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Wigglers move in the funniest way. Their name really suits them, don't you think? Pretty easygoing normally, they get downright angry if you mess with that flower on their head. They move faster, which means only one thing— more wiggling!

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Warning: The following contains slight exaggeration, Gallows humour, and a touch of redundancy. Let's have a field day with this one.


Wigglers are sentient beings that reside in areas which are ideal for farming. They do this because they have a love for vegetables. They are very calm when you get to know them, but you have to be careful. They like to speak in the first person.

Not to be confused with Wiggers.

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Mega Wigglers[edit]

Would you look at that? Something's gone wrong. After all, this is an unorthodox practice. Note the pentagram formation.

5 times the size of a regular wiggler, the Mega Wiggler is formed by unorthodox methods. They reside in the Soda Jungle. Their size makes them good for riding them through the poisonous waters in the jungle.


Wiggler grows up into Flutter to perform an awesome return move.
Wiggler ate till his tummy was full, and now Wiggler grew up into Flutter!


As the quote above states, if a Wiggler eats enough vegetables, it will become a Flutter. They have a lot in common with butterflies, considering their shape. The vast majority of known Flutters are female.


Evolution at its finest!

Wigglers had to develop hands before participating in sports. As expected, they enjoy them and hardly bother if they lose. Sports where Wigglers participate include:

3. 2. 1, let's go!

Andrew Spinks
Jim T Myhre Kjexrud
The Racer
Cheddar Cheesia


Living Wood
The Root of All Evil

Other media

Days of You-know-what
Our triumph
The Go-Around Plush
Super Spectre
Wiggler Race


9 out of 10
5 bucks
1st WMD
Ruby and Cobalt
Toys Я Us

What Not to Do with a Wiggler[edit]

  • Do not insult them over their love of vegetables. They will kill you.
  • As tempting as it sounds, do not mess with the flower on a Wiggler's head. They will kill you.

Miscellaneous notes on Wiggler society[edit]

Trust me. You don't want to know.

A Wiggler God does exist. Ironically, he is not a Flutter. Most of the populace believe in him. On another note, if a Wiggler is found growing weed or opium, it will be sentenced to death.

Speaking about vegetables, a fourth of all crops produced by a Wiggler should be reserved as an offering to the Wiggler God. Failure to do so will result in death by Mario. Trust me, you don't want to know.

Representative role[edit]

(Taken from other article):

I could understand Boris and Greeny being representatives, but what the hell do Wigglers have to do with Terraria?

Everybody on the Wiggler's role



Somewhere in time, Wigglers play a bigger role in the representation of Andrew's game. Why? Well, here's some reasons as to how it is:

  1. It is incredibly obscure: When someone brings up Mario, a Wiggler wouldn't be the first thing that pops in their head. Thus, they can fulfill the role pretty easily.
  2. Consistence: Wigglers can fit in with the Dryad, the Guide, trees, and everyone else.
  3. Respects: Wigglers made their debut in Super Mario World, which is still popular today with a wide variety of ROM hacks.
  4. What they stand for: Along with Toon Link, a Wiggler represents the basics of it (namely the digging and building while Toon represents fighting and exploring). They go so well together.

In an alternate universe, the Masters currently hold the rights to use the Wiggler for his representative purpose. Like many other things, this desire was brought upon by Alex.

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