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“Ja, Ich Bin Tote, aber Ich Mag Der Tanzen!”

~ Adolf Hitler on World War Revolution!

“Dance, you stalinist pig, Dance! ”

~ Oscar Wilde on World War Revolution!

“Ich bin der winner, Charleston! ”

~ Joseph Stalin on World War Revolution!

“Hilter says I'm too fat to play!”

~ Winston Churchill on World War Revolution!

“I Surrender, Don't Hurt Me!”

~ Albert Lebrun,(president of France) on World War Revolution!

“Hey, I like World War Revolution and all, but World War -53 was one of the best World Wars of all time!”

~ Kanye West on World War Revolution!
World World War Revolution!
War rev.jpg
Stalin and Hitler in the first WWR! Dance off. Hitler leads by one point.
Developer(s) Joseph_Stalin
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release date with an icepick?
Genre Communist Uprising.
Platform(s) pillar/cardboard box/milk crate/Opression of the masses/Owning the means of production
Would Randy Savage play it? Hell Yes!

World War Revolution!: The dance-off for Russia is a computer game in which the goal is to win the motherland russia by coordinated dancing on a mat to the chants of the oppressed proleteriat.


The game was devised originally by the Axles of Elvis (made up of Germany, Pac-Land and Japan) and the Alloy Wheels (made up of Britain, France, America, Mushroom Kingdom, Russia to break the deadlock of fighting on the eastern front, because everyone was, quite frankly, bored, cold, eating boots, and dead.

Their first "dance-off" took place in or around 1942, featuring Stalin and Hitler dancing off to the rousing melodies of each others national anthems. Hitler won that round, and thus Stalin allowed him to advance into the Soviet Union until the next year of competition. Because the complicated machinery broke for the next year, there was a gap, and the next dance off would not be until late 1944, where the stakes were doubled. Stalin scored a flawless victory, forcing Hitler to capitulate, thus allowing Soviets to take Berlin. But Hitler was so sexy that all the girls were like "oh Hell na" and they got into there space ship and flew to every planet to save the Smurfs. The End.

World War Revolution! through history[edit]

Many different versions of the game have been released, with one of the most popular: Civil War Revolution:Give me My Land Back appearing in many african continents, as well as the middle east and the far east.

One of the most memorable, and long fought series of Civil War Revolution was the United_ States-Vietnam series, which, after a decade of hard-fighting dance offs leading to a draw between the two players, lead to the US, with its low attention span, and sore boots, giving up and going home, leading 'Nato to claim victory on a technicality.

Another of our favorite installments is War on Discrimination: Alturistic Rock! The first round was played by Martin Luther King Jr. vs. US Government, ending with Martin Luther getting a mother lode of points, the US government killing him before he could get more, and then people revolting who forced the government to eat its own lead!

Top Fact!
Robert Mugabe is one of the worlds leading players of Civil War Revoulution

World War Revolution! - Current Games[edit]

There are several games in progress today around the world, with the UN hosting several of the games on a regular basis. Recently finished was a game between Iraq and the US and UK, called Invasion War Revolution!:Boogie for Baghdad! which resulted in a marginal victory for Tony Blair and The Bush.

Currently running is the dance off between the Taliban and a dance troupe called "Nato" playing a version of Civil war Revolution: extreme!: party for the poppy fields

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