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“I think this article may contain a point of view...”

~ Wikipedian on An article that contains nothing but a full stop

An article that contains nothing but a full stop is considered by many over the globe to be the most important work of art of our time. Created by an unknown artist known only as Randomator, this illuminates the twisted genius of this breath-taking visionary known only by one word; but now, surely the most famous word of the civilized world. Randomator.

The statement[edit | edit source]


At first, to the uneducated eye, only a small punctuation mark is visible. However, as this magnificent piece is viewed, many layers of meaning render themselves visible over time. It is this depth and breadth of feeling for which Randomator has become world-renowned. The emotional depth of this piece only serve to cement Randomator's reputation and lift him to heights of new esteem. Meanwhile this work serves to distill the essence of Suprematism.

An article that contains nothing but a full stop. Only when it is fully viewed can it be fully appreciated

Interpretations[edit | edit source]

As Nihilism[edit | edit source]

At first, when this piece is viewed, the eye is drawn to the black circle, otherwise known as the "Full Stop". This, at first seems to be the focal point of this emotional tour de force. The Full Stop represents the meaningless struggle of life and the world around each and every one of us. The colouration of this Full Stop shows darkness in relation to life; the shape representing the world. Ergo, because of this, the shape of the Full Stop serves to how the darkness and meaningless of the World. Truthly, this encompasses the views of the eminent philosopher, Goa Tse, in all of the magnificence of his vast knowledge.

The World: This earth or further?[edit | edit source]

When the phrase The World is uttered in this context, what does it mean? This Earth, on which all human life, as far as we know, inhabits? Or this Universe, in which all life inhabits? Or is The World is used in elucidation of this magnum opus, is it referring to a higher plane of being: is the phrase used in a metaphysical sense? Could this wonder be striking a blow at the idea of a God, a higher being? Could it be telling God that all of His Creation is pointless?

As a physical concept[edit | edit source]

A dot in Euclidian as well as non-Euclidian geometric physics represents the most simple object conceivable: a zero dimensional body, which is the basis of all one dimensional bodies, which is in turn the basis of two dimensional bodies, which in turn produces Spaceland, our native tri-dimension. "." may in this case refer to the celestial seed of everything else in every dimension in existence. It may in fact be a homage to the novel "Flatland" by Edwin A. Abbott, in which the two dimensional protagonist describes a visit to a zero dimensional universe comprised of one single dot-esque entity that spends eternity pondering over its own existence and arguing with itself over and over again.

This is what the Oxford University students saw for nearly five minutes. Spooky, isn't it?

As a criticism on racism[edit | edit source]

The thing that may at first glance be interpreted as a mere black dot surrounded by a large white area may represent a single African person amidst lots of white people, a possible comment on the social and existential isolation an African immigrant may feel in for instance a European country populated mostly by whites. It may be an attempt to illuminate the difficulties an African immigrant must face when adapting to a new all-white (more or less) country in which he/she might suffer from racism and prejudice from the host population.

As an inverted raindrop during nighttime[edit | edit source]

If the image of a full stop on top of white background is inverted, one will get a white full stop on top of black background. This may be an painting of a single raindrop falling down an ebony black nocturnal landscape, a painting which has since been inverted by someone who misunderstood the intent of the painting.

As a gateway to the world of the Shadow People[edit | edit source]

At first, it was believed that there is in fact nothing but a full stop in the article. However, this has been proven to possibly be untrue. Computer engineering students with focus on graphical design at Oxford University examined the dot by using a magnifying tool program to look at the dot, then used an powerful real life magnifying glass to further examine the dot in more than 50x size. The results were nothing short but terrifying. While the students were looking at the dot, which at first looked like only a dot, something came into view inside the dot, something that moved. Looking closer, one could see a shadowy figure standing at a portal, staring ominously through the dot. After seeing a professor in folk-lore and paranormal activities working at the university, it was concluded that the vile entity had in fact been one of the mythical, terrifying shadow people. After further conversations with another professor, in physics, it was concluded that the article containing nothing but a full stop worked as an entrance point for the shadow people to enter our world. As such, the article can be classified as an extreme liability and should be deleted at once.

As a secret message left behind by one spy to another[edit | edit source]

This is where the secret meeting was supposed to have taken place, according to the positioning of the full stop. Too bad that the meeting has already taken place...

