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This page is about the military conflict. For the anticipated sequel and epic conclusion to the World War trilogy, see World War (Part) III.

World War III
World War III.jpg
Date 2022 – ∞
[Confirmed to end, but date TBD]
Location all over the worldSurrendered obviously, duh)
Status pending
The Allies:
22px-Flag of United States.png Sodom and Gomorrah
Icon flag-Jp.png Gay state of Japan
Icons-flag-kr.png Corrupt State of Korea
Icons-flag-ca.png Failed State of Canada
MoonFlag.jpg The Moon People Tuvaluflag.png Grand Empire of Tuvalu
Corrupt/Fallen States of Europe:
Icons-flag-gb.png United Caliphate of Britain
22px-Flag of Spain.png New Morroco
22px-Flag of Sweden.png Islamic Republic of Sweden
22px-Flag of Netherlands.png Dutch Arabia
New Somalia
Icons-flag-be.png United Belgian Emirates
22px-Flag of Germany.png New Turkey
22px-Flag of France.png Islamic State of France and the Levant
Slaves of America:
22px-Flag of Pirates.png Democratic Republic of Hong Kong
22px-Flag of Pirates.png US-Controlled West Ukraine Wu-tang.jpg.png Wu-Tang Clan
Icons-flag-cn.png Glorious Communist State of China
Icons-flag-ru.png Motherland Russia
Iraq flag 1.png Holy State of Iraq
Syria Flag LOL!.jpg Assad's Glorious Syria
DNPRK.jpg Worker's Heaven of North Korea
Poland flag 1.png The State of God
Flag of SSwitzerland.png The Big Brother's Capital
Vatican Flag 1.png Satan's Headquarters
Daemon Israel.JPG Satan's Holy Land
Commanders and leaders
22px-Flag of United States.png Donald "God Emperor" Trump
Icon flag-Jp.png Abe "Nazi" Shinzo
Icons-flag-kr.png I don't know who he is since the previous one was fucked
Tuvaluflag.png Oswald Mosley British mate
Icons-flag-gb.png 22px-Flag of Spain.png 22px-Flag of Sweden.png22px-Flag of Netherlands.png Icons-flag-fi.png 22px-Flag of France.png ISIS
Icons-flag-ca.png Justin "Cuck" Truedau
22px-Flag of Pirates.png Senior US Puppet Criminals
22px-Flag of Pirates.png Senior US Puppet Nazi Battalion
Icons-flag-cn.png Xi-Jin Ping
Icons-flag-ru.png Vampire Pudding
Iraq flag 1.png Syria Flag LOL!.jpg Allah
DNPRK.jpg Our glorious leader "Fat Kid"
Poland flag 1.png God
Flag of SSwitzerland.png Big Brother
Daemon Israel.JPG Satan
Vatican Flag 1.png Pope "I love Pizza" Francis
Units involved
Bare Bones Armies, Rusty Equipment, useless F-35 Flying Lemons, Humvees, ISIS Troops A battalion of Tanks, planes, nukes, soldiers ready to destroy the west Satan's Army of Demons
No strengths, just a bunch of gay countries worshipping Trannies and Homosexuals as gods The Communist Section of the Big Brother's Great Kingdom. War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength! These all powerful countries have the power of Satan to rule the world!
Casualties and losses
400,000,000 Citizens and soldiers all over the world 200,000,000 Citizens and soldiers None

World War III is the world's biggest war and the war that will bring forth the great scene of 1984 forth all of us. It is so epic, that you will see America falling in months and the rest in less than a few weeks. After then the Big Brother will hunt you down and kill you so beware, and I believe that Cthulu, ISIS, Satan and the Pope Francis will do this too. By the way before the war, if you are living in Hong Kong or Ukraine you are pretty much dead, and if you live in America just move to another country. After the War, expect the world to have some sort of China style atmosphere that will make you die in less than sixty years, if Big Brother did not hunt you down and killed you yet.

