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*Welcome to IRC server!*

Video Game Wars


In Development

Episode I[edit | edit source]

Naboo Blockade[edit | edit source]

*TehTradeFed$$$ has joined #evil*

Evil_Master: yo tradefed

TehTradeFed$$$: wat do j00 want?

Evil_Master: l3ts b allies

TehTradeFed$$$: kay

Evil_Master: Go start a blockade against de naboo

TehTradeFed$$$: alright dat sounds cool

TehTradeFed$$$ has left #evil

TehTradeFed$$$ has joined #naboo

TehTradeFed$$$ Blockades Naboo, Naboo loses 500 Health

Val0rum_Admin: hey u cannot do dat!

Qu33n: yeh this is my channel im admin here

TehTradeFed$$$: watever

quigon88 has joined #naboo*

ken0b1 has joined #naboo*

Val0rum_Admin: hay quigon88 and kenobi come hlp, TradeFed is being a lil biatch

quigon88: ok

*quigon88 and ken0b1 offer TehTradeFed$$$ peace

TradeFed$$$: lol noobz

TradeFed$$$ has struck quigon88, 0 damage!

quigon88: lol...

quigon88 strikes TehTradeFed$$$, 10 damage!

ken0b1 strikes TehTradeFed$$$, 8 damage!

TradeFed$$$: OMFGWTH!!/1?!?121?!?!?!1 H4Xser!!1

TehTradeFed$$$ has left #Naboo

TehTradeFed$$$ has joined #evil

Evil_Master: WTF tradefed?! ur suking ghey noob.

TehTradeFed$$$: STFU! Dey have jedi! i aint no match for no jedi!

Evil_Master: Ignore dem ghey ass jedi, go and attacksorz Naboo.

TehTradeFed$$$: kay

TehTradeFed$$$ has left #evil

TehTradeFed$$$ has joined #naboo

Qu33n: Look, da pussy is bak from his hiding, lolz!!1!

TehTradeFed$$$ launches Invasion of Naboo, damage 75

Qu33n: WTF!

quigon88: why da fuk are they doin that?

ken0b1: No idea

Naboo attacks TehTradeFed$$$, damage 55

TehTradeFed$$$ attacks Naboo, damage 120

Naboo attacks TehTradeFed$$$, damage 60

TehTradeFed$$$ attacks Naboo, CRITICAL HIT, damage 675!

Qu33n: Shyt, i give ups

TehTradeFed$$$: who is teh pussy now?

TehTradeFed$$$ takes control of Naboo

quigon88: dam lts git out of here

quigon88 and ken0b1 have used cheat/stealth!

TehTradeFed$$$: ROFL b4 dey wer so t0ugh now dey hidin' wit cheat codes, ROFL!

qU33N: gAi...

*jarjar is no longer idle*

jarjar: hello, mesa called jar jar binks

jarjar: mesa 1337

quigon88: shut up jarjar, we needz to g3t ta fuk outta hurr.

jarjar: u follow me! mesa loves dis game, mesa are gunna pwnz it lik it hawt!

ken0b1: omfg, shut da fuk up ur annoying

quigon88: let sav Qu33n

ken0b1: otay

quigon88, ken0b1 and jarjar exit cheat/stealth

Qu33n: muthafukas whurr did ya go?

ken0b1: we com her to save ur azz

TehTradeFed$$$: wat da hell im still here...

quigon88: Dam!

Escape from #naboo[edit | edit source]

TehTradeFed$$$: u cannot leave dis room!

TH3 PR0CRAST1NAT0R has entered #naboo*


TehTradeFed$$$ has struck Qu33n, 28 damage!*

R2-D2 has healed Qu33n for 15!*

R2-D2: beep

Qu33n: thx R2

TehTradeFed$$$: n00bz

R2-D2 has left #naboo*

Qu33n has left #naboo*

quigon88 has left #naboo*

ken0b1 has left #naboo*

Evil_Master has joined #naboo

Evil_Master: U LOST DEM AGAINAS!?!?!?1/1!q!!!!!

TehTradeFed$$$: soz, i gots da naboo though...

Evil_Master: omg u betta kep it!

R2-D2 has joined #tatooine*

Qu33n has joined #tatooine*

ken0b1 has joined #tatooine*

quigon88 has joined #tatooine*

chos3n_0ne is found by quigon88[edit | edit source]

quigon88: heyz we needs new hyper drive, ours asploded.

WaTT0Doo: hundredz credits plz

quigon88: howz about tenz creditz?

WaTTODoo: nothnx

*quigon88 has used Mind Trick!*

*slavetrader uses resistance!*

quigon88: damn it

Teh_Ch0sen_0n3: hey you look like an angle lady

Qu33n: awww, thats sweet

Teh_Ch0sen_0n3: do you want to come over to mi house tonight and mak out?

