China 1911-1949 (video game)

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Video Game Wars


In Development

War: ICOTaiwan.png vs. ICOChina.png

ManchuR0x is driven away by SunYatSen[edit]

*SunYatSen has joined the game.*

ManchuR0x: damn

*ManchuR0x has been kicked (ping timeout)*

*SunYatSen has set up Alliance: Kuomintang*

SunYatSen: now i am admin 0f #middlekingdom! w00t!!!

*#middlekingdom now known as #RepublicChina

SunYatSen: w00t! :p

happy_fun_island_place takes Kiaochow[edit]

*GermanEmp is no longer idle.*

*happy_fun_island_place is no longer idle.*

GermanEmp: i dont want kiaochow anymore u have it

*happy_fun_island_place captures Kiaochow!*

SunYatSen: give that back island place

happy_fun_island_place: no its mine xD

happy_fun_island_place: but you can have it

*happy_fun_island_place has left the game.*

*GermanEmp has left the game.*

*GermanEmp has joined #worldwar1.*

CommunistParty is founded[edit]

*CommunistParty has joined the game.*

*Maozilla has joined the game.*

SunYatSen: oi this is my channel n00bz

Maozilla: no it isnt

SunYatSen: i dont care j00 r n00b anyway i can pwn u if i wanted to

*SunYatSen has been kicked (ping timeout)*

*ChiangKaishek has taken over for player: SunYatSen*

*Warlord_N0rth has joined the game.*

Warlord_N0rth fights against ChiangKaishek and Maozilla[edit]

ChiangKaishek: wat is up wit dese noobz?

CommunistParty: i will help j00 cos u r useless kuomintang

*Kuomintang has struck Warlord_N0rth, 18 damage!*

*CommunistParty has struck Warlord_N0rth, 5 damage!*

ChiangKaishek: go away noob he is my kill

Warlord_N0rth: i will pwn both 0f j00

*Warlord_N0rth has struck ChiangKaishek, 9 damage!*

ChiangKaishek: thats nothing noob

*ChiangKaishek has struck Warlord_N0rth, 25 damage!*

*ChiangKaishek has killed Warlord_N0rth!*

ChiangKaishek: w00t!

CommunistParty: i helped u

Maozilla: say thank you

ChiangKaishek: GTFO

CommunistParty and ChiangKaishek start a fight[edit]

*ChiangKaishek has struck CommunistParty, 15 damage!*

*ChiangKaishek has struck CommunistParty, 19 damage!*

Maozilla: OW u hax

CommunistParty: yeh

ChiangKaishek: DIE!!!

*ChiangKaishek has struck CommunistParty, 12 damage!*

ChiangKaishek: r u cheating? u noob! u h4x!!!11

CommunistParty: :p i am not cheating

Maozilla: u r rubbish dats y we wont die

The Long March[edit]

*ChiangKaishek has struck CommunistParty! CRITICAL HIT! 31 damage!*

CommunistParty: OMG u h4x0r seriously d00d!!!

ChiangKaishek: no, you haxor moer"!!!!111

*Maozilla captures Jiangxi!*

*ChiangKaishek has invaded Jiangxi!*

*CommunistParty captures Shaanxi!*

happy_fun_island_place and ChiangKaishek go to war[edit]

*happy_fun_island_place is no longer idle.*

happy_fun_island_place: i pwnz j00 now n00bz!!

ChiangKaishek: go away

CommunistParty: leave us to fight in peace

happy_fun_island_place: i wanna kill both of u

*happy_fun_island_place has struck ChiangKaishek, 22 damage!*

*happy_fun_island_place has struck CommunistParty, 31 damage!*

ChiangKaishek: damn u

*motherrussia is no longer idle.**

ChiangKaishek: some help plz?

motherrussia: ok i will help

*motherrussia has struck happy_fun_island_place, 18 damage!*

*Kuomintang has struck happy_fun_island_place, 19 damage!*

*USA is no longer idle.*

ChiangKaishek: help please

USA: LOL j00 get 0wn3d by island_place

*happy_fun_island_place has struck USA! CRITICAL HIT! 29 damage!*

happy_fun_island_place: j00 r all n00bz

USA: i will pwn j00 now japan

USA: u got all my ships u stupid noob

*USA has struck happy_fun_island_place, 18 damage!*

*Maozilla has struck happy_fun_island_place, 3 damage!*

*ChiangKaishek has struck happy_fun_island_place, 19 damage!*

*motherrussia has struck happy_fun_island_place, 14 damage!*

happy_fun_island_place: aaaaaaaa!aa!!!!

USA: entercheat\littleboy

*999 damage to happy_fun_island_place!*

happy_fun_island_place: aaaaaaaa!!! help!!!!!

USA: entercheat\fatman

*9999 damage to happy_fun_island_place!*

happy_fun_island_place: plz dont kill me

*Maozilla takes over for player: CommunistParty*

ChiangKaishek gets killed by Maozilla[edit]

Maozilla: cks u fag

ChiangKaishek: omg i'm gonna PWN uR COMMUNIZE *SS!!!

*ChiangKaishek has struck Maozilla, 1 damage!!*

ChiangKaishek: WTF?!?!?!

Maozilla: ha n00b

*Maozilla has struck ChiangKaishek, 90 damage!*

*ppl_0f_china is no longer idle.*

*ppl_0f_china has struck ChiangKaishek, 90 damage!*

*Maozilla has struck ChiangKaishek, 200 damage!*

ChiangKaishek: HAXXXXXXX

*Maozilla has killed ChiangKaishek!*

ChiangKaishek: FUCK U COMMUNIZ

*CKS has left the game.*

*CKS has joined #taiwan.*

Maozilla: yay!!! whoot!#

*#RepublicChina now known as #ppl'z_rep*

The rest of China's history is cut.

USA: :(

Next game:#KoreanWar