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~ Abraham Lincoln on Civil War
Video Game Wars


In Development

War: ICOUnited States of America.png vs. ICOUnited States of America.png

The Brewing Conflict[edit | edit source]

*UveBeenPierced has entered the game.*

UveBeenPierced: holy sshit how'd I get in here?

*DOugie has entered the game.*

DOugie: woa UveBeenPierced what up man howz NH?

UveBeenPierced: um... NH is good.... u still in the senate?

DOugie: yea man... fuckin' compromise of 1850! gayest legislation evar!

UveBeenPierced: LOLZ didn't u write it?

DOugie: yah back then it was c001 now itz totally ghey.

UveBeenPierced: so wut r u gonna do about it?

DOugie: i need u 2 sign this bill and all our probs will go away

UveBeenPierced: ok w/e...

DOugie: thx d00d.

UveBeenPierced: wut was that bill ne way?

DOugie: that jus lets the ppl in kansas+nebraska chooz wethr 2 hav slaves or not.

UveBeenPierced: o kool

*Bleedn' Kansas Phase initiated!*

*Slave Owner kills Abolitionist*

*Abolitionist kills Slave Owner*

*Slave Owner likes the Abolitionist*

*Abolitionist kills Slave Owner*

UveBeenPierced: OMGWTF!!?

DOugie: ummmm ok FTS.... brb

*DOugie is idle.*

UveBeenPierced: aw shyt wtf am I gonna do now?

*JimmyB has entered the game.*

JimmyB: jeez i've been ambassador 2 england way 2 long.

UveBeenPierced: u wanna take my place?

JimmyB: sure no prob... but wut r u gonna do now?

UveBeenPierced: hahahahaha i am so gay im a loser lolololololololololololololol

*UveBeenPierced has left the game.*

JimmyB: oh... wait ur all argung abt slavry? Uhh.... OMG WTF sry bbl guyz!!

*JimmyB is idle.*

The Caning of Chucky (during his summer)[edit | edit source]

*Chucky's Summer has entered the game.*

*Butt1n4t0r has entered the game.*

Chucky's Summer: slavry sux!

Butt1n4t0r: lol no u suk u ngr lvr

Chucky's Summer: stfu u nub; u n ur SC sux 2

*SCare_olina is no longer idle.*

Scare_olina: omfg u nub u sux chucky

Butt1n4t0r: ya chucky u bch

Chucky's Summer:OMG! we cant lt thez fkrs SC n Butt1n4t0r bastrds k33p d01n ths sht guys!

*Brooks'N'Hooks has entered the game.*

Brooks'N'Hooks: OMFG u nub u n-sultid mah hom13s Butt1in4t0r n SC! LOL TAK THS BCH!

*Brooks 'N' Hooks has acquired Cane of +10 ass-caning

*Brooks'N'Hooks has struck Chucky Summy.*

*10 points of damage to Chucky Summy!!!*

Chucky's Summer:OMFGWTF OWWW

*Chucky's Summer is brain-damaged!*

*Chucky's Summer has left the game.*

Butt1n4t0r: lol thx dood

Brooks'N'Hooks: lol np man

Brooks'N'Hooks: k im dun by guyz

Butt1n4t0r: me 2 by

*Brooks'N'Hooks has left the game.*

*Butt1n4t0r has left the game.*

Scare_olina: lol thos guyz rok

The Abolitionist Strike![edit | edit source]

*Abolitionator1337 has entered the game.*

Abolitionator1337: slavry RLY SUX! Take this VA u mthrfkr!

*Abolitionator1337 has struck old dominion.*

*6 points of damage to old dominion!!!*

old dominion: WTF u ngr lvng bch!

Abolitionator1337: go ahead n kll me u sons-o-bchs! im wilng 2 die 4 my cause!!!

old dominion: lol ok noob

*old dominion has struck Abolitionator1337!*

12 points of damage to Abolitionator1337!!!*

old dominion has killed Abolitionator1337!!!*

old dominion:wut a dumass

SCare_olina:lol ya tht stoopd sht eater; k bbl guyz

The Great Debates[edit | edit source]

*D0ugie is no longer idle.*

*Honest_Abe has entered game.*

*Scare_olina is idle.*

Honest_Abe: slavry sux!

