The Crusades (video game)

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Video Game Wars


In Development

War: ICOVatican City.png vs ICOPalestine.png ICOTurkey.png

Welcome to #IRC FirstCrusade

*h0rseyboi01 has entered the game*

h0rseyboi01: y u pm me?

g0ds_h0mey: d00d, sum n00bs haxx0rd my game #holyland then kiked me. u need 2 get it bak 4 me

h0rseyboi01: um ok

*h0rseyboi01 has left the game*

*h0rseyboi01 has joined #holyland*

h0rseyboi01: j00 n00bs haxx0rd g0ds_h0mey's game. give it baq.

m0hamm3d_4li: we dint taq ne thing

h0rseyboi01: god sez u did

*h0rseyboi01 has struck m0hamm3d_4li*

*20 damage to m0hamm3d_4li*

*h0rseyboi01 has struck m0hamm3d_4li*

*18 damage to m0hamm3d_4li*

m0hamm3d_4li:wtf i wasn't ready 4 battle yet

h0rseyboi01: GOD WILLS IT!

*h0rseyboi01 has struck m0hamm3d_4li*

*22 damage to m0hamm3d_4li Critical Hit*

*m0hamm3d_4li no longer admin of #holyland*


*m0hamm3d_4li has left the game*

*Room ownership transferred to h0rseyboi01*

h0rseyboi01: god luvs meh

*g0ds_h0mey is unkicked*

*g0ds_h0mey has entered the game*

*Room ownership transferred to g0ds_h0mey*

g0ds_h0mey: Ima 2 busy to look after zis server myself

*KingzofJ has entered the game*

g0ds_h0mey: U keep n00bs in line from now on.

*g0ds_h0mey has transferred admin status to KingzofJ*

*FirstCrusade Ends! Room is now known as SecondCrusade*

m0hamm3d_4li: yo TrkyDinnr

TrkyDinnr: wut?

m0hamm3d_4li: wanna help me get control of the room back

TrkyDinnr: aight

*m0hamm3d_4li attacks h0rseyboi01! 25 Dammage to h0rseyboi01!*

*SaladMan has entered the game*

SaladMan: supp l0sers

*SaladMan attacks KingzofJ! 82 Damage to KingzofJ*

*KingzofJ is no longer admin*

KingzofJ m3!

*KingzofJ has been booted*

g0ds_h0mey: that's it n00b you go down!

*h0rseyboi01 attacks SaladMan! 50 damage to h0rseyboi01!*

*h0rseyboi01 has been killed!*

SaladMan: ha ha n00bs im 1337

m0hamm3d_4li: yea you rox SaladMan.

m0hamm3d_4li: hey, how come i'm not the admin?!

SaladMan: yeah, i'll take that now.

*SecondCrusade Ends! Room now known as ThirdCrusade*

*KingRick has entered the game*

*Dr. Phil has entered the game*

*Fr3d3rik_C3deric has entered the game*

KingRick: yo phil, barb, wanna crusade?

Fr3d3rik_C3deric: kk

Dr. Phil: aight, so long as i'm in charge.

KingRick: no n00b youz from franc3. you the suxorz.

Dr. Phil: fux you! i ain't helping.

*Dr. Phil has left the game*

KingRick: I don't need you n00b.

*KingRick attacks SaladMan! 30 damage to SaladMan!*

SaldMan: woah wtf! where did that come from?

*SaladMan downloads Alligators cheat*

*Alligators attack Fr3d3rik_C3deric 100 damage to Fr3d3rik_C3deric Critical Hit*

Fr3d3rik_C3deric: WTF! h4kr!

*Fr3d3rik_C3deric has left game*

*KingRick attacks SaldMan! 15 damage to SaladMan!*

KingRick: ha ha n00bz!

*Green_tights has entered the game*

Green_tights: yo Rick

KingRick: whut?

Green_tights: yur br0thr messed #England. arent u supposd 2 b admin over there?

KingRick: sh17, was about to win. he SaladMan peace? you keep the room but christianz kin come here.

SaladMan: aight. deal.

*KingRick has left the game*

*ThridCrusade has ended! Room now known as FourthCrusade*

*Gondolaz has entered the game*

*SaladMan has left the game*

m0hamm3d_4li: hey peace isn't that bad. make a lot of gold

g0ds_h0mey: yeah, this pretty cool.

*ByzantEmp has entered the game*

Gondolaz: everybody is getting rich but us. yo h0rseyboi01, you still here?

h0rseyboi01: yeah, whut you want?

Gondolaz: wanna go on a crusade?

h0rseyboi01: aight, ive got notin else to do.

Gondolaz: we'll transport you there.

*Gondolaz transport h0rseyboi01 to #Zara*

h0rseyboi01: hey this ain't #Jerusalem

Gondolaz: sack them and we'll take you to #Jerusalem next.

*h0rseyboi01 attacks m0hamm3d_4li! 60 damage to m0hamm3d_4li!*

m0hamm3d_4li: ow ow ow. syit, better back up #Jerusalem

*Gondolaz transports h0rseyboi01 to #Constantanople*

*h0rseyboi01 attacks ByzantEmp! 75 damage to ByzantEmp!*


h0rseyboi01: hey they were christians, shouldn't we have gone there?

Gondolaz: ha ha suxorz, you ain't going to #Jerusalem, this was all a diversion for me to get th3 gold.

*Gondolaz gets 150 gold*

*ByzantEmp booted*

Gondolaz: LOL n00bs