3maGR4FSP33: yo, i need to stay in montyvid.

U_R_GAY: man dats n3utr41!!

DaFuhrer: fuk dat, giv im asylum, or else!!!!111one

YouKay: no man dont do dat, u r no nazi

Strz&Strpz: yeh, u can stay n3utr41 but no asy1um to nazis

DaFuhrer: stfu muthaf***s, u guys suk

U_R_GAY: STFU evry1!!! we r litle nd n3utr41 and u nazis gotta leave in 3 days gam3 tim3.

DaFuhrer: u fokkerrrrrr g4yzorrrrr

I<3maGR4FSP33: yo fuhrer i wanna surredner, ken i?

DaFuhrer: h3ll n0! u go ther nd fight nd win for me!

I<3maGR4FSP33: k... :(

*NaziShip:GrafSpee hits UKShip:Achilles, 20 damage*

*UKShip:Achilles hits NaziShip:GrafSpee, 17 damage*

*UKShip:Ajax hits NaziShip:GrafSpee, 20 damage*


*NaziShip:GrafSpee misses*

*UKShip:Achilles hits NaziShip:GrafSpee, 18 damage*

*UKShip:Ajax hits NaziShip:GrafSpee, 15 damage*

*YouKay has killed NaziShip:GrafSpee

I<3maGR4FSP33: N00000000000000!0!!111oneoneeleven :((((((((((((((

DaFuhrer: langy u sux0r

I<3maGR4FSP33: i lov3d dat ship. SPEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

YouKay: u sux0rs r real nutjobs

I<3maGR4FSP33: i did alla coud fuhrer.dis game sux, n0w i wnna d133!!!11one

*I<3maGR4FSP33 has killed I<3maGR4FSP33!*

*ChanServ has kicked I<3maGR4FSP33 for use of selfkill code*

YouKay: r0f1m40 wat an em0

Strz&Strpz: l0sers

DaFuhrer: st00pid l4ngy

U_R_GAY: lmao! now i go back to doin nothing, k?

YouKay: k nd thanks

Strz&Strpz: bb

U_R_GAY: bye

*U_R_GAY has gone idle.*

DaFuhrer: gaaahh r3v3ng3!!

*NaziSub:U94 hits UKMerchantShip7, 24 damage*

*DaFuhrer has killed UKMerchantShip7!

*NaziSub:U94 hits BRMerchantShip2, 32 damage*

*DaFuhrer has killed BRMerchantShip2!

*BR4zuk45!!11one is no longer idle.*

BR4zuk45!!11one: m4n do u kno wat n3utr41 means or r u just foking dumb?

DaFuhrer: i kno nd i dun care

YouKay: cmon br0 join tha 411ie5 already!

Strz&Strpz: don b a sissy!

BR4zuk45!!11one: alrite alrite! but after dis we pl4y w0r1d cup..

YouKay: whateva

Strz&Strpz: yeh we wi11, peace first though

YouKay: yeh let's get sum peace by whooping nazi arse

BR4zuk45!!11one:k. you nd i is at war now fuhrer!get im ppls!!!!111

DaFuhrer: whateva u r sux0r not goin even to get ta eur0p3 4nyw4y.

BR4zuk45!!11one: guys ima sneding divisons, k?

Strz&Strpz: yeh send to me in italy.btw 4rgi3, joni us a11ie5! :)

BR4zuk45!!11one: dun both3r man tehy r fokkin racists

*ArGi3bArGi3 has entered the game*

ArGi3bArGi3:stfu br4, ur got 0wn3d by tha fuhrer! nd n0 w4y w3 r joining, were n3utr4ls!!

Strz&Strpz: fokkin neutrals, whateva

PM from DaFuhrer to ArGi3bArGi3: yo man, wanna join us nd tak on teh br4zukian monkeys? u wulda pwn south ameriac!!!!!

PM from ArGi3bArGi3 to DaFuhrer:d00d u r c001 nd rul3 nd all, but de a11ies r strong hree..

PM from DaFuhrer to ArGi3bArGi3: fuk da allies u can kick tha niggas a** ther wit ma, axis?