Qu33n: lulz i dun make out wit 8 year olds

Teh_Ch0sen_0n3: teacher says i kiss like her husband

Qu33n: uhh

WaTTODoo: lets mak a bet. if chos3n_One can win da race minigame i giv you hyperdrive, if he loses u all be my slaves.

quigon88: and if we win we also get Chos3n_One

WaTTODoo: deals

sUbAl3ba: usa gunna lose chos3n_one

Teh_Ch0sen_0ne: i will teh pwn u!

*Pod Race Mini game initiated*

*Teh_Chos3n_One wins Pod Race!*

[Log Truncated]

WaTTODoo: bah! fine, u get hyperdrive and ch0sen_on3

*WaTTODoo gives quigon88 Teh_Ch0sen_On3 and a Hyper Drive*

ken0b1: y did u want teh_ch0sen_on3 master?

quigon88: cuz he is teh chosen one wit da force, and prob wont turn into darth vader.

* Maul666 attacks quigon88, 12 damage!*

quigon88: WTF H4X1?!??!1!>!>!>!

Maul666: ur ass is mine!

*quigon88, Teh_Ch0sen_On3, jarjar, Qu33n and k3nob1 use retreat*

To #coruscant[edit | edit source]

quigon88, jarjar, Teh_Ch0sen_On3, Qu33n, k3nob1 enter #coruscant

Val0rum_Admin: zomg, hi Qu33n ur alive!

Qu33n: yea hello

PaPaPalp(PM to Qu33n):: go start election using your special ability in senate, valorum is n00b, remember he couldnt save #naboo...

Qu33n (PM to PaPaPalp): ur rite its so his fault im not admin dere anymorez

*Qu33n starts election...*

Val0rum_Admin: WUT!?!1? OH u freakin n00bz

*Election results: PaPaPalp wins!*

PaPaPalp: w00t thnx Qu33n

*Val0rum_Admin has disconnected*

PaPaPalp : thanks again,

Qu33n: g2g every1

[Log Truncated]

Battle of Naboo[edit | edit source]

*Qu33n, quigon88, Teh_Ch0sen_On3, jarjar, k3nob1 enter #naboo*

Gunganz: oh hi queen h8 u

Qu33n: oh come on gunganz we need u otherwise we r dead and #naboo is theirs.

jarjar: oh hi gunganz

Gunganz: ok i will hlp u qu33n

Gunganz: hi jarjar u can help us

jarjar: thanks yousa so kind!

jarjar: mesa really liken yous

jarjar: a

Gunganz: shut up jarjar u still n00b

*TradeFed$$$ has joined #naboo*

TradeFed$$$: oh lookie da n00bz r bak for my pwning, u pussies are dedz now, im so gunna get u so evil master won be pissed

TradeFed$$$: im 1337

*Gunganz has struck TradeFed$$$, 28 damage!*

TradeFed$$$: WTFWTF!?!/1/?! Fukin gunganz, go bak to ur swamp!

*TradeFed$$$ has struck Gunganz, 34 damage!*

jarjar: mesa gonna get yousa u noobz!!!!!!!!!!111111111111

TradeFed$$$: go away, u so annoying man

*TradeFed$$$ has struck jarjar, 19 damage!*

*Gunganz has struck TradeFed$$$, 32 damage!*

*TradeFed$$$ has struck Gunganz, 44 x2 damage! CRITICAL HIT!*

*Shield Generator was destroyed!*

Gunganz: oh shyt retr34t 4ll

TradeFed$$$: told u im t3h 1337

jarjar: no, mesa still 1337 also yousa n00bsan

*jarjar has struck TradeFed$$$, 2 damage!*

*52 damage to Gunganz!*

Gunganz: jarjar u noob retreat u dont kn0w how to use attazks rite retr3at alrdy

Meanwhile...[edit | edit source]

*Qu33n, quigon88, k3nob1 use infiltrate/cheat*

TradeFed$$: NOOOZ, u fukkin cheatorz get out of mi admin panel!

*Qu33n frees Nabbo_Royal_Guard*

*Royal_Guard has struck TradeFed$$, 39 damage!*


*TradeFed$$ has struck Royal_Guard, 24 damage!*

*Royal_Guard has struck TradeFed$$, 41 damage!*

*quigon88 has struck TradeFed$$, 17 damage!*

*k3nob1 has struck TradeFed$$, 14 damage!*

*Qu33n has struck TradeFed$$, 9 damage!*


Qu33n: give up now or we will pwn u so bad!

TradeFed$$: NEVA!!!

In[edit | edit source]

*The_Ch0sen_On3 had entered #nabbo_space

Teh_Ch0sen_On3: help w0tz goin onn why am i sent to instead of #naboo i wanted to stay dere

R2 D2: s0z chosenone i accidentally took us h33r...

