Fisher Price Wars (Video Game)

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Video Game Wars


In Development

The Saga Begins[edit | edit source]

*Welcome to #Fisher Price!*

* has entered the game*

* has changed his name to 4n0n*

*4n0n has put on a George Bush rubber mask so as not to arouse suspicion *

4n0n: g0 34t 5h17 fuck3r5

René Magritte: lolz0rz

René Magritte: 4ll3z m4ng3r d3s m3rd3s b4is3ur5

*4n0n has left the game*

*3v3ry1 is no longer idle*

3v3ry1: th4t 15 j00 1337

3v3ry1: c0m3 b4k 1337z0rz

*v4Nd4L has entered the game*

v4Nd4L: p3N0rP3n0Rp3n0r

*v4Nd4L has been kicked*

3v3ry1: w3 w4n7 m0r3 3554y5

()5(4r: 7ruly 7h15 15 4 8r1ll14n7 p13c3 oF l173r47ur3, $urp4553d 0nly 8y my own w0rk, 0f kour53.

3v3ry1: w4t d035 17 m33n?

$m4rta$$: It literally requests that the subject of the sentence, fuckers (most likely referring to the reader) engage in the act of eating feces.

*$m4rta$$ has been kicked*

3v3ry1: j00 is n0t 1337 3nuff n00b.

Lstarnes[edit | edit source]

*Ls74rN35 has entered the game*

*Ls74rN35 overhears conversation*

Ls74rN35: 1 d1d 1t. 1 kR34t3d t3h w0rK 0f 4r7.

K-D1P: 00h! C4n 1 h4v3 ur 4ut0gr4ph?

Ls74rN35: n0.

3v3ry1: STFU ur n07 th3 gr347 wr1t3r ur a v4Nd41 1005er

$um Gi: Thers n0 pr00f th4t joo wr0t3 th1$, # bs1d35 joo r just 4n 4$$h0le hoo wr3k$ p4g3$.

Ls74rN35: n0 1 did i7 & im s0 c001 im g0nna d0 whatevr i want

*Ls74rN35 has cRapped up good Uncyclopedia pages!*

Gods&Kings: Ls74rN35 5t0p V4nd4l1z1ng P4g35 0r 3l$3.

*Ls74rN35 has created This page does not exist!

Gods&Kings: 7h47'$ 2 $tr1k35 Ls74rN35 1m W4rn1ng joo...

*Ls74rN35 has added shockporn links to Gods&Kings's user page!*

Gods&Kings: th4t's 17.

Gods&Kings: G3t Th3 Fuk 0ff 0ur s1t3.

Br4d13: L3mm3 t4ke th1s 0n3 guy$

*Ls74rN35 has been kicked .....FOREVER*

Gods&Kings: 4nd d0nt c0m3 84ck.

3v3ry1: G00d r1ddanc3!!!

K-D1P: N3v3r m1nd 4bout th47 4ut0gr4ph.

()5(4r: W311, th4t tak3s c4re 0f HIM.

Fukshitsuck[edit | edit source]

*Fukshitfuck has entered the game.*

3v3ry1: W3 /\/\u$t g3t a h()ld 0f th1$ gr4nd wr1t3r. hi5 w0rd$ 'g0 34t 5h17 fuck3r5' tr4nd$3nd 4buv 4ll li73r47ur!

Fukshitfuck: OMG, joo c4nt l3t my m0m s33 th1s!! de-1337 it! plzzzzzzzzzzz!

3v3ry1: ???

Hin04: 0k4y, l3ts d0 th15.

*Hin04 has closed down the game.*

*/\/\4D /\/\4X has re-entered the game, reinstating it.*

*3v3ry1 has entered the game*

*Gods&Kings has entered the game*

*()5(4r has entered the game.*

*$p4ng has entered the game.*

*René Magritte has entered the game.*

*$um Gi has entered the game.*

*Ur M0m has entered the game.*

3v3ry1: wh47 th3 h3ll Hin04?

*Fukshitfuck has entered the game.*

Fukshitfuck: c0me on, joo must cl0s3 1t d0wn 4 g00d!!! my m0m is s0 p1$$3d!!!!!!

$p4ng: nic4 7ry, but joo g0 2 h3ll

*Fukshitfuck has been kicked .....FOREVER*

$p4ng: j3zzus chr1$7