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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Boris Johnson?
Boris (Terraria).png
Scientific classification
GenusFl. player
Binomial name
Fluffy player
Primary armamentTizona or Platinum Swords
Secondary armamentCobalt Repeater, Iron Pickaxe
Power supplyHis Environment, imaginary power
StrengthHigh as a kite!
IntelligenceHas an IQ of 170
Weight70 lbs
Length4 ft
Special attackSqueaks if you squeeze him. Varies in other places.
Conservation status
Eh. He'll respawn.

“You make me very angry! I am going to defeat you!”

~ Debustega on Boris

“Oh shit, dude, I'm sorry!”

~ Boris after he accidently attacked the Guide when he was trying to talk to him

“What is this? Another child!? HAHA! One more for my score!”

~ The Guy on killing Boris

“Who in the fuck is Boris?”

~ Everyone on Boris

Throughout the years, we have seen people doing heroic stuff. Today, we don't see people like that anymore. In a distant universe, there exists a man by the name of Boris who will set things right. This is his story.

Creation[edit | edit source]

3. 2. 1, let's go!

Andrew Spinks
Jim T Myhre Kjexrud
The Racer
Cheddar Cheesia


Living Wood
The Root of All Evil

Other media

Days of You-know-what
Our triumph
The Go-Around Plush
Super Spectre
Wiggler Race


9 out of 10
5 bucks
1st WMD
Ruby and Cobalt
Toys Я Us

In early 2013, Boris was created under the name of "Player" with the initiative to serve as a substitute for the one known as Alex when traveling to other worlds. As time went by, his identity was starting to develop at a decent pace to the point where he is his own unique character. Please make a note that Boris took his current name to keep up with all the shout-outs presented in his domain. True to his beginnings, he served as a test dummy for Alex's creations or to finish them off. Despite his intelligence, he (like Commander Keen before him) is prone to making some pretty stupid decisions. Since Alex was feeling generous for him, he was outfitted with decently powerful gear to help aid him in his later adventures. Its background and his being also implies that he serves as a forerunner to the infamous Spelunker. Go ahead, take your time. Then again, it was a different time and he's a bit more durable.

Later...[edit | edit source]

Will (Terraria).png

Some time after his creation, a distress signal was sent by someone regarding a person who went mad with power and plan to destroy the world. He responded to the call and apprehended the crazy man, which was revealed to be Will- the famous guy in those Terraria comics. After that, he became their friend- serving as comedic relief in their escapades. This was the first time that he met his fiancee, Natasha. It took a while for them to become a thing.

In Our World[edit | edit source]

“In order for a Terraria character to make it out here, he/she must be made into a Plushie.[1]

~ Alex on the creation of the plush of Boris
Nature's GIFT.png

Boris has managed to do a good job at persisting on Earth. He didn't choose to live in our world; this desire was brought upon by Alex, who started work on some plushies. The first one, with its unique identity and voice, would serve as his physical manifestation. Unfortunately, he made more and more plush toys which are all replicas of the standard player model. The only way you can identify him as a plush is by the sound of his voice, which some say is a tad deep. Soon, he began to take measures to distinguish himself from the other plushes by dolling himself up with items such as the Nature's Gift. For further reading, see Sock demon.[2]

As a Plushie[edit | edit source]

He has existed for 2 years as a Plushie. Thanks to his unique build and personality, he is able to possess the abilities of his mature counterparts at his current age. Unlike the others, he wants to save worlds, not destroy them- contradicting Plushie instinct. Luckily, the Winniadepoubair hasn't taken notice. After all, he is able to contend against him in a simple contest.

Recent Sighting[edit | edit source]

Untitled Story.png

The last time anyone has seen the plush of Boris was at Forest Falls, CA on Christmas Day 2014.

Camp Fuck You Die[edit | edit source]

“I don't know how, but I managed to get out of that place without finding the killer. It was fun while it lasted.”

~ Boris on Camp Fuck You Die

At some point in time, he decided to stay at Camp Fuck You Die for a little while. Thanks to his experiences in the past, he was able to make it out alive. On a related note, he was able to join up with the Homechat Gamers due to his background. As suggested, they were impressed at how he is able to survive with little provisions. Then again, he is a Plushie.

Special Powers & Other Abilities[edit | edit source]

As the Taxobox states, his special powers are dependent upon the situation at hand. The vast majority of those powers were brought upon Alex's dreams, or "Dream Powers."

Special Powers[edit | edit source]

Go Big (or Go Home)[edit | edit source]

Big In Chicago.png

An example of a power unique to various situations, Boris has the ability to make himself 100 times bigger than usual. The suggested uses for his increased size includes fighting the threat of extraterrestrial superbeings bent on world domination. In fact, he is said to be a better choice than the giant robots from Pacific Rim, should a creature the size of a G-Rex attack our world and make itself at home. Otherwise, he might as well be a part of the Giant Battle Monsters. Size Matters.