Before the war[edit]


America is famous for its dumb people – most of whom cannot point out Syria, Afghanistan, Iran or even America itself on a map – if this is not the sign for our doom, I don't know what is. The country is also basically now confined to worshipping only gays and transexuals and those who do not worship them are considered witches and must be hunted down and purged according to Hillary Clinton. What's funnier is they think Donald Trump is some sort of god that will save them from total disaster which is pretty much wishful thinking like the Fantards worshipping Aliens in Independence Day which were eventually crushed by the UFOs. Donald Trump will in fact proceed to rape America like any other President and push for more wars because wars make America great. Is it?

Obama, who hates America 'cause he wasn't president opened an Always shop, so he could fap to girls. Bill Clinton, sucked on a quarter and a nickel. Joe Biden died. That just proves how dumb America is. Plus, Europe said aMeRiCa Is DuMb, which I guess makes America dumb. These presidents, have been proved to be dumb.

And basically the American army is consisted of nothing but Bare Bones armies that are used to kill civilians instead of fighting military superpowers, and the strongest vechicle they had is the humvee. They still have a few rusty tanks however. And as for the aircraft, they have this F-35 flying lemon that cannot fly at night and cannot fly at rain. Sure they can threaten them with nukes but so?

Plus the American population is so horribly dumb that they no longer know what their country is, what the outside world is, and become so fat that if they would see a world war they cannot even run away, while the whole army is based on killing civilians instead of protecting their country. Mexicans and ISIS Troops are allowed to kill people all over the street for Americans and they don't even care because they only care about how big Kim Kardishan's ass is, How Transexuals, Feminists (NOT Women, Feminists), Gays and Furries are being persecuted (While they are persecuting us whatever way they want), How Trump will save them from the disaster and eating Mcdonalds all day long until they become whales. If you think this is a population ready to win in world war iii, you will believe in EVERYTHING!!

Japan and Bad Korea[edit]

If you think a nation whose own people decorate houses like this can win a world war, you might as well as believe in anything.

As for Japan it's no better; the title says it all. Do you think a country of people who only play video games, fap to Anime girls, eat semen and never reproduce can qualify to enter a world war? I assume you all know the answer by now. Pretty much China will destroy them in less than a few days. As for the government? It's Abe Shinzo, a diehard "nationalist" who is no more nationalist than George Bush is a conservative. With leaders and populations like this, who expects to win a world war?

And Bad Korea, unlike it's glorious Good Korea counterpart, again is full of gay men and plastic women and you believe this can win a world war. Plus the president has currently been impeached because her occult society was being revealed. It makes us wonder how long will Pizzagate be fully revealed to the public until the bubble bursts.

The European Union[edit]

The EU is basically doomed. It has let in so many Islamic mercenaries to kill Europeans that the government has becically became bloody clowns who drink the blood of Europeans. Question them? Jail for ten years! Question the Refugee Policies? Jail for ten years! Getting images from google for your website? Jail for ten years! It's straight from the scenes of 1984 and I mean it. By the way what matters considering the whole country was doomed; Just look at France, they (NOT the people, the Big Brother and his cohorts who happen to tear Marie Le Pen's ballots one by one) chose this nobody called Emmanuel Macron who has a wife who is a granny and the France Media worships this granny fucker as god. If France sees the islamic caliphate coming, don't save them and let them be because they deserve it and I mean it. There's really no point helping the French since they are going to kill themselves pretty soon.

As for the rest they have so many women and trannies in their armies that they are literally unsuitable for combat and are basically having so much ISIS mercenaries in them that they are probably doomed. Not to say those are becoming sex cities as well due to the sex education program to train all children into porn stars in the name of biology and all their leaders are nothing but communists.


Basically the situation of Europe and America combined. The whole thing is about to collapse soon, pretty much since they are a bunch of boneless slugs who worship transexuals as gods and don't know that parts of it were basically an Islamic Caliphate. Also it's army is so fucking weak it would lose in like a minute.

