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Hillary Clinton before eating pizza with meat of boys from Mexico

Pizzagate is a scandal where it is purported that the US government led by Hillary Clinton and John Pedosta were trafficking pizza with children meat on them. Aside of that, there are also Pastas with meatballs made by children meat and children meat jerky which are called "maps". There are also reports of live children being imported to Washington dc to be roasted and eaten. The reasons behind this? They are lizard people and they need to eat children to stay alive.


At last Thursday, The Anti-American Government Secret leaker Wikileaks leaked a email about Hillary Clinton and John Pedosta having "Spirit Cooking" dinner. Nobody knew what it means until someone deciphered it and it led to Azathoth (Which is known as Moloch) worshipper Marina Abramhovic who was bathing herself in human children's blood and spraying it all over the floor. It was also heard that it was how Reptilians maintain their youth save for inducing Global Warming (They cannot survive icy weather) and eating children (Described below). When people heard about this, they finally realized that they were ruled by reptilians. In other words, they are trying to bask in children's blood in order to give themselves eternal youth.

The only image of podesta's real form. The guy who took this picture was killed on the spot; This is found by his friends.

Then more leaks appeared. In these leaks, They used secret words such as "Pizza", "Pasta" and "Cheese", but in reality when people deciphered it, the reptilians have an obsession of eating pizzas with human children meat, pasta with meatballs made of human children meat, cheese made of children's blood and They play "Dominoes" with it, in which the lizard people overlords have an obsession of playing dominatrix with earth children. (Earth children imported alive by Reptile people are treated as slaves, they were given some anti aging technology to never grow old) This activity is known as "Domino". They also had handkerchiefs which are basically stained children blood on towels. These blood can be distilled using top secret Reptilian technology and become human children blood which the reptilian love to drink. A word called "Walnut" was also discovered, which is actually live grilled earth children since those appear in the color of a walnut when fully cooked. Others say that it represents African American children but it seems that the reptilians seems to be able to eat African American children to increase their telekinetic powers and lifespan.

The Reptilian gathering area known as "Area 13" is also disguised as a pizzeria known as "Comet Ping Pong". This is its false name, its real name is Area 13, and it is a Reptilian gathering area where spatial distortions, mysterious rapes by invisible men and communication jams occur. Its "Owner" is "James Elephantis" whose bloodline tracks itself to an arch reptilian king who ruled Ancient Greece and is known for raping human children and drinking their blood. James Elephantis is not his real name: His real name must never be spoken. Speaking his real name will result in the Reptilian order teleporting right into our house and kill our family.

He posted pictures about him slaughtering children and drinking their blood on instagram, an act which he feels proud of because it really shows that he is king. He also shows pictures of artwork which he drew that is about slaughtering human children and a kill room filled with hung kids. Area 13 also had 2 other reptilian gathering sites known as Besta Pizza and Terasol. Besta Pizza is known to hypnotize nearby children into entering it itself due to Strange Reasons and Terasol seems to be able to impregnate girls under the age of 18 just by them going near it.

More emails are leaked with one that says that there's a black and white map that seems pizza related. In reality if they eat pizza with children meat, the reptilians were also known to have a snack called "Map". It is basically a type of freeze dried jerky made of human children flesh. Sometimes this jerky is stained with human children blood and thus it's called "a handkerchief on a map". It is also reported that the reptilians eat this in order to gain vitality. It is also reported that some churches are actually azathoth churches waiting to sacrifice children to the reptilians. Again, Reptilians disguising as humans are often the leaders of these churches.

John Pedosta also has a brother called Tony Pedosta who is known for impregnating female humans of any age just by looking at them. We were sadly unable to provide an image of him because he kills everyone who dares oppose him in less than 1 second. (He is known to teleport inside his enemy's house and kill them instantly)

When this is discovered by Reddit's Conspiracy, The Reptilians instantly sold the internet to their headquarter in Switzerland in order to quash the human resistance. They also labeled the human resistance as "Fake News" in a very collaborated effort by every single Reptile people on earth. (The actual amount of Lizard people population on earth is estimated to be 40 to 50 percent.) Human resistances are found out and forcibly brainwashed, and some are even mind controlled to worship Donald Trump, which is an Arch Reptilian disguising himself as a saviour of America. Using this way, the Reptilians basically quashed most of the major resistance against them, but a few still remain. They also made a organization called "Media Matters" which is a hunter organization who hunts down anyone who dares submit "fake news" and kill them. Wikipedia also had their Temple of Moloch sacrificing everyone who writes against the reptilians to Moloch. Everything was also blamed on Russia which is ruled by Vampires; It was an excuse to start a Vampire vs Reptilian war. (Russia is ruled by Vampires who hate the guts of Reptilians.)

A false flag shooting on Area 13 was also performed in order to quell the human resistance, but failed. Area 13 was reported to be attacked by a human shooter, but was found to be a fake since the only shooting sound was edited into an empty landscape.

Recently, an earth human resistance is slowly being formed as the reptilians often capture their children to eat them and have sex with them. It is reported that this resistance will be formed in 4 to 5 years later with support from the Russian and Chinese vampire royal family. However it is also reported that the Vampires are trying to enslave mankind into worshipping azathoth due to both Reptilians and Vampires pledging service to the demons in Israhell, which worship Azathoth (Which is known as "Moloch" there). Others say they worship Nyarlathotep, Yog-Sothoth or Cthulhu which are often assumed to be the true forms of Moloch.


