Mexican War for Independence (video game)

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Video Game Wars


In Development

War: ICOMexico.png vs. ICOSpain.png

Plans for independence[edit | edit source]

*3sP4nolol has entered the game*

*BiG_MiG has entered the game*

3sP4nolol: What up MiG

BiG_MiG: FU, we r Planin

3sP4nolol: Planin wht?

*OrteeZ_ThA_SPIE has entered the game*

BiG_MiG: none of Ur Biz, N00b.

3sP4nolol: STFU then.

BiG_MiG: no yu0! We R Planin!

OrteeZ_ThA_SPIE: D00dz! Stop THa Planin! Yuo Have Been HAXoreD!

BiG_MiG: Wht?

OrteeZ_ThA_SPIE: 3sP4nolol Haz Haxed yuo! he noes ur Plnz!

3sP4nolol: STFU ORtEz! I hv not Hax No-1

OrteeZ_ThA_SPIE:U Hav, I chkd logz!

OrteeZ_ThA_SPIE: Hry, or 3sP4anolol will Banzorz yuo!

BiG_MiG: np, I know Leet Codez!

You made Dolores Cry![edit | edit source]

* Broadcast Message: Deth To Teh 3sP4nolol: Join OR ChnL 2 FIght! *

3sP4nolol: U N00B! you R So Banzored!

*P3zenT_4orce has entered the game*

P3zenT_4orce:wht up, I r Ready 2 Fght!

BiG_MiG:Cool, Ltz Fight!

3sP4nolol: U R So Ded.

*P3zenT_4orce has Taken Zacatecas*

3sP4nolol: wtf?

*P3zenT_4orce has Taken San Luis Potosí*

3sP4nolol: ??? - didn't wnt it n y way.

*P3zenT_4orce has Taken Valladolid*

P3zenT_4orce: U suk.

*P3zenT_4orce has Attacked Monte de las Cruces*

3sP4nolol: I hv Trupes thr - LOLOL!

*P3zenT_4orce has been damaged*

*P3zenT_4orce has been damaged*

*P3zenT_4orce has Taken Monte de las Cruces*

P3zenT_4orce: Fuk tht wz Hrd.

BiG_MiG:Now Ltz Attk MHexico City

P3zenT_4orce: N Way! U will Get HedShotted!

BiG_MiG:k, how aBt Txeas?

P3zenT_4orce:k, ltz go there, Thy R Pussiez.

*311t_3sP4nolol has entered the game*

311t_3sP4nolol: I Hv Teh AdMin Rites - U r DEd MiG

311t_3sP4nolol: Ur Kick/Bned!

*BiG_MiG has been Kicked & Banned *

*BiG_MiG has left the game*


P3zenT_4orce:fck! I'm Leavin!

*P3zenT_4orce has left the game*

*311t_3sP4nolol has left the game*

3sP4nolol: LOL I WIN!

*FrEE_MeX_GORILLARZ has joined the game*

FrEE_MeX_GORILLARZ: lol, I Fight U

3sP4nolol: no, I r WINNAR!

Ten Boring years of war[edit | edit source]

*FrEE_MeX_GORILLARZ has attacked 3sP4nolol*

FrEE_MeX_GORILLARZ:haha, No, u not the winnar yet.

*FrEE_MeX_GORILLARZ has attacked 3sP4nolol*

*3sP4nolol has attacked FrEE_MeX_GORILLARZ*

3sP4nolol:I will Pwn u

FrEE_MeX_GORILLARZ: no, u suk

*FrEE_MeX_GORILLARZ has attacked 3sP4nolol*

*3sP4nolol has attacked FrEE_MeX_GORILLARZ*

*FrEE_MeX_GORILLARZ has attacked 3sP4nolol*

*3sP4nolol has attacked FrEE_MeX_GORILLARZ*

*FrEE_MeX_GORILLARZ has attacked 3sP4nolol*

*3sP4nolol has attacked FrEE_MeX_GORILLARZ*

3sP4nolol:This Is the borin


The final showdown?[edit | edit source]

*4ugu5t1ne_3sP4nolol has joined the game*

4ugu5t1ne_3sP4nolol: I r Teh Leetzor Gorillarz


4ugu5t1ne_3sP4nolol: I pnw at dm_Oaxaca

FrEE_MeX_GORILLARZ: I Fight U thr.

FrEE_MeX_GORILLARZ:sht, hv to gt map.

A coup d'état![edit | edit source]

*KiNg_OF_3sP4nolol has joined the game*

KiNg_OF_3sP4nolol:lol, I M KiNg, U all DO Wht I Sy!

*MiLiTaRy_CooP_U has joined the game*

MiLiTaRy_CooP_U:Iz KinG Hre?

KiNg_OF_3sP4nolol:wht U Wnt? I KnG!

MiLiTaRy_CooP_U:Nt For Lng!

*MiLiTaRy_CooP_U has started a Coup!*

KiNg_OF_3sP4nolol:OMG! HAX!

MiLiTaRy_CooP_U:lol! U Sign ConsTITuton Or DIE!

KiNg_OF_3sP4nolol: STFU!

*MiLiTaRy_CooP_U Coup Was Sucessful!*

KiNg_OF_3sP4nolol:k, Ilz Sgn.

*KiNg_OF_3sP4nolol Has Signed the Spanish Consitution

KiNg_OF_3sP4nolol:I Still KiNgZorz Tho?

*4ugu5t1ne_3sP4nolol Has Attacked FrEE_MeX_GORILLARZ


4ugu5t1ne_3sP4nolol:Fr Me 2

4ugu5t1ne_3sP4nolol: Fck Ths, ITz too Hrd.

4ugu5t1ne_3sP4nolol: Wnt To Mk Pce? sry!

*4ugu5t1ne_3sP4nolol Is Now Known as 4ugu5t1ne_PeeZ_BrKEr*

Three Principles for independence[edit | edit source]

4ugu5t1ne_PeeZ_BrKEr: Wht U Want fr Peez n Inpendanz?

FrEE_MeX_GORILLARZ: Dnno? Sgzt smthing.

4ugu5t1ne_PeeZ_BrKEr: k, hw Bt Independantz KinGz n that?

KiNg_OF_3sP4nolol: yay!

FrEE_MeX_GORILLARZ: k, thtz good, but wnt more.

4ugu5t1ne_PeeZ_BrKEr:k, eql Ritez fr all doodz?

FrEE_MeX_GORILLARZ:k, thtz kewl, wht abt chrch?

4ugu5t1ne_PeeZ_BrKEr:chrch? lolz!

FrEE_MeX_GORILLARZ:no, srious!

4ugu5t1ne_PeeZ_BrKEr:k jst 1 chrch, the catherlix!

FrEE_MeX_GORILLARZ:kewl, we r hpy.

4ugu5t1ne_PeeZ_BrKEr:so r we.

*3sP4nolol Is Now Known as MHexIco*

4ugu5t1ne_PeeZ_BrKEr: w00t!

FrEE_MeX_GORILLARZ: tht r0xorz!