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This is Eincyclopedia's gefilte fish logo. Gefilte fish means stuffed fish in Yiddish. The fish creating the logo is the challenged brother of gefilte fish, fish hamburger, which is nevertheless also called gefilte fish.

Eincyclopedia (Hebrew: איןציקלופדיה) is the Hebrew language-Uncyclopedia, established 2005 by myself[1] and another guy. It's probably the biggest non-missionary Wiki in Hebrew after the Hebrew language Wikipedia. The ein part of Eincyclopedia isn't pronounced like the one in "Rammstein", but rather like the one in "vein". The cyc part isn't pronounced like "psyched" without the D, but rather like the tsick part of "butt sick". The lopedia part is pronounced exactly as a Mexican would say it.

In Hebrew, Eincyclopedia isn't very pronounced, since it's not considered part of the mainstream, or part of any stream at all.

History[edit | edit source]

The site is heavily influenced by Israeli hip hop, South Park and Cypress Hill.

Eincyclopedia is a project which was born from within the English-language Uncyclopedia. The first Eincyclopedia articles were actually English-language Uncyclopedia articles with the prefix he:. Today (2022), the Wiki contains almost three thousand articles and I'm very proud of it indeed.

If you google one of my early articles, פינג פונג כיס, you'll find it as a first result. The reason is that פינג פונג כיס means "pocket ping pong", which is Hebrew slang for playing with your testicles. It's not very used within the Hebrew Internet for some reason. Great success! The article is actually about how the Israeli national soccer team keeps disappointing its fans, and describing it as the world champions in the sport of pocket ping pong. It hurts me to write about this article, so I'll stop.

Eincyclopedia contains over sixty featured articles as of 2022. These articles include Hebrew articles about Lady Gaga, God, Led Zeppelin, Iraq, Dr. Dre, Gefilte Fish, and more. I'm very proud of the one about the author S. Y. Agnon. The English page about Madonna is mostly a translation of the Hebrew Madonna page. The English page about Spotify[2] is very much inspired by the Hebrew page about Benjamin Netanyahu.[3]

Legacy[edit | edit source]

In Hebrew, some letters are final forms, meaning letters which can appear only at the end of a word. Eincyclopedia, as far as I know, is the first word in Hebrew containing a final form[4] in the middle of the word. That is, if it's considered a word. Is Uncyclopedia a word?[5] I guess Eincyclopedia is a word the same way Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, and Transformers is a movie.

Catchphrases, kind of[edit | edit source]

Footnotes[edit | edit source]

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