Teh_Ch0sen_On3 helllp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111shiftone!!!11111111 Alt-F4!!!!!!111111

*chos3n_One has entered #TradeFed$$$_HQ!*

TradeFed$$$: Wtf, who da hellz r u get out of here!

*TradeFed$$$ attack chos3n_One, 3 damage!*

*chos3n_0ne has deactivated TradeFed$$$ HQ!*


*TradeFed$$$_HQ explode*

*TradeFed$$$ has disconnected (Connection reset by peer)*

Qu33n: wow chosenone u r t3h 1337

Maul666, quigon_88 and ken0b1 fight[edit | edit source]

TradeFed$$$ (PM to Evil_Master): I need halp! dey r takin over everyting again!

Evil_Master {PM to TradeFed$$): u losa! u promised dis wuldnt hppen!

TradeFed$$$ (PM to Evil_Master): im sorry master, dey got teh gunganz and r all ova da place!

Evil_Master {PM to TradeFed$$): omg fin im sending Maul666 to halp!

Maul666: now im gunna kik ur ass!

quigon_88: u n00b im gonna 0wn you

*quigon_88 has struck Maul666, 31 damage!*

*ken0b1 has struck Maul666, 27 damage!*

*Maul666 has struck quigon_88 and ken0b1, 17 damage each!*

Maul666: hah i h4v sp3cial attack 2-sider

Maul666: im gonna kill u both

*Maul666 has killed quigon_88!*


Maul666: n00b!

ken0b1: j00r g0nna g3t pwn3d for dat!!!

*ken0b1 has struck Maul666, 29 damage!*

*Maul666 has struck ken0b1, 27 damage!*

*ken0b1 has struck Maul666, 26 damage!*

*Maul666 has struck ken0b1, 30 damage!*

*ken0b1 has struck Maul666, 34 damage!*

*Maul666 has struck ken0b1, 29 damage!*

Maul666: God wil this never n......

*Maul666 has struck ken0b1, special attack, 139 damage!*

*ken0b1 use quigon_88 lightsaber, CRITICAL HIT! 582 damage!*

*ken0b1 has killed Maul666!*


TradeFed$$: NOEZ! MAUL U SUK!

*TradeFed$$ has been banned by Qu33n*

Teh_Ch0sen_On3: now can i get training plz like quigon promised?

YoggurtIam: too old, he is not to be trained

ken0b1: please...? i promised quigon88 i give him training

YoggurtIam: oh, ok then, i care not

Episode II[edit | edit source]

Attack on Senator[edit | edit source]

* PandaBear has joined #coruscant*

PandaBear: zomg being a sneatorz suks after being queen

*bountystud1337 has joined #coruscant*

*bountystud1337 has struck PandaBear, 20 damage!*

PandaBear: wtf??

*bountystud1337 has left #coruscant*

PandaBear: this is wut I get for playing again

UnclePalpy_Admin: Hey PandaBear, wuts up?

PandaBear: some n00b just attacked me for no reason

UnclePalpy_Admin: zomg dat sucks, and ur health is so low! after u mad me Admin i owe you so im gunna get u jedi protection

PandaBear: noez, i dunt need it

UnclePalpy_Admin: h/o just a sec.

PandaBear: …(watches pr0n)

*teh_MACE has joined #coruscant*

*YogaMaster has joined #coruscant*

teh_MACE: u w4n7 u5 70 h31p th4t n00b?

UnclePalpy_Admin: Let that ken0b1 guy and his padawan do it, dey alrdy know her

teh_MACE: whu73v3r

YogaMaster: hmm

YogaMaster: protect PandaBear and find attacker, they will

YogaMaster: when signed on they are

ken0b1 and chos3n_0ne meet PandaBear[edit | edit source]

*ken0b1 has joined #coruscant*

*chos3n_0ne has joined #coruscant*

k3nob1: now we get to follow you around and kick ass.

Teh_Ch0sen_On3: PandaBear a/s/l

PandaBear: it’s me, Qu33n

Teh_Ch0sen_On3: new sn?

PandaBear: yeah

*bountybabe1337 has joined #coruscant*

*bountybabe1337 has struck PandaBear, 3 damage!*

*bountybabe1337 has left #coruscant*

PandaBear: dammit i iz runnin low on health

*R2 uses Med Pac on PandaBear, 23 health points regained!*

PandaBear: thx R2 ur awsm

k3nob1: i got her IP, let’s follow her

Teh_Ch0sen_On3: k

* Teh_Ch0sen_On3 leaves #courscant/upper_levels*

* k3nob1 leaves #courscant/upper_levels*

* Teh_Ch0sen_On3 enters #courscant/lower_levels*

* k3nob1 enters #courscant/lower_levels*

Teh_Ch0sen_On3: dere she is!

bountybabe1337: shyt

*bountybabe1337 has used cheat/Stealth*

k3nob1: fukkin noo

*bountybabe1337 has struck k3nob1, 0 damage!*

bountybabe1337: gHEy...