PM from ArGi3bArGi3 to DaFuhrer:n0t yet man, cannae do.i'11 get bak on dat to u if j00 r sti11 winnin'

PM from DaFuhrer to ArGi3bArGi3: dun tak l0ng

Kick in the Balkans[edit | edit source]

SPARTAAAA: hey guyz can I join?

i741i4: no u die 2 >:(

*i741i4 strikes SPARTAAAA, 20 damage!*

*SPARTAAAA strikes i741i4, 40 damage!*

*i741i4 strikes SPARTAAAA, 0 damage!*

*i741i4 retreats*

SPARTAAAA:lololol,u asshole,i am heading 2 R0M4,right n0w

i741i4: Yo adolf, help us out plz?thiz sux0rzz r attackin us!

DaFuhrer: was trying to pwn muthaland but wat da hell?

YouKay: hey no fair!!!!!

*DaFuhrer strikes YouKay, 6 damage*

*DaFuhrer strikes SPARTAAA, CRITICAL HIT!!! 100 damage!*

*DaFuhrer has killed SPARTAAAA!*

YouKay: holy sheeznit gotta get out

*YouKay has switched to spectator mode*

*i741i4 strikes Blackhawkup, 50 damage!*

*i741i4 has killed Blackhawkup!*

*i741i4 captures SPARTAAAA!*

i741i4: ha ha adolf u the best

DaFuhrer: thx man long live axis!

DaFuhrer: these n00bz are teh sux0rz

*Hugo_slav_man42 has entered the game*

Hugo_slav_man42: hey wuts goin on

DaFuhrer: were pwning n00bz, wanna join

i741i4: yeah its fun

PM from YouKay to Hugo_slav_man42: Dun do it man go wit muthaland, dey bombin.

Hugo_slav_man42: Fux j00, I'm goin wit da muthaland!

*Hugo_slav_man42 has allied with muthaland!!*

DaFuhrer: WTF man j00 dai! >:(

*DaFuhrer has struck Hugo_slav_man42, 173 damage!*

*DaFuhrer has killed Hugo_slav_man42!*

DaFuhrer: Oh and BTW

*DaFuhrer has struck muthaland, 23 damage!*

DA GRAND ALLIANCE is formed[edit | edit source]

Operation Barbarossa[edit | edit source]

*DaFuhrer captures U-kr4ne!*

muthaland: WTF???!

DaFuhrer: LMAO ur such n00b, so I dubbl Krossed you

muthaland: fuk this, im with uk now

*muthaland has changed teams to DA GRAND ALLIANCE*

*coldfish27 has entered the game*

coldfish27: haha, russia now joo r pwned

*coldfish27 has struck muthaland, 15 damage!*

*coldfish27 captures carland007!*

*numa_numa_land has entered the game*

*Maggie_R has entered the game*

Maggie_R: hey numa, gimme transylvania ill help u get back bessarabia

DaFuhrer: yeah do it, she rox

i741i4: yes

numa_numa_land: k

*Transylvania is transferred from numa_numa_land to Maggie_R*

Maggie_R has struck muthaland, 17 damage!*

numa_numa_land has struck muthaland, 11 damage!*

*numa_numa_land captures Bessarabia!*

numa_numa_land: thnx

muthaland: u all sux0rz ill kill u all fukerz

The Middle East[edit | edit source]

*boomerangman has struck i741i4, 100 damage!*

*lotr_freak21 has struck i741i4, 4 damage!*

*boomerangman captures John_Lebanon!*

boomerangman: Crikey! Bardia and Tobruk is ours! All your Italian Fortress Are Belong To Us, Mates! Make your Surrender!

lotr_freak21: Bro! I helped too!

YouKay: L0L lotr_freak21 is boomeerangmans bitch! now stfu bef0re i ban ur sh33p fuxing

lotr_freak21: k sry

*YouKay captures cerea1!*

i741i4: Owwww fuk addy hlp plz?

DaFuhrer: Getin kinda tird of balin j00 out Muso. But kay.

*DaFuhrer has created Afrika Korps!*

*Afrika_Fox is no longer idle*

DaFuhrer: Yo Rom, tak these and get us Egypt!

