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God is closest to those who suffer the most

Gangrene is a curse afflicted upon the lovers of vice for their lack of faith, wherein the limbs of the cursèd are made black like the heart of Satan, upon whose maleveolent will rests the fate of all men who seek not the light but the dark. For most severe cases, one sees the maggots feast on the deadening muscle and tendon, gorge upon the fat like B'aal feasting on the iniquities of man. A trained plague doctor may extract these maggots and decant them over the posteriors of those unfortunates whose nostrils unceasingly sneeze.

A diagnosis for gangrene may in due haste be ascertained by only the most trained and battle-weathered, for whom the colors of pustules and the angles of boils are like the trodden forest paths of a village childhood, borne within and known dearly in one's heart, lov'd and from rote recited as if the Lord's Prayer. Lacking a doctor of discerning birth or knowledge, it is best to lie in wait and let Death seize you. (Full article...)

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  • ... that it takes a man about thirty-four months to cross the Atlantic ocean on a turtle?
  • ... that Martin Van Buren is a total dick and nobody likes him?
  • ... that you can fry a potato but not a potatoe, according to the Potato-tomato theorem?
  • ... that there is no consensus among experts on vice presidential history that Al Gore exists?
  • ... that in an experiment known as Monty Hall problem, if you never make up your mind about which door to choose, the goat behind the door will grow tired and burst out?
  • ... that Joe Biden stepped in dog shit?
  • ... that male vampires are delighted when the female vampire goes on her period?

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January 19: Porn for the Blind Day

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