D0ugie: yeah! but itz nt evl, LOL

Honest_Abe:OMG u suk D0ugie

D0ugie: lol u suk 2 abe

D0ugie: haha

Honest_Abe: stfu D0ugie

D0ugie: u suk

Honest_Abe: no u suk

D0ugie: no u suk

Honest_Abe: no u suk




D0ugie: no u suk

Honest_Abe: no u suk

*Breckenridge! has entered game.*

*DingDong has entered game.*

D0ugie: whuts with all these n00bs?

*JimmyB has put all users on ignore.*

Breckenridge!: slavry iz c00l

DingDong: Yoonyin rox!

Honest_Abe: fu breckie

DingDong: u r ghey abe

Breckenridge!: lol

DingDong: so r u breckie

D0ugie: lol

Honest_Abe: watch this

*Honest_Abe has taken U.S. Presidency!*

D0ugie: WTF!

Breckenridge!: abe u hax04!

Honest_Abe: ph33r my 1337 deb8 skillz n00bs!

D0ugie: abe u r a cheat0r!

DingDong: this sux0rs im leaving

Breckenridge!: me 2

*Scare_olina is no longer idle.*

SCare_olina: whut happened?

*DingDong has left the game.*

*Breckenridge! has left the game.*

*ScottyDo has entered the game.*

D0ugie: abe u haxed teh prez wtf nub

D0ugie: stunk up teh game

ScottyDo: Hi guys. Sorry I'm late, I had to work late today. Anything happen yet ?

D0ugie: WTF did i just say !!

ScottyDo: Whoa JimmyB's out huh ? Come to think of it, I don't see KingAJ or ZTaylor1848 anymore either...

D0ugie: yea u should talk. how old are you like 30 ?

ScottyDo: 27 and who are you ?

D0ugie: stfu bitch

ScottyDo: That's original. Well we "old timers" always have a welcoming present for guys like you. Let me see if I can find it...

*ScottyDo has put D0ugie on ignore.*

Honest_Abe: ROTFL

Honest_Abe: 2 bad 4 u nub

ScottyDo: Hey Abe. You the same guy in Black Hawk server ?

Honest_Abe: oh yea i was such a noob then though.

ScottyDo: I thought you did pretty good. Running your own server now huh?

SCare_olina and the South Secede![edit | edit source]

SCare_olina: u suk abe!

Honest_Abe: no slavez in territoriez, south stop spamming!!!

SCare_olina: yr no GM

Honest_Abe: i kinda am now...

SCare_olina: o yeah?;)

*SCare_olina has seceded from the Union!*

Honest_Abe: WTF?

SCare_olina: secession patch is teh 1337!

Honest_Abe: shyt u cant hax0r the rulez nub

D0ugie: seriously SC tahts ghey. OMFG im dying!!!

*D0ugie has left the game.*

*UN10N is no longer idle*

Honest_Abe: waitwaitwait

UN10N: Whuts goin on?

Honest_Abe: Me and Scotty are gonna kick some rebel ass.

ScottyDo: You know it dude.

Honest_Abe: You in man ?

UN10N: lol with this guy ? how long has this guy been here already ? dont u have kids or somthink ?

ScottyDo: Yeah I'm a college sophmore idiot. Oh and by the way I was playing in the War of 1812 server when you were still learning how to use Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing.

UN10N: yeah and when was that ? like how many years ago ?

SCare_olina: yeah yer old dude. like too old, lol

ScottyDo: You know what forget this. I got a term paper due tomorrow morning. Abe remember what I sent you and you'll be ok. See u later man.

ScottyDo: Btw, tell TheGeneralLee I said wat up. You should totally get him on your team. He owes me from the Mex-US server.

ScottyDo: later

*ScottyDo has left the game.*

Honest_Abe:Ok l8r... o hez gone alredE

UN10N: l00ser. we're better off without him anyway.