China and Russia[edit]

And for the opposition! China and Russia might be the parts of the New World Order's fantasy oceania in 1984, but they are far superior than the Americas, Crud Asia and European fools. They literally have drafts since primary school and everyone must draft at that time. They also have nukes and basically every nation kisses their ass. And why do we even have a war, when our leaders are already one of them? Ever heard the fail that is Hitler? Plus they are not completely sunk into gay culture although the west is working on that, but every time they tried they will be fucked and they BAWWWWW about the lack of freedom in those countries. And Facebook and Google will be locked there in order to prevent fucking up although those are very well known to be china-like dictatorships as well. If you want to defeat your enemy please practice what you preach.

Good Korea[edit]

By the way this nation doesn't even have those pesky banks in their country, and it's completely locked out of the outside world like a real worker's utopia, so when it goes to world war, it pretty much headshots all of those call of duty noobs below and it's basically GG. The Fat Boy can do almost anything and will destroy all of you, so the people below him, run and bow down to him because you gays will not be able to withstand him! And if you think China will save you from this fat kid think again, it's all a farce and when the time comes it's all over!


The only part of Europe that is not affected by the ISIS mercenaries mass immigration trojans so it's safe and sound and will bring Europe against those pesky ISIS troops on the other side of the soil. It will get killed but don't worry! They will be worshipped as gods soon.

Hong Kong and Ukraine[edit]

Basically they made this Ukrainian Democracy just to start a war with Russia and it soon will pretty much be stomped out by Putin's god powers. And you think the Americas and Europes really are sane. They aren't and that's why they toppled Libya, Syria and Ukraine for the name of democracy while in reality they have no shame and have no idea about the difference between Democracy and Demoncrazy.

Hong Kong it's basically the same thing, aside that if you split a city like that into a country it's pretty much cut off and dead so they will have no choice other than killing four million plus hong kongers with ISIS troops and Local Mercnearies. Have fun of being the pearl of the east because the big America will show you who's boss ... Oh wait, it's China! RUN!


Of course Allah won't be on the side of ISIS so Iraq and Syria are assigned by him to defend the glorious capital from ISIS and other real infidels while the America calls them a terrorist nation for resisting. Cry Moar America because the Syrians and Iraqs are getting their revenge.

Satan's side[edit]

It includes The Vatican, Israel and Switzerland and these are basically the cores where the world war runs. These are the command centeres of the wars and they will unleash the army of Satan from hell to earth and to heaven to challenge god's authority. Alas, this is what the war is all about! All for Satan! And you think god exists.

The War[edit]

The beginning of the war happens with the Hong Kong Revolution which has George Soros funding students to riot in Hong Kong then imports masses of mercenaries and ISIS troops to Hong Kong and kill the chief executive and turn Hong Kong into a "country", but there's no way for this to happen, so UN peacekeepers come in and team up with these mercenaries to kill four million hong kongers. China will very obviously say a big "FUCK YOU" to this while the US says China is a tyranny and threatens to conquer China and China declares war with the US, and calling out Russia to fight the US together. Good Korea then joins the communist alliance while Vietnam joins as well. (Remember: if you think Vietnam will save you in this war you are dead wrong.)

The Typical European by the time of the war

Once it begins, the US is also seeing a revolution where Donald Trump is fought by liberal mafias who kill in the name of freedom and calls the national guard to quell it, but the revolutions are everywhere and California will be separated from the US. Alaska also seceded to the side of Russia and it's basically civil war in the inside and war in the outside.

On the other side at Europe, the ISIS Refugees had also occupied over half of the population there and the entire Europe becomes an islamic caliphate. This islamic caliphate decides to war with the holy Godland known as Poland. Switzerland and the Vatican are unaffected since they command the Muslims to destroy Europe, and also command the world to fight each other under the name of Satan. ISIS refugees will also perform a population purge before this happens to ensure they are the only purebreeds here, and it is widely estimated that they will purge more than 9000,0000 Europeans.

