Fall Of The Roman Empire (video game)

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Video Game Wars


In Development

Reunion of the Roman Empire[edit | edit source]

*cOnStAnTiNe has entered the game*

*l1c1n1u5 has entered the game*

cOnStAnTiNe: hey

l1c1n1u5: wut

cOnStAnTiNe: wanna team up??

l1c1n1u5: shur

*Western Rome and Eastern Rome have united*

cOnStAnTiNe: were shud we move the nu cap1tul?

l1c1n1u5: move it 2 my place

*Roman capitol moved to Constantinople*

Breakup of the Roman Empire[edit | edit source]

cOnStAnTiNe: Man my comp os l4gggin!

*cOnStAnTiNe has lost Connection*

*Rome has been split into Eastern Rome and Western Rome*

l1c1n1u5: well that sukd

*l1c1n1u5 is now known as r0m3-3ast*

*r0me-w3st has entered the game*

r0me-w3st: yo

r0me-3ast: sup

r0me-w3st: howz wife

r0me-3ast: shes k

JuL1aN Arrives (and is killed by Persians)[edit | edit source]

*JuL1aN has entered the game*

JuL1aN: i declare myself pagan!

r0me-w3st: wtf?

r0me-3ast: d00d, Wez christian!

JuL1aN: fuk the christians! noobz.

*PeRzHuNs-r00l hits r0me-3ast for 24 damage.*

r0me-3ast: hey JuL1aN

JuL1aN: wut u want homo

r0me-3ast: kill these persians

JuL1aN: k b10tch

*JuL1aN hits PeRzHuNs-r00l for 26 damage.*

*PeRzHuNs-r00l hits JuL1aN for 48 damage. A critical hit!*

*JuL1aN has been killed.*

r0me-3ast: ugh

*r0me-3ast hits PeRzHuNs-r00l for 53 damage.*

*PeRzHuNs-r00l retreats.*

r0me-w3st: well, JuL1aN's dead

r0me-3ast: good riddance, he wuz an a$$hole anyway

5(0uR63_0f_60d arrives in Europe[edit | edit source]

5(0uR63_0f_60d arriving in Europe.

*xVisiGothSx has entered the game.*

*5(0uR63_0f_60d has entered the game.*

5(0uR63_0f_60d: 1'm m0v1ng w3st, g3t 0ut 0f t3h w4y

xVisiGothSx: wut if i dont?

5(0uR63_0f_60d: th3n th1s w1ll h4pp3n

*5(0uR63_0f_60d hits xVisiGothSx for 21 damage.*

xVisiGothSx: fine we'll move

r0me-3ast: wtf u doin on our lands?!? gtfo!!!!

*r0me-3ast hits xVisiGothSx for 16 damage.*

xVisiGothSx: oh, u rly wanna go at it?

*xVisiGothSx hits r0me-3ast for 47 damage. A critical hit!*

*xVisiGothSx has taken Adrianople!*

xVisiGothSx: now let us settle in ur lands plz

r0me-3ast: ugh k

V@nd@ls_0n_wh33ls! Takes Gaul[edit | edit source]

*V@nd@ls_0n_wh33ls! has entered the game.*

V@nd@ls_0n_wh33ls!: hey r0me

r0me-w3st: ?

V@nd@ls_0n_wh33ls!: 8=========D

r0me-w3st: that's not funny

V@nd@ls_0n_wh33ls!: oh then wut about this?

*V@nd@ls_0n_wh33ls! hits r0me-w3st for 109 damage. A critical hit!*

As the Romans cast area-of-effect-damage spells, the devastated Greek phalanx runs in terror. Notice also how the romans have upgraded to more realistic graphics.

r0me-w3st: hoyl fuck

V@nd@ls_0n_wh33ls!: the Gaul iz mine, b1tch!!1

*V@nd@ls_0n_wh33ls! has taken Gaul!*

V@nd@ls_0n_wh33ls!: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!111111

5(0uR63_0f_60d: 54y, u|2 pr377y g00d, w4nn4 b3 0n |\/|y 734|\/|?

