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Holocaust Denial

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A Typical Jewish cub. The general public is force-fed by the Jewish controlled media, to believe that this animal was once hunted to near extinction in the 1940s.
This article is about nothing. Nothing at all. Nothing bad happened ... ever. Perhaps the positive Final Solution would be a better topic.

Holocaust Denial. There seems to be some kind of trend nowadays with telling people that 6 million Jews died from the years 1939-1945. While killing Jews will never go out of style, it is scientifically proven that not only did the holocaust not happen, the years 1939-1945 did not happen. Ask anyone who was alive in 1938 and they'll all tell you the same thing - "I'm old and nobody cares what the fuck I say because it will just be bitching about teens skateboarding on sidewalk". And now I'm glad we have all reached a conclusion, the holocaust never happened. But in 1946, the Bratwurst tasted exceptionally meaty.

In Europe, Canada, Brazil, Australia and other countries (California with the political correctness gone mad.) except those in the Middle East, holocaust denial is illegal and punishable by a fine or a stay in jail. Talk about free speech, but in the United States holocaust denial is not illegal but an incredibly fun way to get attention or just to shock people in any part of the political spectrum.

Some argue that the holocaust or shoa wasn't really that bad. Some claim that it was no worst than summer camp with a little fraternity hazing mixed in, and Jews are always begging on their knees in their usual Jewish fashion. Don't ya LOVE these Zionists who believe in their "race" controlling yours?


All this information comes from the best historians ever – men like Darth Vader, Hitler, David Irving and the weird Neo-Nazi. Another thanks goes to the Arabic faith with this neat green book written in funky script known as the terrorist guidebook manual.

Hollow coast?

The above article is fair and balanced. Sorta like Fox News. Only different.

Anyway, it would be EXTREMELY funny if 6 million Jews WERE ACTUALLY KILLED because they're nothing but worthless, religious people, who deserve to be burned alive.

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