Hillary Clinton[edit]

Also labeled by the earth resistance and Vampires as "Reptilian No. 13", it is known as one of the worst reptilian politicians, being able to kill numerous people in an instant, wage war against Libya and Ukraine and laughing "WE CAME, WE SAW, HE DIED!" afterwards, being able to lie like nobody and its favorite food is Children Blood. It is reported that Hillary Clinton is over 200 years old and is a proud worshipper of Nyarlathotep. Her campaign man John Pedosta and Tony Pedosta are the main players of this scandal.

Alex Terry Aka the father of stink. This name will no doubt be unfamiliar to most of you. However he is a key figure in almost all child sex scandals. He is thought by the CIA and FBI to be the big money player behind most pedophile circles. He has been very good at keeping his name out of the news and people's minds,but being best friends and blood brothers with the late Jeffery Epstein,it was inevitable that his name would come to light. He has made contact and employed the power of many demons and ghouls. He claims to be a christian but his exploits in devil worship say otherwise.

John Pedosta[edit]

An arch-reptilian who is known for his extreme cruelty that allows him to rape children telepathically and then eviscerate them, then he teleports to that area and eat the children alive. He seems to eat pizza with children meat daily and this is the reason why he survives over the age of 60. Under no circumstances his reptilian form should be seen because if one takes records on his reptilian form he will come into the guy's house and kill him instantly. He also fundraises for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, which are arch reptilians and speculated by many as the same shape-shifting reptilian, although since Donald Trump come into position it is pretty much sure they needed another reptilian to take the seat. He often hosts pizza parties in Comet Ping Pong which are actually found to be kid-eating and raping parties.

Tony Pedosta[edit]

John Podesta's brother and he admits himself with an obsession with Pasta with human children meatballs. He likes the innards of earth children the best. He also eats the reptilian snack known as "Map" which is often Human children meat jerky stained with children blood. He also has a massive collection of disturbing artwork that repels all non-reptilians instantly upon sight of them as like Obama facing a cross. These items according to eyewitnesses are sacred to reptilians. Under no circumstances Tony's picture, especially in reptilian form should be posted because it will result in the photographer being killed in 1 second.

A sketch of James Elephantis according to eyewitnesses.

James Elephantis[edit]

An arch reptilian who is the master of "Area 13" (Which is known predominantly as "Comet Ping Pong", "Besta Pizza" and "Terasol"), His origin is reported to be from an ancient arch reptilian who infiltrated the Greek empire and promoted Pedophillia there in order to destroy the Greek civilization. This arch reptilian also tends to eat human children and bath in their blood. James is known for posting in Instagram about him raping and eating children and also his collected artowrk which are very similar to John's. He also regularly shows pictures of impregnated children and more often than not he has a fanbase which is assumed to be completely Reptilian. He is also Gay and fell in a love triangle with other same sex Reptilians. however, it is reported that Reptilians have 60 genders, with many having having gender pronouns called "Xir", "Xoy" and such, and same sex reproduction is practiced instead of different sex reproduction. Could it be behind the Social Justice and sexual liberation agenda?

The Mass Media[edit]

In a move to destroy the human resistance that developed later on, the Reptilians sold the internet to Geneva then labeled anything that opposes them as fake news and Russian Propaganda. Twitter, Reddit, Facebook and Google immedeately revealed themselves to be ruled by reptilians and began infiltrating every single of these sites and killing/banning anyone who opposes them. The site "Vigilant Citizen" was known to be doing too much and the site owner was brainwashed into deleting fucking everything. "Media Matters" was also formed by George Soros which is a reptilian hunter group which is set here to kill anyone who spreads "Fake News". Reddit owner "Spez" was caught editing posts, shutting down and infiltrating opposition subs and having a seat in deep reddit sub "Cannibalism".

Hillary also made an organization called "Correct the Recourse" which is another reptilian hunter organization which doxs earth resistances so the Reptilian hunters can come in to kill them. Be noted if you criticize the reptilians and live anywhere other than China or Russia or any other Vampire controlled territory, Reptilian hunters will come into your home from the inside and kill your family and eat your children.

Marina Abramovic[edit]

An arch reptilian who was previously known as "Elizabeth Bathory". (Circa. 1560 - 1614). This is a lie however since she has not been killed, she just escaped to the Reptilian planet and was reborn as Marina Abramovic.) She has an obsession of bathing in human children blood and drinking them with a glass cup. She also holds a "Spirit Cooking Dinner" which is discovered by the human resistance to be a term for a reptilian orgy in children blood. In there they also eat corpse cakes which are cakes that are shaped like humans and the innards are red like innards. None had ever saw her in her true form as those who do so were reported to be cursed with a very powerful curse and will die in less than 5 days.

The Human resistance[edit]

The main discoverers of the Pizzagate scandal. These are earth humans who discovered this shit and risked being brainwashed or killed. Alas, we should thank them for making us know about more of reptilian ecology.

The Vampires[edit]

The rulers of Russia, China and several other states. They hate the reptilian's guts, so the reptilians tried to war with them. However, the Vampires are purported to defeat the reptilians in the future and take over. Be noted that they can survive sunlight.


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**Writer is killed by Reptilians**

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