Golden Wave[edit | edit source]

The Golden Wave is a direct improvement of the Golden Shower. He doesn't cast a stream, but a devastating tidal wave capable of killing most of the previously mentioned superbeings and lowering their defense.[3]

Lightning[edit | edit source]

Seeing that Player is meant to be an amalgation of any individual's imagination, he was given control of something others have not in his realm: lightning. With various weapons and skills, he can channel his power towards his enemies and use it for the benefit of mankind. And it states:
One day, before his next adventure, the Player felt skinny twin coils wrap around him. Their snug feelings inferred him of his newfound ability. The entity that was responsible for giving it to him is known affectionally as Thunder Force, intended for the use of good as the name suggests. It was up to Alex to use Player as a way to make his passion slightly better by allowing him to transcend his creator without the risk of others classifying him as a Mary-Sue.

Other abilities[edit | edit source]

Spin Jump[edit | edit source]

Boris with Jungle Rose.png

An example of a Dream Power, the spin jump was first seen in Super Mario World. Alex thought that it would be cool for Boris use this ability. That day, he was given the Flowers of Frost and Fire and the rest became history.

Beachballification[edit | edit source]


“With great power comes great responsibility, mate!”

~ Spoida'man on Beachballification

Yes. Alex also thought that it would be clever to give our hero the ability to turn into a beach ball. As ridiculous as it sounds, his versatility has been taken up to eleven. Look at how high he can go!

Jump, Throw, and Push[edit | edit source]

Every time he starts a new adventure, he is allowed the basic platform powers of jumping on enemies to defeat them; in addition, he can take items such as crates and barrels and push/carry throw them in the process. One time, he defeated a porn addict using boxes of his stash against him.

Abilities gained from outfits[edit | edit source]

To further the Mario references, he can take certain items, changing his appearance with an additional ability. Here's an image which displays all of these "Outfit Abilities."


Here are some explanations to how these are used and where he uses them.

  • Kimono- Used in a katana fight.
  • Gi- Used in the infiltration of The Mysterious Murasame Castle.
  • Andrew's Wings- Given by the man himself to Boris in a fight against the Land Master (tentative title) during one skirmish.
  • Frost Wings- Used by the clone Farran, when he fights him.
  • Fire Wings- Used by the clone Arambula, when he also fights him.
  • Magic Quiver- Obtained during a fight where he must rely on his Cobalt Repeater.
  • Angel Wings- Given to Gail to him before his fight against the malevolent Super Spectre, which will be covered later.
  • Frog Leg- Makes him jump really high.
  • Capes- Allows Boris to put stuff to sleep (permanently).
Boris fighting the clones. He doesn't use their wings though. Maybe someday...

Fundamental spells[edit | edit source]

Taken from Hydlide, he has the 5 fundamental spells that Jim had on his adventure to save Princess Ann. Depending on the combat situation, he can overcome the toughest of foes with the right technique.

  • Turn (Mana.png20)- All of the enemies within the caster's field of view will turn 180 degrees, allowing him to get the hell out of dangerous situations.
  • Fire (Mana.png30)- A ball of fire will escape from his hands in whichever direction he is facing. This blast will disappear as soon as it hits an enemy or an obstacle.
  • Ice (Mana.png40)- A blast of ice will shoot across the battlefield when he casts this spell. Unlike the fireball, it will pass through obstacles, but it will stop as soon as an enemy is hit.
  • Wave (Mana.png50)- Waves of energy are sent to the left or to the right (they cannot be fired vertically). Not only will the wave continue past obstacles, it will continue beyond any enemies that it hits.
  • Flash (Mana.png60)- Flash is the most powerful magic of all. It strikes every enemy within his field of view and destroys most of them. In Fairyland, mana restrictions meant that the spell will drain a large portion of an individual's magic reserves. Considering that Terraria characters can have a maximum of 560 mana points, this wouldn't be a problem with the exception of seeing how many times you can cast it[4].

Life with Natasha[edit | edit source]

Heeeeeey guys...

“We're not letting anything or anyone ruin our big Thanksgiving dinner!”

go eat shit fuckers

~ Turkor the Ungrateful on Boris and Natasha

“Oh my God, Heather. They're too cute!”

~ Oscar Wilde on Boris and Natasha

On October 2014, he and Natasha became a couple. They realized that the power of love would benefit them in their adventures. It did and to prove it, they dealt with the threat of Turkor the Ungrateful on Thanksgiving in a relatively fast manner. Here, they reside in Alex's plush base in Topeka, Kansas.[5]

Boris and YTMND[edit | edit source]

Greeny is the green guy with the torch, Maxx is the guy with the purple shirt and reddish hair, and Will is the guy with a red and gold shirt/undershirt.

As a way to help remember and to represent the central alternate universes that exist in YTMND, Alex nominated a select amount of individual characters to represent each corner, as seen in the image. The representatives are:

  • Boris- YTMND
  • Greeny- PTKFGS
  • Maxx- YESYES
  • Will- 4th Corner

Oddly enough, Will makes an excellent representative of the 4th Corner.