V@nd@ls_0n_wh33ls!: shur!1

Romans Leave Great Britain[edit | edit source]

*Br4\/3h34r7 hits r0me-w3st for 37 damage.*

Br4\/3h34r7: u m4y t4k3 0u|2 b4gp1p3s, but u w1ll nevr t4k3 0ur fr33d0m!!!!1111

*Br4\/3h34r7 hits r0me-w3st for 32 damage.*

r0me-3ast: OMG! squish them!

*Br4\/3h34r7 hits r0me-w3st for 28 damage.*

r0me-w3st: stfu i need 2 protect gawl!!111

*Br4\/3h34r7 hits r0me-w3st for 40 damage.*

*Br4\/3h34r7 has taken Great Britain!*

*xVisiGothSx is now known as KinG_AlariC.*

KinG_AlariC Sacks Rome[edit | edit source]

KinG_AlariC sacking Rome.

*KinG_AlariC hits r0me-w3st for 41 damage.*


KinG_AlariC: i changd my mind

*KinG_AlariC hits r0me-w3st for 72 damage. A critical hit!*

*KinG_AlariC has sacked Rome!*

KinG_AlariC: kekekekekekekekeke

r0me-3ast: shit D:

V@nd@ls_0n_wh33ls! arrives in Africa[edit | edit source]

5(0uR63_0f_60d: \/4|\|d4l5, |-|0\/\/ u d01n?

V@nd@ls_0n_wh33ls!: 1'm 1n 4f|2ic4!1

*V@nd@ls_0n_wh33ls! hits r0me-w3st for 80 damage. A critical hit!*

*V@nd@ls_0n_wh33ls! has taken Carthage!*

V@nd@ls_0n_wh33ls!: I AM TEH UBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fr4nkf3rt3r enters the game[edit | edit source]

*fr4nkf3rt3r has entered the game.*

fr4nkf3rt3r: hay guys! can i join?

V@nd@ls_0n_wh33ls!: SHUR!

r0me-w3st: this is NOT OVER! we will defeat u filthy barbarians, and rome shall triumph!

Obscure Heavy Metal Reference![edit | edit source]

fr4nkf3rt3r: hell awaits!

V@nd@ls_0n_wh33ls!: BEHIND GAUL'S GATES!

5(0uR63_0f_60d: 7|-|3 |20|\/|4|\|5 574|\||) 0|\||_Y 70 F4|_|_!1!1!1!1!1

fr4nkf3rt3r: they will die by his sword!

V@nd@ls_0n_wh33ls!: THE BARBARIAN LORD!

5(0uR63_0f_60d: 471|_|_4 |-|34|25 \/1(70|2Y (4|_|_!1!1!1!1!1

Romans interrupt said reference[edit | edit source]

r0me-w3st: WTF!? NOW UR SINGING!?!?!?

r0me-3ast: and wuz that an Iced Earth refrence?

fr4nkf3rt3r: ya

r0me-w3st: well it doesnt matter wat u sing, WE CRUSH YOU!!!!!

5(0uR63_0f_60d decimates Gaul[edit | edit source]

V@nd@ls_0n_wh33ls! sacking Rome.

5(0uR63_0f_60d: 1 83|_13\/3 |_| \/\/0|\|'7 83 54Y1|\|6 7|-|47 4F73|2 1 |)0 7|-|15!1!1!1

*5(0uR63_0f_60d hits r0me-w3st for 666 damage. A critical hit!*

*5(0uR63_0f_60d has decimated Gaul!*

r0me-w3st: OMFG!

r0me-3ast: OMFG!

Rome is sacked for the final time[edit | edit source]

5(0uR63_0f_60d: 7|-|3Y'|23 4|_|_ Y0|_||25, \/4|\||)4|_5!!!!!!1111111

V@nd@ls_0n_wh33ls!: yo guise i herd rome has monehh GOGOGO

r0me-w3st: AAAAAAAAA!

*V@nd@ls_0n_wh33ls! hits r0me-w3st for 587 damage. A critical hit!*

*V@nd@ls_0n_wh33ls! has sacked Rome!*

*r0me-w3st has fallen.*

*r0me-3ast is now known as bYzAnTiUm*

*This game has ended. New game "The Dark Ages" is about to begin...*