Russian Revolution (video game)

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Video Game Wars


In Development

*Welcome to #Russia!*

TsarNick: ha ha i am t3h pwnz

p00rpeas4nt: no u not

TsarNick: yeh

*germin8r has joined the game*

germin8r: you will pay russia

germin8r: ur ally Serbia_R0llz ownd my homie ferdinand on #ww1 remember?

TsarNick: yeh

TsarNick: that was fun!

*Aus_Hung has joined the game*

germin8r: u will pay nick i pwn u

TsarNick: serbia iz my friend

Aus_Hung: oh yeh? l00z0r

*germin8r has struck TsarNick, 19 damage!*

*Aus_Hung has struck TsarNick, 17 damage!*

*TsarNick has struck germin8r, 38 damage!*

p00rpeas4nt: *wow* u r good tsar... nyet!

TsarNick: yeh i am

TsarNick: now u go to fite 4 glorious russian empire

p00rpeas4nt: wat????!?!?!?

germin8r: LOL

*p00rpeas4nt has struck German_Emp, 1 damage!*

germin8r: LOL u noob

*germin8r has struck p00rpeas4nt, 48 damage!*

p00rpeas4nt: WAT THE *%@#!

p00rpeas4nt: it wood help if u gav me @ least a wepon

p00rpeas4nt: nick u set me up to do this i h8 u now

TsarNick: not my fault, now i will die 2!

The February Revolution[edit | edit source]

*kerensky123 has joined the game*

kerensky123: leave p00rpeas4nt alone u tyrant :p

germin8r: yeh :p

TsarNick: no muahhahaha!!!11111shiftoneshiftone11LOL

kerensky123: ok then...

*kerensky123 has struck TsarNick, 45 damage!*

TsarNick: oh, ow, ****

TsarNick: im outta here

*TsarNick has left the game*

germin8r: wat an 0wn

Aus_Hung: yeh 0wnage

kerensky123: im still fighting j00 noobz xD

kerensky123: by that i mean i will use p00rpeas4nt to fight

p00rpeas4nt: wat the ****?

kerensky123: cmon, its 4 da gd of da country as tsarnick sed

kerensky123: neway, i cannot go 2 peece, dont hav nough $ for reparations

germin8r: yh guys if u surrendr u must pay all dis territory nd it gos to poland

The October Revolution[edit | edit source]

*RedCommie is no longer idle*

germin8r (PM to RedCommie): hey vladimir

germin8r (PM to RedCommie): go back to russia

germin8r (PM to RedCommie): ur not welcom in

RedCommie (PM to German_Emp): ok then...

*RedCommie enters Russia*

kerensky123: i thought tsarnick pwn3d u commie

RedCommie: yh he did earlier

RedCommie: but i never go away :p

*RedCommie has killed kerensky123!*

kerensky123: ow u dumb l0z3r

Russian Civil War[edit | edit source]

*TsarNick has joined the game*

RedCommie: i thought u wer dead...

TsarNick: no i not

RedCommie: dang, bin a long time since i last played this

RedCommie: neway... watch guys:

*RedCommie has killed TsarNick!*

RedCommie: LOL i r00lz

*TsarNick_1s_my_h3r0 is no longer idle*

TsarNick_1s_my_h3r0: u N00B! ull pay 4 this111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*TsarNick_1s_my_h3r0 is now known as Alb1n0_L3agu3*

Alb1n0_L3agu3: RedCommie, u r goin to b pwned now. watch.

*Alb1n0_L3agu3 has struck RedCommie, 23 damage!

RedCommie: shit

*Trot_S_Key_MachII has joined the game*


*Trot_S_Key_MachII has struck Alb1n0_L3agu3, 999 damage!*

*Alb1n0_L3agu3 is killed.*

Alb1n0_L3agu3: noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111