In Promotional Material[edit | edit source]

The Crux of Values.png

Along with Greeny, our hero has dedicated his life to promote the sport that he embodies. Most people may recognize Boris as that guy swinging an iron pickaxe on some small hill as seen on the image above. He may be the human candidate for the mascot of the lovely franchise. But who knows? The statement has been heavily disputed since the beginning.

Further Importance[edit | edit source]

Boris is usually the very first character you see when playing the lovely game. Even the Masters acknowledge his role!

Keep in mind that he plays the most important role in his domain, where he must keep the various worlds safe from hostile powers (usually ones who are anti-democratic). Sometimes, this job may take so much work to the point that more people are required to keep these forces at bay. This is the reason why Natasha, Will, Maxx, and others fight alongside him.

Identifying him in-game[edit | edit source]

Boris hotbar.png

There isn't a lot to say on other ways to identify this individual, so we'll start with the basics. In fact, here are the items that "Player" has when you meet him in other worlds:

  1. Excalibur
  2. Drax
  3. Gungnir
  4. Cobalt Repeater
  5. Platinum Broadsword
  6. Platinum Shortsword
  7. Platinum Hammer
  8. Glow Sticks
  9. Harpoon
  10. Iron Pickaxe

These are the items he uses most in his exploits back home. Since the reaearch on Zardoz came by, he has fought an increase of penis monsters. This was mentioned because other players will take up his namesake online and Boris is very special. He refuses to take Life Fruit in his home lands, and is also prone to bring up his creator's latest interests in the field. Isn't he cute?

The Other Guy[edit | edit source]

On December 26, 2014, Alex planned to make a clone of Boris. He got almost everything right... However, his result was slightly off: His shoes were darker than the Player! In addition, the character was properly named Boris. Even though, he still retained the heroic qualities of his predecessor. Today, he joins up with his fellow characters to fight off evil.

Appearances in other media[edit | edit source]

His legacy lives on to other titles. Here, they shall be documented.

Minecraft[edit | edit source]

Of all the things Alex made in it (Especially things in the lovely game), he can never complete a statue of Boris there. He blames the lack of colors which will provide a proper image or the time it takes (he plays it on his Xbox 360, just in case). When he got a special tool for Garry's Mod, he was able to get it done. More will come in the next section!

Garry's Mod[edit | edit source]

Boris statue.png

Boris and his friends exist in gMod in the form of wool statues. Alex has dedicated himself to build statues of the characters that he knows and loves in it, as well as provide footage of his exploits. If you think about it, the lovely game was made for springs. In other news, he was asked to be assistant director for Days of you-know-what, but he rejected the offer due to how "ridiculous and incomprehensive" it is and he should be treated better than that. Nontheless, the film was a moderate success with him earning a spot in the "Special Thanks" section of the credits.

I wanna be the boshy[edit | edit source]

I wish, but it's not too late for it to happen![6]

M.U.G.E.N.[edit | edit source]

Yeah, it's totally possible. Now's the best time to bring it back from obscurity since it's big in Japan.[7] Make him into any kind of character you want- a joke, "retarded", godlike, or evil.

Everywhere else[edit | edit source]

If he can't be made in some way... Well, fuck it.

In Cuisine[edit | edit source]

“I tasted the essence of Terraria itself and it was GOOD!

~ Some guy on Boris

“I will eat you and everyone you ever knew.”

~ Bill O'Reilly on Terrarians

Besides his adaptability as a plush, he has manifested himself into the form of various desserts: cakes, cookies, lollipops and the like. Despite all incarnations tasting good to nearly everybody, he will never catch on as a culinary delicacy. All we have to do is just give it some time.

Superimposition[edit | edit source]

“Bitch, I am the walrus!”

~ Oscar Wilde on eating a player

The act of a player eating a manifestation of his character signifies his/her dominance over it in the occasion that someday, they could rise against their creators.

The rise[edit | edit source]


~ The announcer in Salamander 2

“You are the Viper!”

~ Everyone on a successful mission carried out by Boris

Currently, he is the pilot of the prestigious starship Vic Viper as well as its cohorts due to his immense knowledge of his subject matter. Once again, he (as a plush) was exposed to things that interested Alex and Gradius just so happened to be one of them. He dedicated his life to ensure the pacification of the Bacterian menace at all costs. He's like a sponge, maybe an inanimate sponge.

Ascension[edit | edit source]


Sometime on early 2015, our hero ascended to the ranks of the Masters! Let's just say that he could use a break from representing and saving the universe he knows and loves to help us know what to expect in the next updates, as seen on the GIF. As with all others, he possesses godlike power; although, he and Andrew are the only people in development who developed their abilities before working on development. When there's darkness, there is light and that light is Boris.

The Hidden Tales[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

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