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Video Game Wars


In Development

War: ICOSouth Korea.pngICOUnited States of America.pngICOTurkey.png vs. ICONorth Korea.pngICOChina.pngICOSoviet Union.png

Before the Korean War[edit | edit source]


C4pt41nAm3rica: Hey, Stalin, attack Japan, plz?

Stal1nAtz0r: No way man, I can't pwn 2 enemiez at the same time! Wtf R U ins4n3?

C4pt41nAm3rica: Yur ghey.

Stal1nAtz0r: STFU, USA. Lemme kill Adolf first.....

Stal1nAtz0r: Gimme sum gunz, suppl13z, and crud, pl3333z?

C4pt41nAm3rica: k

*C4pt41nAm3rica has given stuff to Stal1nAtz0r*

Stal1nAtz0r: thx, 1 c4n use that.

C4pt41nAm3rica: no problem

C4pt41nAm3rica: u wi11 hlp m3 w/Japan, after your done w/Adolf, right?

Stal1nAtz0r: k

*adolfinator7 has been destroyed by Stal1nAtz0r*

Stal1nAtz0r: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!111 i beat u to berlin catpain amercia!

C4pt41nAm3rica: STFU, i gave u dat! now go pwn japan

Stal1nAtz0r: k

*Stal1nAtz0r is invading tehRisingSun*

tehRisingSun: OMG STALIN U HOMO!!!

C4pt41nAm3rica: LOLOLOLOLOLOL :D

*Stal1nAtz0r attacks tehRisingSun at Manchukuo*

*Stal1nAtz0r takes terretory of Manchukuo from tehRisingSun*

tehRisingSun: U PAY 4 this!

Stal1nAtz0r: :p

*Stal1nAtz0r attacks tehRisingSun*

*Stal1nAtz0r takes Sakhalin and Kurile Islands from tehRisingSun*

tehRisingSun: u n00b!

Stal1nAtz0r: rotflmaowtime!!!

C4pt41nAm3rica: OMG!!! Stalin is too powerful! :0

*Stal1nAtz0r attacks Japanese at Korea, 35 damage!*

C4pt41nAm3rica: That's it!

*C4pt41nAm3rica sends its army to Korea, 20 damage!*

Stal1nAtz0r: USA, WTF R U DOIN?

C4pt41nAm3rica: Savin Koreans, n00b!

*Stal1nAtz0r attacks Korea, 20 damage!*

*C4pt41nAm3rica attacks Korea, 25 damage!*

C4pt41nAm3rica :p

Stal1nAtz0r: U wannted m3 tu attack Japan! WTF is goin on here?

C4pt41nAm3rica: I'm not on your side nemor! U gon craze with the commie crap!

Stal1nAtz0r: fin, but I'm conquerin' Japan 4 coommunizm!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!11111

tehRisingSun: Yo, USA!

C4pt41nAm3rica: wut?

tehRisingSun: I wanna be on yur side. I h8 communism. Peace?

C4pt41nAm3rica: k

*tehRisingSun signs peace with C4pt41nAm3rica*

tehRisingSun: how about also an alliancee?

C4pt41nAm3rica: sounds cool!

Stal1nAtz0r: OMGWTFWTIME!!!! U N00b!!!!!1111 I H8 U. U SUK, B14TCH!!1!11111!!11

C4pt41nAm3rica: :p

Stal1nAtz0r: First u take halv uv Korea, then you take Japan! THEY WERE MY FR4GZ, N00b!!!!! U SUK.....

tehRED: I wanted to kil n00b j4p4n 2....

C4pt41nAm3rica: mine now. LOL!

Stal1nAtz0r: Korea will be 1, I'll make sure to that!

C4pt41nAm3rica: wuttarugonnadooabotit?

Stal1nAtz0r: u'll seeeeeee....

*Stal1nAtz0r has founded the client state of N. Korea*

N. Korea: wow, thx, Stalin man, COMMUNIZM IS TEH R0XX0rZ!1111

Stal1nAtz0r: yea, let's bring it to all Korea!

C4pt41nAm3rica: U n00bz ax 4 it....

*C4pt41nAm3rica has founded the client state of S. Korea*

Stal1nAtz0r: OMG U R A COppycat H0m0 USA!!1111

C4pt41nAm3rica: U DA h0m0!!!1

Stal1nAtz0r: >:( That's it, I M SERIOUS N0WW!!!!1111

*Stal1nAtz0r gives supplies to N. Korea*

Stal1nAtz0r: Build army w/that, n0w!

