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Dear regular Uncyc members:

You are all being really fucking stupid about this. I mean, an admin strike over a domain name? Really? Hell, I didn't know we were unionised!

But if that's the official position of the main userbase, then I guess fuck it, I'm removing myself from it. Truth be told, I've been coming to Uncyc less and less lately, and this is part of the reason why: too much fucking drama and not enough fucking common sense. Fuck, guys, Nin would be proud of what you've become: Dramapedia.

So in short, I quit. Have fun without me. God help you.

--Hinoa F. Arash

(PS. But before I leave, there's something else I need to do--something I said I'd do if I ever got pissed off enough at this place. Hold on a second; you'll see it.)