Trojan War (video game)

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Video Game Wars


In Development

Pregame Lobby[edit | edit source]

Peleus and Thetis, the apple, and the judgment[edit | edit source]

*YOU HAVE JOINED #PandT_wedding*

*Topic for #PandT_wedding is "Peleus and Thetis are getting marriedzor, we're having a party. Don't tell Eris, nobody likes her."*

*Topic for #PandT_wedding was set by bigZ* Kill the dog and then make the littld girl cry about her dead cow and then steal her camera and then punch her in the face till she dies

*3riz has joined #PandT_wedding - mode +i*

3riz tosses Kallixti apple on table

3riz observes no hot-dog buns.

<h3r4>: I am the h0tz0r, it's mine

<athenzor>: no, I am the h0tz0r, it's mine

<xX_love_Xx>: step off, everyone know's that I am the h0tz0r

<athenzor>: love: no way, you are the sl00t

<xX_love_Xx>: fuck you bitch, I am the h0tz0r

<h3r4>: you're both sl00ts, I am the h0tz0r

<h3r4>: tell them bigZ

<bigZ>: don't look at me

<athenzor>: yeah daddy, tell them that I'm the h0tz0r

<xX_love_Xx>: no, tell them I am the h0tz0r

<bigZ>: I'm biased, how about we have troyboy decide

<h3r4> to <tr0yb0y>: tell them I am the h0tz0r and I will give you all of asia
<athenzor> to <tr0yb0y>: tell them I am the h0tz0r and I will give you the mad l33t sk1llz
<xX_love_Xx> to <tr0yb0y>: tell them I am the h0tz0r and I will make the ultra h0tz0r mortal love you

<tr0yb0y>: d00ds, xX_love_Xx is totally the h0tz0r

<xX_love_Xx>: sw33t!

<athenzor>: love hax!

<h3r4>: LAG!

*tr0yb0y has left #PandT_wedding (going back to tr0y)*

The elopement of H3L3N[edit | edit source]

*tr0yb0y has joined #Sparta

<tr0yb0y> lol ur wifes hot

<agmneiner> lol thx

*tr0yb0y has enabled cheat "Adultery"

*tr0yb0y has left the server

*H3L3N has left the server

<agmneiner> OMFG hax!!!!!11!1 get him!11

<ULcu5> lol il help

<agmneiner> OMFG, d00d, ask the Greek clan 4 help. tr0y just stoled my wife!!!11

<ULcu5> ya, i can see that lol

<agmneiner> we r gunna need liek, 1000 ships, nd, liek, 50000 d00ds

<ULcu5> lol thos trojans r gunna pay. tey break wen u ned them LOLOLOLOL

<agmneiner> lol u perv

<ULcu5> ok im going 2 #Ithica to see if any 1 wants 2 help

*ULcu5 has left #Sparta

<agmneiner> lol im bored

Recruiting Achilles[edit | edit source]

<agmneiner> yo Achy

<Achy Headz> yo agmeiner

<agmneiner> d00d, do j00 want 2 help us pwn Sparta?

<Achy Headz> no.

<agmneiner> i will give j00 sum h0tz0rz!

<Achy Headz> d00d, patty will get angry.

<agmneiner> h0m0!

<Patty> STFU agmneiner

<agmneiner> i will give u 5000 gold.

<Achy Headz> fuk yeh

<Patty> lol me2

The war itself[edit | edit source]

Achy and Aggie[edit | edit source]

<Achy Headz> dood th1s war is like da suxxorz!

<agmneiner> STFU N00b! We need the Wifey! bcause j00 is being ghey...

*<agmneiner> activated cheat: Adultery!

*<Achyz chick> has entered the game!

*<Achyz chick> has gone with <agmneiner>!

<Achy Headz> OMGWTFBBQAFKFTW HAX!!!11!!!eleven!

<agmneiner> n00b, PWN3D!

<Achy Headz> dd00d this sux

<Achy Headz> is now known as <emo greek>

<emo greek> d00ds screw this, my d00ds are gone.

<emo greek> and ulcu5z d00dz hve went 2 #NearTroy.

#Near Troy[edit | edit source]

<ULcu5> has joined #NearTroy.

<ULcu5>D00d wtf, y we st1l h3r3, sum1 kill the bi4cht

<tr0yb0y> sup d00ds lol

<agmneiner> STFU send w1fe

<tr0yb0y> lol no ima pwn U

<agmneiner> lmfao

<manlawz> stfu n00b

<tr0yb0y> ur n00b i pwn u2

*tr0yb0y attacks manlawz for 0 damage!*


*manlawz attacks tr0yb0y for 50 damage!*


*manlawz attacks tr0yb0y for 70 damage!*

<tr0yb0y> fuk u

<1Rwinnar> has left #battle

<manlawz> ph3g

<emo greek>d00d ima g0 k1l tr0yb0ys bro

<ULcu5>wwh0aa d00d:.;,. h3 be lik lvl 50

<emo greek> D00d, i ainzt no b1atch

<emo greek> has left for #TroyGates

<1Rwinnar> d00d, i w1l s00000OO0OO0 r4p3 j00

<emo greek> LMAFBBGWTFshift+11-3+costheta_*&DerkaDerkastan, j00 R n00b

<emo greek> activated cheat: g0d m0d3

*1Rwinnar attacks emo greek for 0 damage!*

*1Rwinnar attacks emo greek for 0 damage!*

*emo greek attacks 1Rwinnar for 208932345235231949581500451940 damage!*

<1Rwinnar> WTFBBQ H4XX0rZZZaAza, imma t3l admin u bee cheet1n

<1Rwinnar> is idle*

<emo greek> lol n00b

*emo greek used CHARIOT on 1RWINNAR!*

*112 damage to 1Rwinnar*

*tr0y morale dropped!*

<tr0y> wtf a$$h0l3

<1Rwinnar> has left #world

Tr0j@n h0r$e H4X![edit | edit source]

<ULcu5> u guyz suckz0rz lol

<agmneiner> u do it then!

<ULcu5> lolk

<ULcu5> hold on, brb

<ULcu5> is away (making h0rse lol)

<ULcu5> returned

*tr0j@n h0r$e has joined #world*

<tr0j@n h0r$e> lol sup greeks

<ULcu5> get in doodz

*tr0j@n hOr$e is full and cannot take any more passengers*

<agmneiner> KK hide ppl

*tr0j@n h0r$e has been hijacked by "tr0y" clan

<tr0y> LOL ours now noobs, joo lost ur horse!!!!!111

<ULcu5> ROFL!

<tr0y> H4X!!!!!!!1111

*tr0j@n hOr$e is empty*

<tr0j@n h0r$e> later greeks lol

*tr0j@n hOr$e has left #world*

<ULcu5> pwn them ppl

*tr0y has been dealt 125 fire damage*

*tr0y has been dealt 567 fire damage*

*tr0y has been dealt 345 fire damage*

*tr0y has been destroyed#*

<tr0yb0y> nooooooooo Greeks are all the hax4ors!!! No way!!!

*112 damage to tr0yboy

*tr0yboy has left world#*

*H3L3N has joined "Greeks" clan

<ULcu5> w00t! time to head home dood

<agmneiner> lol let's go

NEXT GAME: The Odyssey on scatteredislands#

Starting in 3...2...1...