N. Korea: u da boss.

*N. Korea builds army*

C4pt41nAm3rica: U R sucha h0m0, NK, and USSR.

N. Korea: Shuttup, n00b!

C4pt41nAm3rica: U gheyz maed me mad. >:-(

*C4pt41nAm3rica gives supplies to S. Korea*

C4pt41nAm3rica: build army.

S. Korea: k

*S. Korea builds army*

Stal1nAtz0r: That's exactly wut I did, u n00b! Stop coppying m3, adn b cree8tive! >:(

C4pt41nAm3rica: Evry1 does it liek that!

Stal1nAtz0r: U R A F4G!!1111

C4pt41nAm3rica: U R P1sin m3 077!!11

Stal1nAtz0r: :p

*Maozilla has come to power in tehRED*

Korean War Start[edit | edit source]

N. Korea: That's it, you die F4gz!!111 >:-(

C4pt41nAm3rica: Wtf u doin?

N. Korea: I'm tir0d of yuo imperialistic n00bz!

*N. Korea declares war on S. Korea*

*N. Korea invades S. Korea, 17 damage, captures Seoul*

S. Korea: OMG U R A H0M0!!!11

C4pt41nAm3rica: U R ghey, N. Korea....

N. Korea: W3 liberating our borothorz to the south who hav bin corupted by USA and ev0l emperializtz....!!!!111

S. Korea: U R Teh Gh3yz0rz, LOLOLOLROTFLMAOWTIMEBBQ!!11111

*N. Korea attacks S. Korea, 10 damage, captures most of S. Korea*

S. Korea: USA, get off yur LAZ azz, and hlp me out here NOW!!!! I'm almost conquered

C4pt41nAm3rica: Ok, lemme git all my other allies together...

C4pt41nAm3rica: Allies, Help out, NOW!!!

Cap'n Canuck: k

Ding0 Dewd: wuteva, mate.

West Germany: k, I'm in.

l3s_4w3s0m3: k

T34_PWNZ: N01 cares what you think France!1!!!111

SpaghettiWestern: Yea, yuo never win warz!!!11

l3s_4w3s0m3: STFU Italy, itz not like you've done that much better. remember #Ethopia?

SpaghettiWestern: LOL, you're name is less awesome!

l3s_4w3s0m3: FU, les is the in french, I am teh awesome.

T34_PWNZ: STFU FRoggy!!!!!!1111oneoneoneone

x3n0: sounds liek fun!

t3H_T3rRI6Le_TuRk: letz ki11 n00bz LOL!

tehRisingSun: Use my island as a base guys!


Norway: sup

D33p Fr33zE: k, i'm in...

rIvErdAncEr: ay.

W33D&Ch33se: in

I <3 Waffles: hao r j00?

Luxembourg: yo.

1ndie: hey.

N. Korea: WTF IS UP W/ ALL THESE N00bs!!1!!111


C4pt41nAm3rica: HAHAHAHHAHA :p

N. Korea: No FAIR, YUR ALL GHEY!!!111

*C4pt41nAm3rica Cap'n Canuck Ding0 Dewd West Germany l3s_4w3s0m3 T34_PWNZ SpaghettiWestern x3n0 t3H_T3rRI6Le_TuRk tehRisingSun LOLNUDITY Norway D33p Fr33zE W33D&Ch33se I <3 Waffles rIvErdAncEr 1ndie and Luxembourg join together to become the bigDaddy*

N. Korea: OMG, I h8 j00, USA......

bigDaddy: :ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

*bigDaddy counterattacks N. Korea, 20 damage, retakes lots of land.*

N. Korea: YUR ALL F4GZ!1111

*S. Korea strikes N. Korea, 7 damage, recaptures Seoul*

N. Korea: OMGWTFHAX!!!!!???????????????????????

*bigDaddy and S. Korea invade N. Korea, 5 damage!*

N. Korea: Haha! N00bz, is that all you can do?

*bigDaddy and S. Korea strike N. Korea, 25 damage, captures Pyongyang, critical hit!!!!!*


*bigDaddy and S. Korea strike N. Korea, 5 damage, N. Korea almost conquered!!!!*

N. Korea: SUM1 HLP!!!!111

MacDaddy (PM to UN and 7ruman): yo UN, letz use nukez and invade China.

