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This Other Article, which is not this article, but is this article, is a complex essay written by myself in this year, and it is made of 454230 letters, 25361 words and 5 paragraphs. (The previous numbers are false.)

This Section[edit | edit source]

This is the first section of the article. It differs from the second section in that it comes first. It also differs from the perspective that it is called "This Section", while the Second Section is called "This Other Section" (See also Learning how to fucking identify stuff that clearly differ from each other). Before this section was created, it didn't really exist. It was only during its making that it began being created. That is why:

  • It now exists
  • You can, therefore, read it
  • Indeed, you are reading it right now
  • I am happy

This Other Section[edit | edit source]

This Other Section came after This Section (but not this section). It is a very important section. Just like the previous one, it still didn't exist up until it began being written. It now exists as a whole thing that you can indeed find on the internet and waste precious time on. This section is not that section. It is also not that other section, and it will be a cold day in Hell when this section is the same as that other section over there by the other sections.

This section does not contain a list of stuff, however it does contain some aditional links, such as:


This cool part[edit | edit source]

This is another cool part of the article. It is cool because it is not un-cool. This is a very important paragraph you are reading and it is supposed to be very big and very thick. It is, just as all other paragraphs, contained of words that you are reading right now. When you read it, your eyes go thought these words and the words make sounds in your head. Some of these sounds may accumulate in a part of your brain in the future and cause a severe SEHS. These other words that you are reading are also part of this paragraph and do not belong to the next paragraph, even if you one day decide to claim such thing.

This is the next paragraph and as you can clearly see, it differs from the previous paragraph from the point of view that it is below. You can almost feel the weight of the previous paragraph falling over this one. You can almost hear a voice in your head saying "Oooohhh noooo, the paragraph is about to crush meeee".

This is the final paragraph and it is shorter. In fact, some people wouldn't even dare to call it a paragraph It is also just about to end... riiight..... abouuuuutt........ nnnnnnnnnNOW.

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