Afrika_Fox: Kay dude

*Afrika_Fox has struck YouKay, 25 damage!*

YouKay: Ow fuck where the hell did he come from

boomerangman: Crikey!! We'll hold him mate! dw we'll get our heds blwn off 4 yous

Rising_Sun_03 makes inroads into Southeast Asia[edit | edit source]

*Indochina_french has entered the game*

Indochina_french: hey franc3 u around?

*Indochina_french is now known as Indochina_vichy*

DaFuhrer: frenchy is dead. ur mine lol

Indochina_vichy: wtf dis sux

Rising_Sun_03: hey fuhrer can i join and shit?

DaFuhrer: man u r noob

Rising_Sun_03: no im not look at this

*Rising_Sun_03 strikes Haiphong-Yunnan Fou railway line, 24 damage!*

*Rising_Sun_03 has blockaded Rep_of_CHiNa!*

DaFuhrer: hey u cool

DaFuhrer: ok u can join up

Rising_Sun_03: thx man u r 1337

*thai_fighter is no longer idle*

thai_fighter: indochina me want land back!

Indochina_vichy: lol its mine noob

thai_fighter: ok you want play? you ask for it lolololololol

Indochina_vichy: come and get me u gook!

*thai_fighter has struck Indochina_vichy, 15 damage!*

*Indochina_vichy has struck thai_fighter, 9 damage!*

Rising_Sun_03: gook? Indochina you racist cracker

Rising_Sun_03: give thai da land or i b& u

thai_fighter: yeah

Indochina_vichy: ur not an admin

Rising_Sun_03: stfu

Indochina_vichy: fine, take it!

*L405 is transferred from Indochina_vichy to thai_fighter*

*PolPotPizza is transferred from Indochina_vichy to thai_fighter*

Rising_Sun_03: thai, friendz?

thai_fighter: lol whatever

*Strz&Strpz is no longer idle*

Rep_of_CHiNa: owww some1 beat up risin

Strz&Strpz: no way n00b, lol

Pearl Harbor[edit | edit source]

*Rising_Sun_03 has struck Strz&Strpz, 231 damage!*

*Rising_Sun_03 has killed USship:Arizona*

*Rising_Sun_03 has killed USship:Oklahoma*

*Rising_Sun_03 has killed USship:West Virginia*

*Rising_Sun_03 has killed USship:California*

*Rising_Sun_03 has killed USship:Utah*

Strz&Strpz: OMGWTFBBQ!!!1!!11!!1!one!!1!!!!eleven!!!1!11!!!! DATS WER MA SHEPS R!1!1!!11

Rising_Sun_03: tak dat nub

DaFuhrer: u named ur shipz 4ft3r st4t35?/?//? f41l

Strz&Strpz: shudup m4n

Rising_Sun_03: u has no ships fuxor

Strz&Strpz: u m1553d m4h c4rr13rs

Strz&Strpz: u going down

DaFuhrer: notta chance n00b lol

Southeast Asia falls[edit | edit source]

Rising_Sun_03: im taking south east asia lol

*thai_fighter has struck Rising_Sun_03, 3 damage!*

Rising_Sun_03: wtf n00b

thai_fighter: sorry. i thought you invading me :P

PM from Rising_Sun_03 to thai_fighter: fuk u i wuz just passing by!

PM from Rising_Sun_03 to thai_fighter: gimme ur seaports, airfields, train stations and i might give land 2 u

PM from thai_fighter to Rising_Sun_03: k :D

*Rising_Sun_03 uses airfield!*

*Rising_Sun_03 uses seaport!*

*Rising_Sun_03 uses train station!*

*Rising_Sun_03 uses bicycle!*

YouKay: rofl bikes. you cycling down to singapore?

YouKay: Prince of Wales and Repulse will 0wn u

Rising_Sun_03: ORLY? BANZAI!!!

