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“Sweet dreams, Fishhook!” Amanda Steele on having just rendered someone named Fishhook unconscious

Amanda Steele, Action Cop is a member of the L.A.P.D.'s special (and highly secret) ACTION unit, an elite unit totally unconcerned with normal, day-to-day crime, but instead trained to do battle with Asian drug cartels, the Russian mafia, terrorist groups, and rogue gangs of corrupt police officers.

Steele has a reputation as a "renegade cop" who plays by her own rules. However, unlike most renegade cops, the chief of police she reports to is not an angry, slightly obese black man. Instead, he is a square-jawed white man in his mid-20s who will openly admit to her in nearly every conversation that her methods may be unorthodox, but, God damn it, she gets results. (Full article...)

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The Lego JFK Assassination Set was the top selling toy of 1963. Collectors have been known to pay up to twenty-seven dollars on eBay.

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