Norman Invasion of England (video game)

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Video Game Wars


In Development

Setting the scene... Server: England[edit | edit source]

Will_teh_Bastard has entered the server

Eddy_Con:i is leavin ths game

Eddy_Con:Will u can have mi server admin privelages



HardMan has server admin privelages

Will_teh_Bastard: u bitch

HardMan: lol owned

Eddy_Con has left server

Will_teh_Bastard:wtf man

HardMan: he said i culd hav it

Will_teh_Bastard:god dam

Not happy... Server: France[edit | edit source]

Will_teh_Bastard pm: froGGy: dude help mi own this guy

froGGy pm: Will_teh_Bastard: sure

froGGy gives 1000 soldiers to Will_teh_Bastard

Will_teh_Bastard recruits army

Will_teh_Bastard: yes

Will_teh_Bastard: i is 1337

Uh Oh... Server: England[edit | edit source]

Hard_Fi57 has entered the server

Hard_Fi57: sup guys

Hard_Fi57: i is invading this shiz

Will_teh_Bastard: sup

HardMan:no way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HardMan marches army to Stanford Bridge

HardMan attacks Hard_Fi57

critical hit

Hard_Fi57: wth i wasnt ready

Hard_Fi57:c u guys

Hard_Fi57 has left server

HardMan:n00b i is teh pwnzor

Will_teh_Bastard launches fleet

wind +100

Will_teh_Bastard: F***

Will_teh_Bastard launches fleet

Will_teh_Bastard lands near Hastings

the Battle of Hatings... Server: England[edit | edit source]

Will_teh_Bastard: yes!

HardMan:dude wth i was in battle

HardMan marches army to Sussex

HardMan: i will pwn again

Will_teh_Bastard: no way biatch

HardMan uses shield wall

Will_teh_Bastard attacks HardMan

damage +1


HardMan attacks Will_teh_Bastard

Will_teh_Bastard counter attacks

critical hit

HardMan: noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Norman_archer101000100111 uses arrow on HardMan

critical hit

HardMan has left server

ENGlishxaarmy: screw this shiz

ENGlishxaarmy routs

ENGlishxaarmy has left the server


The aftermath... Server: England[edit | edit source]

Will_teh_Bastard:who else on teh server

Pesant66: just me


Will_teh_Bastard marches army to London

Will_teh_Bastard has server admin privelages

Will_teh_Bastard: i powns this server