*Torp:G3M hits UKShip:Prince of Wales, CRITICAL HIT!!! 423 damage!*

*UKShip:Prince of Wales slowed*

*UKShip:Prince of Wales attacks SunPlane:G3M, 12 damage!*

*UKShip:Prince of Wales grazes UKShip:Express, 52 damage!*

Rising_Sun_03: lolfail

*Torp:G4M hits UKShip:Repulse, CRITICAL HIT!!! 621 damage!*

*Torp:G4M hits UKShip:Repulse, CRITICAL HIT!!! 612 damage!*

*Rising_Sun_03 has killed UKShip:Repulse!*

*Torp:G3M hits UKShip:Prince of Wales, CRITICAL HIT!!! 594 damage!*

*Rising_Sun_03 has killed UKShip:Prince of Wales!*

YouKay: WTHOMG???!!!!

*Rising_Sun_03 captures HK47!*

*Rising_Sun_03 captures Free_Burma!*

*Rising_Sun_03 captures MAH_LAZOR!*

*Rising_Sun_03 captures Spore!*

*Rising_Sun_03 captures <|4.4|2(|-|1|>3|_4g0!*

*Rising_Sun_03 captures EastCoastGuineaPigZ!*

*Rising_Sun_03 captures Tr0picS0l0m0n!*

*Rising_Sun_03 captures PinoyzRule!*

Rising_Sun_03: pwned n00bs. this game is fun lol

Strz&Strpz: omfg i know u hax

YouKay: F*** U H4X0R!!!!!! I WANT MY COLONYS BACK!!!!!!11

Rising_Sun_03: stfu. ur defenses sux0r

C4nuck: YouKay, you n00b, I just sent troops to HK and you wasted them all! WTF?

YouKay: boomerangman go to kokoda you n00bs.

boomerangman: no, STFU, you n Strz&Strpz will steal credit.

YouKay: boomerangman go to kokoda you n00bs or we won't send you planes

boomerangman: Crikey!! fine mate. can we at lest hav weapons?

*Rising_Sun_03 has activated mod /burmesedeathrailway.*

*Rising_Sun_03 gains supply bonus! Health boosted!*

Rising_Sun_03: lolol i built railway wif allied pow

boomerangman: What do u think dis iz, sim city? u gay?

YouKay: F*** u rising im gonna blow ur queer railway up.

Strz&Strpz: Yeh me 2 you pansy.

*Strz&Strpz has struck Death Railway, 1 damage!*

*YouKay has struck Death Railway, 1 damage!*

*boomerangman has struck Death Railway, 0 damage!*

boomerangman: WTF!

Rising_Sun_03: lol whos the homos now

muthaland strikes back against DaFuhrer[edit | edit source]

DaFuhrer briefly enjoys vast military success.

i741i4: ROFL

DaFuhrer: ha ha this awexome. I sh4ll n0w pwn the jewz!

*muthaland has struck DaFuhrer, 12 damage!*

DaFuhrer: hey that hurt b1tch!!

DaFuhrer: fine, ya want to play that way h4x0r!

*DaFuhrer has struck muthaland, 23 damage!*

*2 attrition damage to DaFuhrer!*

muthaland: ur still a noob

*muthaland has struck DaFuhrer, CRITICAL HIT!!! 102 damage!*

DaFuhrer: OMGWTF hax!!

*muthaland captures Stalingrad!*

muthaland: o wut now??????

DaFuhrer: wtf thats teh fuck gimme ur oil u fucking noob.

North Africa Campaign[edit | edit source]

*YouKay captures Egypt!*

*Franc3 captures Algeria!*

Hugo_slav_man42 (Spec): hey isnt franc3 dead?

DaFuhrer: yah i pwned his HQ

Franc3: nope, we never go away lol

Afrika_Fox: UK gtfo my place

YouKay: Bitch it's mien >:(

Afrika_Fox: :O

*Afrika_Fox has struck YouKay, 33 damage!*

*YouKay has struck Afrika_Fox, 27 damage!*

*Afrika_Fox has struck YouKay, 19 damage!*

*YouKay has struck Afrika_Fox, 24 damage!*

Afrika_Fox: Ow fall bak

*YouKay has captured Ben-Gazzi!*

YouKay: Awesome! $4$ pwnz j00r airf13ld$ Afrika_Fox!

*Afrika_Fox has struck YouKay, 43 damage!*

Afrika_Fox: Haha take that

*Afrika_Fox has captured Ben-Gazzi!*

*Afrika_Fox has captured Toebrook!*

YouKay: NOES

Afrika_Fox: Mwahaha

*Afrika_Fox has fallen ill!*

Afrika_Fox: Oh fucking random ev...

