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“Iи кюммцйіѕт Яцssia, aятicгзs язad чюц!!”

~ Дядя Гарт on Амеязка

This article is an article about an article, which itself is about an article, in other words, it's an article about itself. You are currently reading this article. This article contains such things as words, letters, the occasional numbers, a sprinkling of recursion and one reference to your mom. Obvious exits are north, south, and Dennis. Actually, make that two references to your mom. Oh, no; three, actually.

Facts about this article[edit | edit source]

Facts that are true[edit | edit source]


Facts that will blow your mind[edit | edit source]

  • The statement about this article below this statement is not true
  • The statement about this article above this statement is not


Facts that are not true, and are therefore not facts[edit | edit source]

Facts that are not true, but are still facts[edit | edit source]

  • This article can be defeated only by the power of Chuck Norris
  • Chuck Norris jokes were lame even before their invention

Facts that may be true[edit | edit source]

  • This article will be deleted by the admins
  • This fact may be true

Facts that should be true but aren't[edit | edit source]

Facts that shouldn't be true but are[edit | edit source]

Facts that should be false but aren't[edit | edit source]

  • This article is gay
  • This article is about You

One last fact[edit | edit source]

  • This lists of facts is unnecessarily long

This article's role in the War on Terror and World War I[edit | edit source]

This article was used to hide the weapons of mass destruction so highly valued by Sadrem Houséne, the president of Have-nuke-istan, so that they could not be found by the mad scientist Professor Bush and used to aid him in taking over the world. This proved to be a mistake when a passing Grue on its way to lunch saw the weapons and ate them, thinking it was lucky to be the first Grue to find these tasty morsels. However, while chewing a particularly fruity plutonium bomb, the Grue accidentally set off the detonator with its teeth and the bomb exploded, killing the Grue.

This method of killing Grues later proved to be so effective that the thoughtful Americans volunteered to help rid England of two troublesome Grues that were roaming around in Nottingham and Leicester. It was only later that President George Washington realised that nobody in America could read a world map, and that they had flown in the wrong direction, mistaken Japan for England, and blown up two Japanese cities instead of two English ones. This misunderstanding led to the beginning of World War I between Japan and the USA.

Confusion of the term "This Article"[edit | edit source]

If you were reading another article, then the term "this article" would in fact refer to the article you were reading. It is important therefore to distinguish between "this article" and "this article", otherwise the articles themselves may be confused, and you could end up here. Please be careful when using the term "this article" and do not be foolish and say it whenever you feel like it. For instance, when reading about sexual innuendo, don't say "look at this article," say "look at the article about sexual innuendo". Otherwise the universe may asplode. And we all know what a tragedy that would be.

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