7ruman: fuk no.

MacDaddy (PM to UN and 7ruman): come on n00b it'll win the war.

7ruman: no, that's the final answer.

MacDaddy: fuk you i'm going to invade and nuke china.

*7ruman has relieved MacDaddy of command!*

Maozilla: yo, North Korea!

N. Korea: WTF U Want?

Maozilla: hey, U Want me 2 hlp, or not?

N. Korea: YEEEESSSS@!1111111oneoneelevenshiftonelolbbq

*Maozilla sends in his army of 2 million men!*

*Maozilla and N. Korea counterstrike bigDaddy and S. Korea, 4 damage!*

bigDaddy: WTFWTFWTFWTFWTFWTFWTF?????????????????????

S. Korea: my thoughts exactly!

Stal1nAtz0r: yo, Mo!

Maozilla: wut?

Stal1nAtz0r: wanna have some cool Soviet weapons?

Maozilla: hellzyea!

N. Korea: M3 2!

*Stal1nAtz0r gives tons of weapons and supplies to Maozilla and N. Korea*

Maozilla: thanx

N. Korea: Long live communiz,m., lol!

Stal1nAtz0r: no problem.

*Maozilla and N. Korea counterstrike bigDaddy and S. Korea, 20 DAMAGE!!11, Recaptures Pyongyang!!!!!!*

bigDaddy: STOP THAT, N00bz!!!!

Stal1nAtz0r: :p

Maozilla: :p

N. Korea: :p

S. Korea: Shuttup

*S. Korea and bigDaddy counterstrikes N. Korea and Mao, but fails.*

N. Korea: n00bz!

Maozilla: Letz end thiz!

*Maozilla and N. Korea re-invade South Korea, 15 damage!!!!!, Seoul captured!*

bigDaddy: Mao, u r suchaf4g!!!11 I bet u r ghey! I bet u cr0zzdr3zz!!!1111

Maozilla: WTF? Howdu no?

bigDaddy: :p


S. Korea: that didn't even maek sense!

Maozilla: SHUTTUP!!! DIE!!1

*Maozilla and N. Korea strikes S. Korea and bigDaddy, 4 damage*

N. Korea: WTF??? Y it don't do mor?

S. Korea: Getem now!

*bigDaddy and S. Korea attack N. Korea and Maozilla, once again! 12 damage!*


S. Korea: :p

*bigDaddy and S. Korea attack N. Korea and Maozilla. 7 damage! Liberate Seoul again!*

Maozilla: ? is this happening?

*Maozilla and N. Korea attack bigDaddy and S. Korea 2 damage!*

*bigDaddy and S. Korea attack Maozilla and N. Korea, 2 damage!*

*Maozilla and N. Korea attack bigDaddy and S. Korea 2 damage!*

*bigDaddy and S. Korea attack Maozilla and N. Korea, 2 damage!*

bigDaddy: WTF?? Notinz happenig! WTF IS GOIN ON!

S. Korea: I dunno, just keep attackin em.

*Maozilla and N. Korea attack bigDaddy and S. Korea 2 damage!*

*bigDaddy and S. Korea attack Maozilla and N. Korea, 2 damage!*

*Maozilla and N. Korea attack bigDaddy and S. Korea 2 damage!*

*bigDaddy and S. Korea attack Maozilla and N. Korea, 2 damage!*

*Log truncated*

Armistice[edit | edit source]

*Maozilla and N. Korea attack bigDaddy and S. Korea 2 damage!*

*bigDaddy and S. Korea attack Maozilla and N. Korea, 2 damage!*

*Maozilla and N. Korea attack bigDaddy and S. Korea 2 damage!*

*bigDaddy and S. Korea attack Maozilla and N. Korea, 2 damage!*

N. Korea: this is really ghey. im bored.

S. Korea: me2

bigDaddy: me2

bigDaddy: guys I need to wash my ballZz

Maozilla: all I wuz abl to do was get everything back where it started from.

S. Korea: yea, all that war for nothing. It sux.

bigDaddy: what war?

