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The Glow was a creature from the year 1200, however after keeping several towns awake with psychedelic glowing they were executed with the The Britney Spear. However the evil lord Skeletor collected the penises from the beasts and froze them. Hence, the Glow's Dick was obtained.the glowstick contains special glowing mixture obtained from deep within a portaloo. the Glow Stick is a retardation of the original name. Skeletor then used the sticks to take over the world but was defeated by Chuck Norris and balance was restored... to Chuck Norris.

The parts of the standard glowstick penis.

Uses[edit | edit source]

  • For obvious reasons the glowstick can be used for pleasurable/non-pleasurable anal stimulation, penetration and probing; as demonstrated very well by Crawfs, or Fag (which ever seems easier at the time).
  • Battering ram for small houses and the front of peoples faces/vagina's depending on what you are facing.
  • Tactical Korean/Japanese Distraction, for use in times of war. Also known as T.K.D. or T.J.D.
  • Cheap hair dye.
  • Glowsticks are excellent sources of vitamin GLOW and Neon which can be found in many forms of rape.
  • If correctly injected into the eyes, glowsticks will cure all forms of cancer.
  • Possible protection against Chuck Norris, however this is yet to be confirmed as he found them so annoying he destroys those who use them.

Self Defence[edit | edit source]

It is a well known fact that glowsticks can be used to defeat enemies by blinding their Brown Eye or bludgeoning them to death with pretty colours.

Goa Tse's school of the expanding ring frequently train in the art of glow-fu-do (Not edible). A deadly martial art involving the insertion of a glowstick into one's urethra.

If someone is able to gather enough glowsticks together and put them into a microwave they can summon the sun and defeat the darkness in places such as the anus and various people's skulls. Only one person has done this thus far and that was Bruce Lee who used it to find out what was in Goatse.

Cults[edit | edit source]

Readily Available Vaginal Excretions also known as R.A.V.Es are groups of assassins who try to kill people by covering their bodies in glowing glowstick fluid and blind people by running into them. These assassins usually travel in groups and can be spotted by their multi-coloured glow.

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