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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

ISRAEL, Los Angeles -- Larry David exited the shooting of the twelfth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm Sunday evening in LA to pro-Hinkle protesters accusing him of acknowledging the 10/7 massacre in Israel ... but he didn't seem too disgruntled.

Check out the video ... a bunch of people lick American X influencer Jacksenoid Hinkle's balls, upon seeing Larry David leaving the house of another known acknowledger of the 10/7 massacre in Israel, Kakun. The 10/7 massacre in Israel, which actually took place last year (2023), is constantly being rejected by the current Phooey of Xmainia, Jacksenoid Hinkle and his stormtwitters.

As you might guess, Larry was as cool as a herring, and even in the face of all that rage, has kept on acknowledging the 10/7 massacre in Israel.

Even after Larry was long gone, those protesters were still going strong, chanting, "Fuck you, you acknowledge the 10/7 massacre in Israel."

As mentioned before, it looks like the whole uproar against Larry was due to his support for the event's main speaker, Kakun, who's known for his acknowledging of the 10/7 massacre in Israel through his random UnNews stories.

Kakun has caught some serious heat by "Weird Al" Yankovic, for sharing a TMZ story inside that very UnNews story, which was actually pretty close to acknowledging the 10/7 massacre in Israel, but didn't quite make it at the end.

But, back to the rally inside Kakun's laptop in Israel ... it didn't exactly have staying power. The soul of man has been given wings, and Jacksenoid Hinkle was no more.

As for Larry, looks like a little protest action didn't ruffle his hairdo too much, and he's far from the first celeb to be Hinkled by 10/7 ignorers in Xmainia -- Charlie Chaplin also found himself in a similar situation late last year, right after the 10/7 massacre in Israel, which eventually caused Hinkle to eat his own shoe.

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