This begins by China attacking Japan and Bad Korea along with Good Korea and the FBI tell Trump that China is driving into the Korea Peninsula to protect against Good Korea, but in reality they were listening to Nyarlathotep (NOT NYARUKO-SAN, NYARLATHOTEP! LEAN THE DIFFERENCE, IT CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE.), so it's basically nothing short of dead end. Then Good Korea proceeds to purge the shit out of Seoul out of sinners and the fat boy avenged for his Father who was sent out to hell by God some years ago. The Fat boy then attacks Japan along with China and every single otaku tries to flee away like pansys, And the Japanese Government Pees their pants and sends out the Masturbation Army, only to have them killed in seconds because a computer virus hacks into their millitary software and has them fucked. Then since all the sea routes and air routes are blocked by China and Good Korea, the Japanese began to starve and they literally starved themselves to death because they don't have preppers, only otakus and pansys and Anime isn't food after all.

Seeing this Trump sees himself as fucked but he still has a civil war from the inside and a Chinese and Russian blitz attack from the outside to deal with. The Civil war has the Democrats from the republic of California taking over Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Idaho and barely getting to Washington, while occupying Colorado, Olkahoma, and all the way to the strip in the south. Texas is bascially isolated as a southern nation with Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina and Florida joining while Trump occupies Washington to Minnesota. The Trump troops begin to unleash the F-35 onto the democrat states while the south begins to reuse the old aircraft to counter the Trump supremacy and the democrat supremacy. Of course, the F-35 fleet was completely destroyed in less than three days and the states were quickly occupied by Democrat troops and Washington was isolated. Democrats purged more than forty million Americans in the process.

The EU, now called the Islamic Caliphate of Old Europe, strikes Poland and Russia with the Polish fighting with all their might. However, when many of them tried to invade Russia, they froze to death because see what happened to Hitler.

Second Phase[edit]

Then Hong Kong and Ukraine attacked China and Russia respectively with UN peacekeepers and this has caused China to attack at full force and Russia attacking at full force and taking over the Ukraine because if you mess with the almighty Putin and Chinese Communists, you will be crushed for good. And then Vietnam begins to take over Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Australia, and Australia is coopted by Chinese forces as well. And the foolish Americans think Vietnam is their friend.

With Japan and Bad Korea under Chinese rule, the mass purges begin and the Chinese purge more than seven million Japanese and Koreans and many others starved to death. As a last resort Trump calls for a nuclear wipeout in the United Nations, but all of the EU basically rejected the deal and Russia and China threatened them with more Nukes. a Nuke is thrown from Russia to Detroit and a Chinese nuke is thrown to Chicago, and the US government enters martial law. They then proceed to make Trump surrender and now Hillary is the eternal president of the United States, whose rights and regime is unlimited. Now America is known as New America and further purges begin. The Statue of Liberty runs away and suicides herself into the sea and thus beginning the end of America.

Don't forget Canada basically seceded to Russia at this point (Vancouver is a part of China instead), meaning that Canucks are nothing more than spineless cucks. Parts of it were also part of an Islamic Caliphate.


With the European Islamic Caliphate finally destroying the brave Polish, they then proceed to attack Russia but all of them were frozen to death without a hassle. America is basically occupied by UN Troops under the side of China and UN and they purge you by looking your internet history for Conspiracy sites. Satan's Army is unleashed from hell to rule the world from the Vatican. US surrenders all nukes without them being used and Big Brother rules over all of you. If you lived in America, Japan, Europe, Bad Korea right now you are pretty much pwnt. Big Brother then creates this new world order and calls the world Greater Oceania, with an equally NWO-ish Islamic Caliphate in the middle of Europe preparing to destroy everything when the time comes. And you will die.


Big Brother will soon re-instate everything George Orwell stated in 1984 and will become the god of this world, and you think there is a god, there really isn't. Satan will finally rule over this world and force all of you to worship him. Cthulu will begin to invade this world with Nyarlathotep and the Outer Gods will purge this world out of any further sinners. The Islamic Caliphate will rule over what was called "Europe". China will be destroyed Next. Have fun, GG, Good night sweet prince.

If you are looking at this article, Big Brother is watching you.

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