*Afrika_Fox has gone idle.*

*Funny_Hat is now admin for #8thArmy*

Funny_Hat: Bitchin

*Funny_hat has struck Afrika Korps, 43 damage!*

*Afrika_Fox is no longer idle.*

Afrika_Fox: WTF!

*Funny_Hat has struck Afrika_Fox, 37 damage!*

Afrika_Fox: SHYT fall bak

Strz&Strpz: ha ha my turn lol

*Strz&Strpz has struck Afrika_Fox, 14 damage!*

Strz&Strpz: fun!

Afrika_Fox: Hay nub

*Afrika_Fox has struck Strz&Strpz , 34 damage!*

*Afrika_Fox has captured LandZone_443!*

Afrika_Fox: :)

Strz&Strpz: OW fux joo

Strz&Strpz: Eat this

*Strz&Strpz has struck Afrika_Fox, 29 damage!*

*Strz&Strpz captures NationZone_22!*

Strz&Strpz: No more Mr. Nice

Afrika_Fox: :(

*Afrika_Fox has left #Africa*

boomerangman: wtf? where is everyone?

The Battle of Midway[edit | edit source]

Rising_Sun_03: wtf is happening

*Strz&Strpz has struck Rising_Sun_03, 20 damage!*

*boomerangman has struck Rising_Sun_03, 7 damage!*

boomerangman: hey i actually did something m8

Strz&Strpz: were proud of j00

boomerangman:OMFG stole credit you cheapos...

Rising_Sun_03: take this n00bz!

*Rising_Sun_03 has struck Strz&Strpz, 8 damage!*

Strz&Strpz: thats nothing biatch

*Rising_Sun_03 has struck Boomerangman, 5 damage!*

*Rising_Sun_03 captures Darwin!

boomerangman: Darwin? wtf we dont even want it. u hav it.

A scene from the Anzio beachhead

Back to the Eastern Front[edit | edit source]

*DaFuhrer has struck muthaland, 10 damage!*

*muthaland has struck DaFuhrer, 10 damage!*

DaFuhrer: wtf this is nothing

muthaland: Ur stil retreating, nub :P

DaFuhrer: FUX J00

Italian Campaign[edit | edit source]

*Strz&Strpz has struck i741i4, 46 damage!*

*YouKay has struck i741i4, 39 damage!*

*C4nuck has struck i741i4, 12 damage!*

i741i4: Ow bitchz spawnkill!

*i741i4 has struck Strz&Strpz, 19 damage!*

*i741i4 has struck YouKay, 16 damage!*

*i741i4 has struck C4nuck, 9 damage!*

i741i4 surrenders.

Strz&Strpz: Hah n00b

*Strz&Strpz has struck i741i4, 34 damage!*

*YouKay has struck i741i4, 22 damage!*

*C4nuck has struck i741i4, 11 damage!*


*BR4zuk45!!11one has struck i741i4, 22 damage!*

Strz&Strpz: LOL!

i741i4: oww okay i give up

*i741i4 has changed teams to DA GRAND ALLIANCE*

Strz&Strpz: u on our side now

i741i4: fien dont kill me pleez

YouKay: we own j00 now biatch

DaFuhrer: Muso j00 nub

*DaFuhrer has taken #NorthItaly!*

*Script Trippy_Packed has dropped i741i4!*

i741i4: The fuck man?

*YouKay has struck DaFuhrer, 6 damage!*

*Strz&Strpz has struck DaFuhrer, 3 damage!*

*C4nuck has struck i741i4, 1 damage!*

Strz&Strpz: Wtf yu g4y h4x0r

DaFuhrer: haha winter lien bitchz

Rising_Sun_03 Reconsiders its Position[edit | edit source]

S!llyH@tChinditz: entercheat/walking

*Cheat: Walking activated*

Strz&Strpz: Wot dus that do?

S!llyH@tChinditz: Makes me walk...

Strz&Strpz: ...u sux...

A rearmed Rep_of_CHiNa goes on the offensive.

