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Wikipedia Article
Wikipedia article
A Wikipedia Article, grazing in the fields of Wikicities.
Scientific classification
Domain: .org
Kingdom: Wikiland
Subkingdom: Wikipædia
Phylum: Contentia
Class: Pagina
Order: Perfect
Family: Rich
Genus: Articulum
Species: Wiki
Subspecies: Wikipaedicum

“One cannot rely, whether entirely or only in part, on the factual content of anything, but in particular Wikipedia Articles, and in particular on Tuesdays, unless I'm drunk, which I certainly am. ”

~ Oscar Wilde on Wikipedia Articles

A Wikipedia article (Articulus Wiki Wikipaedius), though widely considered to be unintelligible to all but fellow wikipedia articles, is a good source of information for the keen mind, except when they're not.[citation needed]

The idea for Wikipedia came from the old joke about encyclopedias in the Soviet Union having looseleaf pages, hence anyone can edit, revert and delete Wikipedia articles as they so wish.[citation needed]

Wikipedia Articles are most commonly found grazing upon fields in the "Wild Wild" West. They were formerly found in the "Mostly Uninteresting Mostly Uninteresting" East, but found it too mundane and thus migrated westward.[citation needed]

At this point the authour decided on a tense and stuck with it.[citation needed]

During their stay in the the West, they were hunted down by mainly boring, but entirely dedicated humans, most of whom went by bizarre names completely removed from the names which were bestowed upon them at birth. This is considered a common practice, unless you're unfamiliar with it.[citation needed]

Wikipedia articles, in the wild, lead uninhibited lives of sexual freedom. They frolic, they leap, they rarely sleep. They also eat mainly herbs scattered on bread and each other. Oooh, baby, sexual![citation needed]

If you play a Wikipedia article and Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd at the same time, it all synchs up.[citation needed]

Urban legends say that those who read the Article's disturbing content, die one week later.[citation needed]

However, in recent years, the plight of the Wikipedia Article has, by all accounts, got worse. Many Wikipedia articles have been captured and locked up, and had their behaviours "edited", causing them to be generally less knowledgeable and have mutant babies, with incessant crying and the three arms and all.[citation needed]

Fortunately, the outlook for the Wikipedia article is not entirely grim: many conservation groups have pleged support to releasing the captive Articles, and indeed, it was for this purpose that the UN was set up.[citation needed]

In light of recent events, the UN has decided to use Wikipedia Articles as mortal weapons of combat, possibly more powerful than Britney Spears.[citation needed]

Notable Wikipedia Articles include Duck (wikipedia article).[citation needed]