Bay of Pigs (video game)

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War: ICOCuba.png vs. ICOUnited States of America.png

In 1960, year of our lord, the United States decided to be pussy dicks (because they were afraid to take on the most kick-ass army ever), and use some fat lazy Real Estate agents from Cuba to invade cuba, in hopes that their former slaves and toilet-cleaners would greet them with arms and liberate themselves. Surprisingly, and to the dismay of dipshits everywhere, the plan failed and, like the 100 years war, the invader failed to acquire new cigars.

Peace and Harmony[edit | edit source]

*Ba*tits*a has joined the game*

*D_DayBoiz has joined the game*

*Loading map (Cuba)...*

*Game Beginning*

Ba*tits*a: lol sup dwite

Ba*tits*a: want sum cigars

D_DayBoiz: y4 l0l

D_DayBoiz bu7 5r5ly, 0nly if j00 5ubm1t to t3h US!

Ba*tits*a: lol

Ba*tits*a: WTF?

*Ba*tits*a has been kicked via CorruptBuster*

The Beginning[edit | edit source]

D_DayBoiz: g3h

*Castr059 has joined the game*

Castr059: haha pwnage!

D_DayBoiz: sh17 wtf?

Castr059: i am the pwnzor

D_DayBoiz: STFU n00b

D_DayBoiz: fuck

*D_DayBoiz has left the game*

*Johnny63 has joined the game*

Whining Reactionaries[edit | edit source]

Johnny63: yo

Johnny63: shit not you

Castr059: lulz


Johnny63: fucken pinko

*Refu_G has joined the game*

Refu_G: noes johnny63 help he tooked my estait!

Johnny63: kk

Castr059: WTF joo noob i liberated u!!

Johnny63: SU

Johnny63: its k were gonna kick his ass

Mass Pwnage[edit | edit source]

Castr059: shit nikita get online

Johnny63: phail

*Refu_G has struck Castr059! 0 damage inflicted!*

Castr059: lol

Refu_G: o.O

*Castr059 has killed Refu-G!*

Castr059: OMFG

Castr059: LULZZZZZ

Johnny63: fuk you

Castr059: haha imma get nukes now

*Johnny63 has left the game*

*Castr059 has left the game*

*Server Terminated*