SCare_olina: hahahaha!!!!!!! old gezr

SCare_olina: yeeeha!

*Jimmy Hoffa has entered the game.*

UN10N: Who the fuck is this guy?

Honest_Abe: Sum nub from the *Teamsters server

UN10N: Yo! Hoffa? U`r on a wrong server! We don`t want U here!

Jimmy Hoffa: a Yoonyon? GDGD! Lemme see wut I can do about dat!

  • *Jimmy Hoffa has entered cheat “I be Union admin” - failed.*

Jimmy Hoffa: WTF?

Honest_Abe: Lol nub – anti cheat patch.

Jimmy Hoffa: ????????!!!!!!!1 It werkz against teh newest “Century 2.0”anticheat patch!

Honest_Abe:Ya, but not de older “Century 1.9” we`re usin`

Honest_Abe:Go back to de *Teamsters server & wait until dey upgrade theirs.

Jimmy Hoffa: Shyt! Well, OK buy!

*Jimmy Hoffa has left the game.*

UN10N: Wata dumshit. He`ll end up buried by some barn I`m tellin ya.


The War Begins[edit | edit source]

Attack on Ft. Sumter![edit | edit source]

*South Carolina has struck UN10N!*

*4 points damage to UN10N!*

UN10N: ow u camping homo ow!

Honest_Abe: wtf! gimme back my forts!

SCare_olina: fu yankee!

UN10N: u r ghey SC

Honest_Abe:yea u suk SC u mthrfukr

Honest_Abe: shyt

Honest_Abe: y is 1/2 my map gray?

*CSA has entered game*

"thisll b e z"

CSA: wat^

SCare_olina: pwning yankees

CSA: k00l

CSA: cn i play

UN10N: ur goin down SC!

SCare_olina: shur b on my team d00d

Honest_Abe: thisll b e z

The Border States Take Sides[edit | edit source]

Honest_Abe: i need some alliez. yo old dominion, you wit me?

old dominion: naww, slavry rox, i'm sup0rtng my suthrn h0m13z.

Honest_Abe:omfg!! u r gay old domi!

Ph33r_th3_7ur7le: yo, CSA, can I join?

Honest_Abe: FUCK NO!!! U STAY!

*Chucky's Summer has entered the game.*

Chucky's Summer: My brain duznt hrt so mch nemore, no thx to that Brooks'N'Hooks bitch!

*Maddy Thaddy has entered the game.*

Maddy Thaddy: Im anothr guy tht says slavry sux! cuz it sux!

*UN10N has captured Ph33r_th37ur7le*

Bluegrass_Derby: I think I'll sit this one out... w/e d00d

*CSA has invaded Bluegrass_Derby*

CSA: we've liberated you Bluegrass, from the Yankee oppressors! LOLOLZ

Bluegrass_Derby: WTF, dun give me tht crp, I wuz n00trl, now I'm on Abe's 51d3.

CSA:omfg f9 u faggt!!

Honest_Abe:alrite! lol i wont 4gt dis bluey

*jeff has taken Confederate Presidency!*

jeff: sup y'all?

CSA: lol u strtd da sivl war man bt slavy ro><or>< so itz all gud

jeff: ya letz kik thez ngr luvrs st00pd asses

Chucky's Summer: u r ghey jeff u raysist btch

Maddy Thaddy: ya wut chucky sed

jeff:kis my ass u stoopd aaa-BULL-li-SHIT-nist bastrds

Chucky's Summer: no u u stoopd n00b

Maddy Thaddy: u suk jeff

jeff: no u suk thaddy

Chucky's Summer:no u suk jeff

jeff: no u suk chucky

Maddy Thaddy: no u suk jeff

*blueBALLZ has entered game*

*GrAyMaTtEr has entered game*

CSA: gray u r on our team

blueBALLZ: f u hes my brother

UN10N: blue help us kick his azz

blueBALLZ: sweeet

GrAyMaTtEr: fuk u blue

GrAyMaTtEr: brother against brother thro down b1tch

*Irvin90214 has entered the game.*

Irvin90214: can i play 2

Honest_Abe: yeah sure

Irvin90214: kool beanerz !!!!

blueBALLZ: ...beanerz, WTF ?!