It could be that the dot actually represent some form of secret code telling the exact time and place of a meeting or something. You have but to think like a spy in order to correctly decipher the secret meaning of the article. If one study the position of the dot, how many pixels from the upper left corner it is from, you could get a set of coordinates in longitudes and latitudes over where the meeting will take place. Since the dot is exactly one byte, it means that the time will most likely add up to the number one, which leaves us with the possibilities 00:01, 00:10, 01:00, 10:00. Since the background of the article is white with a black dot on top, it must indicate that the meeting will take place in daylight, which rules out all the three times during the night, leaving only 10:00 as the only plausible time for the secret meeting. This alongside with the coordinates given by the dot's position within the frame of the web browser will give the exact time and place of the meeting. The three times left out, 00:01, 00:10 and 01:00, can be combined to obtain the exact date: 01:11 = 1/11 = 11th January. Since the digits in year 2009 add up to 11, hardly coincidental, it must mean that the secret meeting in 11th January 2009, 10:00 A.M., has already taken place*. Looks like we missed the train. Meh...

*Update: the two spies have been revealed by very accurate sources to have been Jason Bourne and James Bond, just in case someone was curious...

As a way of tricking the reader[edit | edit source]

The single dot may be there in order to confuse the reader into thinking that there is dirt on his monitor where the dot is. This will compel the user into scratching the monitor repeatedly in order to remove the dirt, a futile effort. Since there is in reality no dirt there, and given how stupid the reader is likely to be, he/she will probably scratch the monitor until it breaks. Another similar possibility is that the dot is supposed to look like a dead pixel on the monitor.

As a padded cell[edit | edit source]

The dot may be interpreted as one person looked into a place with white soft walls, represented by the whiteness around the dot. The blackness of the dot may represent how empty the patient, most likely a paranoid schizophrenic, feels.

As loneliness[edit | edit source]

After the realization of Nihilism, comes the noticing of the vast space that the Full Stop is surrounded by. This space represents the loneliness of Mankind on our Earth; the inescapably vast void that surrounds our World. Is there anything else? The collective loneliness of all mankind is summed up in this one article. This, in essence, can be summed up in one quote, by the American Pastafarian, Mustapha Piss: "We can pretend; we can entertain each other; but that's about the best we can do. When it comes to the actual experience of life, we're very much alone; and to expect anyone else to take away our loneliness is asking too much."

Another interpretation of this masterpiece.

As simplicity[edit | edit source]

The eye and mind are then drawn to the simple rendering of this article, the lack of clutter. This eludes to the underlying simplicity of existence, and existing. Underneath the turbulent currents of life and living, there is a clarity and purity of mind that can only be obtained by meditation over the message of this masterpiece.

As the evil eye[edit | edit source]

The punctuation mark be interpreted as a single black pupil contained within a white sclera, staring ominously at the viewer. This may represent Big Brother, aliens, some voodoo master, the CIA or some other party that may be watching the reader. It's possibly there to cause discomfort and chagrin to the onlooker and is such an instrument of pure evil.

The masterpiece represented as the "evil eye", or at least part of an evil eye.

As a way of making fun of Wikipedia[edit | edit source]

The An article that contains nothing but a full stop-article may be a subtle way of making fun of Wikipedia, since the whole article may in fact be nothing but a point of view, as a "point" may in fact be interpreted as a single dot, both in typography and, as already mentioned, geometry. Since it's the only thing in view, it is in fact one single point of view. If the article were to be posted at Wikipedia (touch wood) it would very likely cause the heads of many Wikipedians to explode in confusion, since a point of view is the most lethal crime that any author can commit with an article, and this is an article which contains absolutely nothing except a point of view. However, creating "An article that contains nothing but a full stop" at Wikipedia would also cause the space-time continuum to suddenly collapse into itself, so this is most definitely ill advised.

It's all in your mind[edit | edit source]

The article may actually not exist and as such is probably a figment of your own sick imagination. Seriously, who would bother with posting an article with one mere dot in it, and what kind of admin would let such an article stay unhuffed? The explanation is, the article is all in your head, you may be the only person alive who sees the article. This is what everyone else sees:

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As God?[edit | edit source]

This glorious image is a perfect circle, flawless, without imperfection. God is perfect, flawless, without any imperfections; ergo, "An article that contains nothing but a full stop is Go... Oh, why am I bothering? Who reads this anyway... Who'd come to this dead end page anyway? I spent six weeks writing this, and not one hit... One hit! Not one! I mean, Oy Gevalt why? Actually, what the hell is this? I mean, it's a dot. How can it represent Nihilism? How can it mean loneliness? How is it God, He who must be praised in the highest, Kum Ba Yah, in all of His Radiant Holiness I mean, WTF?... Stuff this, I quit! Thank you for getting this far...

A final word from our writers[edit | edit source]