k3nob1: y do you wanna kill pandabear!?

bountybabe1337: if i tell u u gotta let me go

k3nob1: k

*bountystud1337 has struck bountybabe1337, CRITICAL HIT, 65 damage!*

*bountystud1337 has skilled bountybabe1337!*

*bountystud1337 leaves #courscant*

Teh_Ch0sen_On3: wtf teh suxorz much?

k3nob1: dats okay i got his ip to, ill follow him u go bak and protect PandaBear

Teh_Ch0sen_On3: sure, not in #courscant thou

k3nob1: Then go to #naboo

Entering Naboo[edit | edit source]

* Teh_Ch0sen_On3 enters #naboo*

*PandaBear enters #naboo*

Teh_Ch0sen_On3: k we shuld be saf here, dey wont know we are hiding here

PandaBear: i got betr idea, go to teh iland

Teh_Ch0sen_On3: sure

* Teh_Ch0sen_On3 enters #naboo/island*

*PandaBear enters #naboo/island*

Teh_Ch0sen_On3: sooo, can i see ur pic?

PandaBear: lulz

Teh_Ch0sen_On3: srsly, i think ur hawt

Teh_Ch0sen_On3: wanna cybAr?

PandaBear: soz perv, i aint into cybaring

Teh_Ch0sen_On3: lame...

Investigation[edit | edit source]

*k3nob1 has entered #kamino*

k3nob1: wows a hiddn server, dats awsm

Kamino_Guy: ummmz yea hello

k3nob1: yo whurr bountystud?

Kamino_Guy: idk

k3nob1: dam

*bountystud1337 has entered #kamino*

k3nob1: zomg so got u

bountystud1337: WTF H4XING BIATCH!?!?!1?!

*bountystud1337 has struck k3nob1, 8 damage!*

*k3nob1has struck bountystud1337, 12 damage!*

*bountystud1337 has struck k3nob1, 14 damage!*

*k3nob1has struck bountystud1337, 12 damage!*

bountystud1337: I W1LL PWNZ U DEN STEAL UR STUFF

*bountystud1337 has unlocked ship_patch.v2, attack increased*

*bountystud1337 has struck k3nob1, CRITICAL HIT, 43 damage!*

*k3nob1 has struck bountystud1337, CRITICAL HIT, 87 damage!*

bountystud1337:: GAH U SUK!

*bountystud1337 has left #kamino*

*k3nob1 has used trace/cheat*

*k3nob1 and R4PeeSEvEnTene left #kamino*

entering #geonosis[edit | edit source]

*k3nob1, R4PeeSEvEnTene, CountDookula, bountystud1337, B0B4 F1337 joined #geonosis*

k3nob1: yo r4 stay here dude brb

R4PeeSEvEnTene: k

*R4PeeSEvEnTene is now AFK

*k3nob1 has joined channel #stealth*

CountDookula: lolololol we pwnin them

In$idiou$: no way man we need teh uber haxorz or we die

CountDookula: no problemo compadre we's got teh uber 1337 hax i callin it "Teh D3@th $t@r" lawl

In$idiou$: DUDE WTF STFU teh republic adminz will hear ya fukin idiot!

CountDookula: oh fuk kk ill store it on mah flash drive

In$idiou$: k gonna deal with dese naboo n00bs lulz

*In$idiou$ is now AFK

k3nob1: lmao imma report dese n00bs maybe i can haz admin from teh republic!

*k3nob1 has joined channel #geonosis*

*k3nob1 has left channel #stealth*

k3nob1: yo r4 wtf r u? fuk he afk

*R0g3r R0g3r is no longer AFK

R0g3r R0g3r: yo nigga u gonna get capped lol

k3nob1: HOLY SHIT WTF R4

*R4PeeSEvEnTene is no longer AFK

R4PeeSEvEnTene: sorry man what'd i miss


*R0g3r R0g3r struck k3nob1, 700 damage!

*R0g3r R0g3r struck R4PeeSEvEnTene, 900 damage!

*R0g3r R0g3r has killed R4PeeSEvEnTene!

CountDookula: lolololol n00b

CountDookula: join our clan or i ban u

k3nob1: fuk u biotch

CountDookula: fuk u 2

*CountDookula has activated In$idiou$'s Admin Hax Vr. 1.4*

*CountDookula has placed a permanent ban on k3nob1 from all #channels. Reason: "fuck you nigga"!

*CountDookula has placed a channel freeze on k3nob1. k3nob1 can not leave the channel until the ban is lifted. Reason: "fuck you nigga"!

*k3nob1 has activated J3d1's Admin Power Prevention Vr. 1.0*

*k3nob1 has left channel #geonosis*


Entering #space[edit | edit source]

*k3nob1 has entered channel #space*