Rising_Sun_03: holy hell

Rising_Sun_03: how is this hapennig???!???!??

*Rep_of_CHiNa has struck Rising_Sun_03, 23 damage!*

*CKS has struck Rising_Sun_03, 29 damage!*

Rep_of_CHiNa: SUPRIEZ N00B!

*LMAO is no longer idle*

CKS: peace, mao?

LMAO: k, lol

*LMAO has struck Rising_Sun_03, 200 damage!*

Rising_Sun_03: WTF?!?!?!

Strz&Strpz: lol, pwn3d

Rising_Sun_03: WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF! H4X!!11!1

LMAO: guerillaz rox!!!

The Tide Turns in Europe[edit | edit source]

D-Day[edit | edit source]

Strz&Strpz takes on DaFuhrer's l33t hax0rs

*Strz&Strpz has activated mod /storminnorman.

*Attacks in #EuroWest are now enabled!*

*Strz&Strpz has struck DaFuhrer, 27 damage!*

*YouKay has struck DaFuhrer, 14 damage!*

*C4nuck has struck DaFuhrer, 8 damage!*

*P0lska has struck DaFuhrer, 3 damage!*

Strz&Strpz : Where the f*** did P0lska come from?

C4nuck : Who cares, I'm doing stuff!

YouKay : We're all proud of j00.

DaFuhrer: oww whyyyyy ;_;

*Afrika_Fox is no longer idle.*

Afrika_Fox: Told you idiot! Where's my damn funding now?

DaFuhrer: U tried to kill me, biotch!

PM from Afrika_Fox to DeutschTroop: Alright men, they're comin. Prepare to repel invaders. Groups one through three, counter-attack at-

*DaFuhrer has struck Afrika_Fox, 25 damage!*

*DaFuhrer has killed Afrika_Fox!*

Afrika_Fox: WTF TK

*Afrika_Fox has left the game*

Strz&Strpz: ...Hilter joo sux at this.

Oh God No...[edit | edit source]

*Franc3's HQ has been liberated*

*Franc3 has respawned!*

Franc3: ha ha love this tank patch lolzorz!!!

Franc3: adolf is teh suxorz!! lol!!

Franc3: rofl!!

Strz&Strpz: stfu, franc3

YouKay: yea noob, stfu

Franc3: no fux you Strz&Strpz i'm g3nna mek sur dat in da futur we rerite histori and mak it l0ke u didn s3v us

Strz&Strpz: whetever n00b u do that weirdass shit we will just make movies with Tom Hanks about savin ur ass!

The Eastern Front[edit | edit source]

*muthaland has struck cold_fish27, 24 damage!*

cold_fish27: ow

Strz&Strpz: lol this so beats counter-strike

C4nuck: here guyzz

*C4nuck has given 4 MEDKIT to Strz&Strpz*

*C4nuck has given 5 MEDKIT to YouKay*

*C4nuck has given 1 MEDKIT to Franc3*

Strz&Strpz: wow thx

YouKay: yea thx

C4nuck: np

C4nuck: You could pay me back later, eh?

Strz&Strpz: no way n00b lol

C4nuck: thats ok too

*muthaland has struck numa_numa_land, 27 damage!*

*muthaland captures Bessarabia!*

numa_numa_land: U HAX!!1!!

numa_numa_land: fukr

muthaland: no dumbass

muthaland: i have tons of shit

numa_numa_land: whatev i like t3h winz

*numa_numa_land has joined muhtaland!*

muthaland: rofl n00b

DaFurher: WTf!!1! biatch nub!!1!1!!1

DaFurher: Whatever i 57i11 has t3h pwnz

Strz&Strpz: d00d fu ur gon4 g3t Pwnz0r3d!!!!11!

muthaland: STFU addy gay fuxx0r

*muthaland has struck Maggie_R, 34 damage!*

Maggie_R: fvck

Maggie_R: k u win russia

*Maggie_R has left the game

DaFuhrer tries to retake Europe[edit | edit source]

DaFuhrer: this has gone on long enough


DaFuhrer: entercheat/StrongBad

*Cheat: Tiger Tanks activated*

*DaFuhrer has launched a surprise attack against Strz&Strpz, 29 damage!*


*DaFuhrer has struck Strz&Strpz, 14 damage!*

*DaFuhrer has struck YouKay, 4 damage!*

*DaFuhrer has struck Franc3, 6 damage!*

*DaFuhrer has struck C4nuck, 7 damage!*

*YouKay has struck DaFuhrer, 43 damage!*

YouKay: Take 0r Spitfirz up ur NAzi 455 b14tch!!!!!11!11

DaFuhrer: WTF??!!