1861[edit | edit source]

*blueBALLZ has taken Bull Run!*


Irvin90214: did we win yet ?

*DA_STONE_WALL has entered game.*

*DA_STONE_WALL has taken Bull Run!*

*2 points damage to blueBALLZ!*

blueBALLZ: wtf?


*Irvin90124 has left the game.*

GrAyMaTtEr: sorry bro!! hehehe

blueBALLZ: fag

*TheGeneralLee is no longer idle.*

TheGeneralLee: slavry sux! n so duz secession! but lol i'll fite 4 u newayz CSA

jeff: Um... ok, w/e. O n nice car TGL ;)

TheGeneralLee: thx

*jeff has given TheGeneralLee Moderator status.*

*Honest_Abe has given GeorgeMac Moderator status.*

1862[edit | edit source]

War in the West[edit | edit source]

*Mister Graaannt has entered the game*

*Mister Graaannt has taken Fort Donaldson!*

Mister Graaannt: ha ha n00bz unconditional surrender b1atch!

*Mister Graaannt attacks Shiloh! 35 Damage to GrAyMaTtEr, 20 Damage to blueBALLZ*

GrAyMaTtEr: ow ow ow ow ow ow ow

*Rear Admiral has entered the game*

Honest Abe: yo dave, u in charge of da Navy now.

Rear Admiral: SWEET!!! my turn now n00bz!

*Rear Admiral attacks New Orleans! 25 Damage to CSA!*

*Rear Admrial has captured New Orleans!*

*Rear Admiral attacks Mobile Bay! 30 Damage to CSA!*

CSA: shyt, all i've got left in the west is Vicksburg.

War in the East[edit | edit source]

CSA: take it 2 da hole gray

*GrAyMaTtEr has invaded Antietam!*

UN10N: o no u dont

*UN10N has taken Confederate Battle Plans!*

GrAyMaTtEr: wtf?


Honest_Abe: hehehe

*40 points damage to blueBALLZ!*

*35 points damage to GrAyMaTtEr!*

*blueBALLZ has taken Antietam!*

CSA: whoa

UN10N: that sucked

CSA: yeah




UN10N: cant any1 shut that guy up?

*Honest_Abe has emancipated SLAYvez!*

CSA: hey!

SLAYvez: sweeet

*SLAYvez is now known as PhreedMen*

CSA: get back 2 work

PhreedMen: fuck U whitey

Honest_Abe: u suk GeorgeMac, why didn't you follow up and attack GrAyMaTtEr?! We could have won the war dumb shit.

GeorgeMac: because. . .

Honest_Abe: . . .because you're a chicken.

*GeorgeMac has left the game (kicked).*

*Honest_Abe has given SIDEBURNZ Moderator privileges.*

*GrAyMaTtEr has taken Fredricksburg!*


*SIDEBURNZ has left the game (kicked)*

1863[edit | edit source]

Chancellorsville[edit | edit source]

*Honest_Abe has given HookerMan Moderator privileges.*

*GrAyMaTtEr has taken Chancellorsville!*

Honest_Abe: jeezus!

CSA: haha

*HookerMan has left the game (kicked).*

*Honest_Abe has given M3ad3-Gr1nd3r Moderator privileges.*

jeff: having trouble over there? ;)

Honest_Abe: eat shit

CSA: lol

GrAyMaTtEr: watch this

*GrAyMaTtEr has struck DA_STONE_WALL!!!*

*15 damage to DA_STONE_WALL!!!




*GrAyMaTtEr has killed DA_STONE_WALL!*



jeff: WTF GrAyMaTtEr?!

GrAyMaTtEr: o fuk

GrAyMaTtEr: sorry

*DA_STONE_WALL has left the game.*

CSA: this sux

GrAyMaTtEr: sorry

Gettysburg[edit | edit source]

* TheGeneralLee has invaded Gettysburg!*

Loonngroad: ha ha, dat's right, now let's just let em come to us.