C4pt41nAm3rica: p0l1c3 @c710n, u mean

N. Korea: letz just b 1 state. ill be boss.

S. Korea: FU

N. Korea: FU2

S. Korea: u wanna piece of this

N. Korea: bring it on

bigDaddy: both of u just STFU

*bigDaddy attacks N. Korea power station, 4 damage! [1]*

N. Korea: ow that hurt, NOT, dumass

*N. Korea is low on electricity*

N. Korea: so fight in teh dark u bastrds

*Stal1nAtz0r has left the game (Ping timeout)*

*Stal1nAtz0r controls transmitted to LilNicky*

LilNicky: what have we here?

*7ruman has left the game (Connection reset by peer)*

*7ruman controls transmitted to ilikeike*

ilikeike: Nicky, can you mak NK STFU?

LilNicky: tell SK to quit being skr1pt k1dd1e

*ilikeike and S. Korea are now in Panmunjom*

*LilNicky and N. Korea are now in Panmunjom*

*Panmunjom topic changed to Truce Village*

N. Korea: hate U

S. Korea: hate U mor

ilikeike: STFU STFU STFU

LilNicky: OMGZ don't you 2 ever shut up

bigDaddy: hey i d/l a patch from IRC

*bigDaddy installs Demilitarized Zone on Korea*

*N. Korea attacks S. Korea*

*Attack missed! Reason: Packet timeout at firewall*

S. Korea: ull nvr win now

N. Korea: hate U

S. Korea: hate U mor

N. Korea: hate U more infinity

S. Korea: hate U infinity*2

N. Korea: u r fag

*Log truncated*

Present Day[edit | edit source]

N. Korea: ill nuke our ass

N. Korea: *your

S. Korea: dumass u cant even nuke a tv dinner

S. Korea: sry, ru hungry? too fukng bad

N. Korea: hate U

S. Korea: hate U mor

N. Korea: hate U more infinity

S. Korea: hate U infinity*2

N. Korea: u r fag but i dont have nukes

S. Korea: yes u do

N. Korea: no i dont

S. Korea: yes u do

*Cheat: Suspicious Nuke-like Device activated!*

N. Korea: yes i do

S. Korea: no u dont

*C4pt41nAm3rica has entered the game!*

C4pt41nAm3rica: d00d let me check yo hax out

N. Korea: fine

C4pt41nAm3rica: WTF why you got frogs allover your hax?!

N. Korea: better than crabs muthafscka

*Sever admin bigDaddy has banned N. Korea for hacking.*

*Jong_5mok3s_a_BONG takes over for N. Korea!*

Jong_5mok3s_a_BONG: wut the hell wuzzat for

bigDaddy: Deactivate your cheat and we'll unban you.

Jong_5mok3s_a_BONG: fine but make capA quit caling me namz

C4pt41nAm3rica: JONG SUCKC COCK

S. Korea: ur NOT helpign ass

C4pt41nAm3rica: omg sorry here's some emo music 4 u

*C4pt41nAm3rica has sent Symphony Orchestra to N. Korea.*

Jong_5mok3s_a_BONG: /me likes

*Cheat: Suspicious Nuke-like Device deactivated!*

bigDaddy: whew

C4pt41nAm3rica: whew

S. Korea: whew

*Cheat: Suspicious Nuke-like Device activated!*

bigDaddy: W

C4pt41nAm3rica: T

S. Korea: F!??!

C4pt41nAm3rica: jong ol buddy where ru?

* Jong_5mok3s_a_BONG has left the game (Ping timeout)*

N. Korea: NEW ADMIN ON R SVR u fags bttr have respec now

N. Korea: Btw dats my water, now gtfo

North Korea attacks South Korean ship- 0 damage*

S. Korea: oh shi! wTH no0b I tought we hadz pce!?!

South Korea Retaliates and deals 9 damage to patrol boat.*

N. Korea: OW FuKTarD that hurt!

S. Korea: :P

N. Korea: Ur guna pay...

S. Korea: Yea right.

North Korea bombards Yeongpeon Island, 5 damage!*

North Korea bombards Yeongpeon Island, 3 civilians killed, 2 damage!*

S. Korea: WTF?!! I was only running a military test xersize!!

N. Korea: too bad N00b.

C4pt41nAm3rica: Dude, why u attacking are ally?

N. Korea: Cuz we can a55h0le.

South Korea and C4pt41nAm3rica activate mod: Military Showoff, -3 to North Korean Morale*

N. Korea: aaand?

S. Korea: stfu

*Log truncated*