*Strz&Strpz' 10 units still left in Bastogne have struck DaFuhrer, CRITICAL HIT!!! 273 damage!*

Strz&Strpz: R0flmao nub

DaFuhrer: WTF u fx1n h4xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!1!!!!!!111

The End of the War in Europe[edit | edit source]

PM from DaFuhrer to ArGi3bArGi3:j00 st00pid liar

PM from ArGi3bArGi3 to DaFuhrer:man da allies woulda kik our ass, w3 couldt join

PM from DaFuhrer to ArGi3bArGi3:whateva u wouldnt hav a chance 4nyway

Strz&Strpz: everybody, NOW

*Strz&Strpz has struck Strz&Strpz, 20 damage!*

Strz&Strpz: ffs, turn ff off.

*YouKay has struck DaFuhrer, 16 damage!*

*Franc3 has struck DaFuhrer, -3 damage!*

Franc3: FUCK!

Strz&Strpz: noob...

*muthaland has struck DaFuhrer, 27 damage!*

*muthaland has struck cold_fish27, 32 damage!*

*muthaland captures carland007!*

muthaland: switch sides NOW coldfish or else!

cold_fish27: ok lets kick some fritz azz

*cold_fish27 has changed teams to DA GRAND ALLIANCE*

*cold_fish27 has struck DaFuhrer, 3 damage!*

DaFuhrer: WTF coldfish u will pay for this

*DaFuhrer has struck cold_fish27, 10 damage!*

Strz&Strpz: Waste of trupz "Addy"

*C4nuck has struck DaFuhrer, 10 damage!*

*Hugo_slav_man42 has struck DaFuhrer, 1 damage!*

Strz&Strpz: N00b

Hugo_slav_man42: th1s iz fux!

*Hugo_slav_man42 has entered spectator mode.*

*Strz&Strpz has struck DaFuhrer, 25 damage!*

*muthaland has struck DaFuhrer, 35 damage!*

*muthaland captures Berlin!*

DaFuhrer: arrrrgh nooooo

DaFuhrer: NUMPAD9!!!111one1eleven!one!

*DaFuhrer has killed DaFuhrer!*

*ChanServ has kicked DaFuhrer for use of selfkill code*

muthaland: dam i wanted that kill

Strz&Strpz: Fck KSer. oh well

muthaland: oh fine

*Fartysans has joined the game!*

Fartysans: muthaland in Berlin!?! Strz&Strpz crossin the Rhine!?! WTF n00bs im not gonna take dis any more!

*Fartysans has struck muthaland, 12 damage!*

*Fartysans has struck Strz&Strpz, 32 damage!*

*Fartysans has struck YouKay, 14 damage!*

*Fartysans has struck Franc3, 43 damage!*

muthaland: what the fuck

Strz&Strpz: OW! Who the hell are you!?!

YouKay: WTH!

Franc3: OW! Dammit!

Fartysans: Whoops for got to finish unfinished business.

*Fartysans has struck C4nuck, 20 damage!*

*Fartysans joins team "Axis"!*

C4nuck: d00d we killed DaFuher when do you guys learn to quit!?!

Fartysans: Nevah Bitches!

*muthaland has struck Fartysans, 30 damage!*

*Strz&Strpz has struck Fartysans, 21 damage!*

*Youkay has struck Fartysans, 28 damage!*

*Franc3 has struck Fartysans, -7 damage!*

Franc3: Damn im not very good at this

*C4nuck has struck Fartisans, 65 damage!*

Fartysans: Gaaah! That suxxored!

Strz&Strpz: WTF!!!!!!!!!!! That should have been enough to kill u Wat is wrong wit u u hax!?!

