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Please gather your Loved Ones for this Very Special Article. Tell sis to get off the phone with her greasy minimum-wage boyfriend, pull your father away from the WWE Raw program (yes, even if they're showing boobies), and have grandma get up off her ass to make a pitcher of her god-awful lemonade. This one is for The Family.

Instructions[edit | edit source]

Hopefully by now you look something like this.

Now that you have everyone together in front of the computer monitor, This Article asks that you go back to the Main Page, type "A Very Special Article" into the search box, and click Search. Next choose the "A Very Special Article" link and click on it, so that everyone can see This Article load and appear onscreen together.

If you've completed the above steps, have everyone wrap an arm around the person next to them and skip down to the next part.

A Frigging Fireplace[edit | edit source]


Some Frigging Fish[edit | edit source]


You Are Bonding[edit | edit source]

This is the Precious Time that you spend with the ones you love, and you are spending it looking at a computer monitor. Bunch close together and revel in the tranquil glow This Article emits from the screen, and allow yourselves to be soothed by the gentle whirr of the delicate machinery that makes displaying This Article possible.

If you have a pansy relaxation music compilation saved on your hard drive, play it for thirty seconds or so.

...There, that's enough.

These are the Good Times.

Ending Your Session[edit | edit source]

This Article hopes that you and your Loved Ones have grown closer together and found common ground in your mutual fondness for This Article.

Now you may go on and click one of the internal links below, which have been reserved for the end in order to allow you to fully enjoy This Article without distraction.