TheGeneralLee: forget that, we winning now.

UN10N: nooooooooo

*42 points damage to blueBALLZ!*

TheGeneralLee: too bad.

TheGeneralLee: ok, go in.

KickIt: what? where, in there? they got masive def hit points.

TheGeneralLee: 'sok, I got your back.

Loonngroad: Nout sure 'bout this.

TheGeneralLee: just do what I say.

KickIt: Ok, here goes.

*48 points damage to GrAyMaTtEr!*

*152 points damage to GrAyMaTtEr!*

GrAyMaTtEr: wtf? WTF? where you dopes sending us???

*blueBALLZ has taken Gettysburg!*

blueBALLZ: holy crap

GrAyMaTtEr: what was that??!!

GrAyMaTtEr: sirius carnage

blueBALLZ: yeah

TheGeneralLee: get us out of here.

Loonngroad: yeah ok.

KickIt: ummm, guys? I have to respawn my units. guys?

*Mister Graaannt captures Vicksburg!*

Mister Graaannt: ha ha, the Mississippi Rivers is ourz now b1tch!

GrAyMaTtEr: shyt, better focus on the east coast now.

Honest_Abe: 4 score & 7 yrz ago our fathrs brot 4th on ths c0n7in3nt a nu n8ion, (onc3ivd N lib3rty & dedic8d 2 teh pr0position taht all men R cre8ed =.

CSA: ?

Honest_Abe: now we R 3ngaged n a great c1vil w4r, t3sting whethr taht n8ion or n e n8ion so (onceivd & so dedic8d can l0ng ndur.

CSA: wtf?

GrAyMaTtEr: STFU n00b

Honest_Abe: we R met on a gr8 8at7lefi3ld of taht w4r. we hav com 2 dedic8 a p0rt1on of taht f13ld, as a ph1nal r35ting plaec 4 th05e who here gaev tehir l1v3s taht that na8ion mite l1v3. It is 4lt0geth3r fit7ing & pr0p3r taht we shud do ths


CSA: some1 kick him

Honest_Abe: & taht government of teh ppl 4 teh ppl by teh ppl sh4ll n07 p3ri5h f0rm ths 34r7h

UN10N: knock it off abe

Honest_Abe: sry, mking an epic speech

Honest_Abe: ok enuf of this sh1t

1864[edit | edit source]

*M3ad3-Gr1nd3r has left the game (kicked).*

*Honest_Abe has given Mister Graaannt Moderator privileges.*

Mister Graaannt: kickass!

*Mister Graaannt has given Philheridan Assistant Moderator privileges.*

Mister Graaannt: Philheridan go pwn those n00bs in the Shenadoah Valley.

Philheridan: u got it

Philheridan: ill just burn teh hole thing 2 the ground

*Philheridan has destroyed the Shenadoah Valley!*

Philheridan: piece o cake

shermanizer: hmmmm fyre thats a good idea...

Election of 1864[edit | edit source]

*GeorgeMac has entered the game*

*GeorgeMac has called a vote: new moderator*

GeorgeMac: this game sux. vote GerogeMac 4 moderator!

GeorgeMac: Honest_Abe can't win! vote 4 peace! vote 4 GeorgeMac!

Honest_Abe: STFU, if it weren't for your bungling we could have finished this in 1862.

GeorgeMac: but U fired me!!!

Honest_Abe: yeah, WAY after everyone else told me 2 u dumb shit

GeorgeMac: D: ur mean 2 me

Honest_Abe: w/e

*AnDyJ has entered the game.

Honest_Abe: yo AnDyJ, wanna be vice admin?

AnDyJ: soundz gud 2 me. show the unity of the cuntry n shit.

Honest_Abe: do u realized what u just said?

AnDyJ: yep ;D

shermanizer's March to the Sea[edit | edit source]

*Mister Graaannt has given shermanizer Assistant Moderator privileges.*

*shermanizer has destroyed Atlanta!*

*21 points damage to CSA!*

shermanizer: d00d fyre rocks

shermanizer: 0WNZ0R3D

GrAyMaTtEr: fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

CSA: HAX!!!!111

shermanizer: lolz i'm in ur base, killin all ur dudez!