Fartysans:N00b! IM INVINCIBLE!!! But that suxxd so im gonna lay low for a while.

*Fartysans has gone idle.*

muthaland: right then, back to business

*Hugo_slav_man42 is no longer in spectator mode.*

*Hugo_slav_man42 has changed teams to DA GRAND ALLIANCE*

Hugo_slav_man42: thanx NOV

muthaland: hey i helped 2

PM from Fartysans to ArGi3bArGi3:yo man, j00 were fuhrers peep. ken we hide ther?dun wanna di3 in nur3mberg

PM from ArGi3bArGi3 to Fartysans:sure, but stfu. dis is secret, k?

PM from Fartysans to ArGi3bArGi3:k..

*DaFuhrer tried to reconnect*

End of the war in the Pacific[edit | edit source]




Strz&Strpz: teh server is teh ghey

YouKay: yea it is a fag

Franc3: u mean it likez other servers

Franc3: of the same gender lol?

muthaland: stfu, franc3

Strz&Strpz: so what now?

*Rising_Sun_03 has struck Strz&Strpz, 8 damage!*

Rising_Sun_03: BANZAI BITCH!!!1!1

Strz&Strpz: oh yeah them

*Strz&Strpz has struck Rising_Sun_03, 27 damage!*

Rising_Sun_03: u dead now, suxorz!

Strz&Strpz nukes Rising_Sun_03's HQ

*Rising_Sun_03 has activated mod /wiiiiiiiind.*

*21 damage to Strz&Strpz!*

*7 attrition damage to Rising_Sun_03!*

Strz&Strpz: lol noob u serious?

Rising_Sun_03: u sux

Strz&Strpz: give up now or get pwned, biatch

Rising_Sun_03: bring it on, gheylord

muthaland: this has to be good

Strz&Strpz: if you insist, lol!

Strz&Strpz: entercheat/Duke Nukem

*Cheat: A-Bomb activated*

*Strz&Strpz uses Little Boy!*

*902 damage to Rising_Sun_03!*

*muthaland has struck Rising_Sun_03, 19 damage!*

Rising_Sun_03: HOLY JEZU WAT

Rising_Sun_03: FUX J00 H4X0RZ

muthaland: whoa man

tru_m4n's official announcement of Strz&Strpz's nuking of Rising_Sun_03 to the rest of the world.

Strz&Strpz: thats not all

muthaland: u like Michael Jackson, lol

muthaland: u used little boy

Strz&Strpz: stfu!

*muthaland captures Manchukuo!*

*PuY1 was kicked by muthaland (sockpuppet of Rising_Sun_03)!*

Strz&Strpz: WTF rooskis!!!1212 thats teh meni!!! i fooght th1s hole w4r by myseelf!!!!11111

muthaland: we is allies i take watever the fook i want

Strz&Strpz: ...

*Strz&Strpz uses Fat Man!*

*1142 damage to Rising_Sun_03!*

*Strz&Strpz has killed Rising_Sun_03!*

Rising_Sun_03: Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww fuck

Strz&Strpz and muthaland unwittingly initiate the cold war.

boomerangman: lol. Strz&Strpz, uR so fat that you got dropped on Nagasaki

Strz&Strpz: PWN3D

Strz&Strpz: thats that

muthaland: fat man? lol

muthaland: thats even more messed up

Strz&Strpz: fck u, pervert, they were special patch anyway

Strz&Strpz: ull never have them ha ha

muthaland: fck u, gheylord

*muthaland captures U-kr4ne!*

muthaland: ha got ur code b1tch

Strz&Strpz: l0zer

muthaland: mofo

muthaland: entercheat/stealtech

Strz&Strpz: ok b4 next g4me starts, evry1 giv bak ur territories

YouKay: yea evry1 gve back ur territoras

Strz&Strpz: Youkay whats dat in ur invent

YouKay: thats just my territories

Strz&Strpz: give em back...

YouKay: NO, we won dese fair and square.. we have India and South Africa and- we ned the Falklends. We need em for uh... Stratigic Sheep Shearing Purposes. Only if they come to us and ask shall we give dem independance.

*NEXT GAME: Cold War*