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A picture is a great way to spruce up a humdrum article.

“Iи кюммцйіѕт Яцssia, aятicгзs щяiтз чюц!!”

~ Дядя Гарт on Амеязка

“One of my quotes is a fun and mandatory way to enliven a boring article.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Oscar Wilde quotes

A bolded word is the proper way to introduce an article. It's also good to say something more about the subject. Maybe one more sentence to round out the introductory paragraph. OK, one more. That's good. Moving on.

History[edit | edit source]

Go ahead, add another picture.

It's always good to talk about the subject's history first. I mean, it won't make sense to talk about what something is until you talk about what it has been! Don't want to get ahead of yourself, now do you?

Perhaps you can joke about the obscure origin of the subject, or twist its real origin so that it becomes funny. You can also put a picture or two, if you'd like.

Don't forget to add lots of links. Some can work. Some can be broken. Try to tip the balance towards working, if at all possible.

Attributes[edit | edit source]

Now's the part of the article where you talk about the subject in more general terms. How it works, what it does, its socioeconomic status, et cetera. A list would look mighty good right here. It can contain all sorts of things:

  • Abilities
  • Interests
  • Do's and Don't's
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Et cetera

Here's a good place for a sarcastic comment about the subject. Comedic timing is very important.

Opinions[edit | edit source]

Say what others think about the subject. You can put in quotes, comments, pros and cons, controversies, scandals, "Fuck you"s, whatever. Cast the subject in a subjective light. A harsh light. A sexy light. Whatever works.

“One of my uproarious quotes is a great way to create an opinion about something. Plus, you'll respect yourself in the morning!”

~ Oscar Wilde on using Oscar Wilde quotes to create opinions

Today[edit | edit source]

Makes for a good penultimate paragraph. Penultimate meaning "second to last". Or possibly the ultimate pen. But that doesn't make sense. Oh well.

Talk about what the subject is like today. Mention how it continues to bravely do all the stupid and/or ridiculous things it's done in the past. Possibly mention evolution, or change over time. That'll get the Fundies mad.

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

Talk some more about the future of the subject. Be sarcastic. Be funny. And most importantly, end with an extremely funny one-liner!

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