Honest_Abe: whose having trouble now b1atch??????

shermanizer: shermanized baby!! w00t!

jeff: u r not cool shermanizer

VOTE-Moderator (popular): Honest_Abe-55%, GeorgeMac-45%

VOTE-Moderator (electoral): Honest_Abe-212, GeorgeMac-21

Honest Abe: thanx shermanizer! i thought i was going to loose that election if it weren't for you! :D :D

shermanizer: no probz mr. president.

Honest Abe: w17h m@l1ce t0w4rdz n0n3, w17h (h@r1ty 70w4rdz @ll. . .

1865[edit | edit source]

Surrender at Appomattox[edit | edit source]

Mister Graaannt: it's over TheGeneralLee

shermanizer: weve got you cornered

Philheridan: on all 3 sides

TheGeneralLee: uh oh

TheGeneralLee: gotta go u guys... l8rz

*TheGeneralLee has surrendered to Mister Graaannt!*

Mister Graaannt: hell yeah

*TheGeneralLee has left the game.*

CSA: OMGWTF! L0S3R!!!!!!!!!

GrAyMaTtEr: noooo whats happening??

*CSA is now known as ReconstructionStates*

ReconstructionStates: wtf?

UN10N: haha ur mine now n00b

jeff: fuck U h4x0r5

*jeff has left the game.*

AnDyJ: slavry sux! but racism rox!

The Lincoln Assassination[edit | edit source]

GrAyMaTtEr: suck on this U ch3atr

*GrAyMaTtEr has given Derringer to JohnWilkesSmooooth!*

JohnWilkesSmooooth: sic semper tyrannis motherfucker!

*JohnWilkesSmooooth strikes Honest_Abe with Derringer!*

*18 points damage to Honest_Abe!*

JohnWilkesSmooooth: PWN3D

Honest_Abe: OMGWTF

*JohnWilkesSmooooth has killed Honest_Abe!*


JohnWilkesSmooooth: haha totally worth it biatches

*blueBALLZ has killed JohnWilkesSmooooth!*

Honest Abe is PWNED

*AnDyJ earns full moderator rights.*

AnDyJ: :D yes! me bein prez rox! n i dun liek ngrs either; i just dun liek slavry!!!

GrAyMaTtEr: is it just me or did this game kinda suck?

blueBALLZ: yeah

*blueBALLZ has left the game.*

*GrAyMaTtEr has left the game.*

PhreedMen: yo un10n u sed u would give me 40 acres + 1 mule

AnDyJ: ya right LOL

Chucky's Summer: OMFG let's impeach AndyJ 4 this!

Maddy Thaddy: im rite B-hind u man

AnDyJ: wtf u cant do this 2 me!

Maddy Thaddy: watch us bch!

PhreedMen: Go Chucky and Thaddy!


AnDyJ: lol nubs

Chucky's Summer: D: u suk my fellow members of the Senate n AndyJ 2 especially!!

Maddy Thaddy: ya wtf u nubs?!

AnDyJ: lolol stfu dumassis

*UN10N has left the game.*

PhreedMen: asshole

Maddy Thaddy: I dun feel so gud... UYUUH!!!

*Maddy Thaddy was killed by ?????!*

Chucky's Summer: wtf

AnDyJ: lol

PhreedMen: wtf... i g2g soon... by chucky; go 2 hel andyj

Chucky's Summer: bye

AnDyJ: no U

Chucky's Summer: ugh... i dun feel so gr8 now ethr.... ACCK!

*Chucky's Summer was killed by ?????!*

PhreedMen: awww

AnDyJ: heheh, all dese ppl dyn.... mebbe god kild them so i cud tak over reconstrucsion... im Jesus#2!!!

PhreedMen: fuk u andy

*PhreedMen has left the game.*

*JimmyB is no longer idle.*

JimmyB: hey where did you guys go ?

AnDyJ: go away u got ur term 2 rnds ago

*JimmyB has left the game (kicked)*