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How anti-vaxxers speak to their children

Anti-vaxxers have and are a rare and dangerous virus that normal humans seldom obtain. Commonly, it makes them believe that vaccines cause Autism. Anti-vaxxers can most often be found at protests, through Facebook pages and outside medical centres. Many are born from a young age, although others can catch the virus from reading the propaganda distributed by the anti-vaxxers.

A brief overview of anti-vaxxers[edit]


Supposedly one of the causes of Autism.
  • Vehemently against vaccines
  • Protesting for no apparent reason
  • Ignoring professional medical advice
  • Thinking they are healthier than they are
  • Pretending to have a medical PHD
  • Having a low IQ
  • Claiming vaccines have micro chips in them
  • Arguing that there is a correlation between Coronavirus and 5G
  • Nazism

What anti-vaxxers think is in a vaccine[edit]

Generally, anti-vaxxers think that vaccines will contains a serum that will give the receiver Autism, and a computer chip that will control your body or something (honestly, I have absolutely no idea).


Anti-vaxxers use many studies and thousands of sources to arrive at the conclusion that vaccines cause Autism and usually have computer chips embedded in their necks or wrists. Some of the aforementioned studies are conspiracy theories that people with low IQs come up with, introducing ludicrous ideas about vaccines, or people who are rich enough to bribe scientists just to make them say vaccines cause Autism. As you can clearly see, anti-vaxxers take a lot of time to make sure their information is Fake as fuck in order to complete their goal of total world domination true and helpful to the average human.

What to do if you encounter an anti-vaxxer[edit]

Anti Vax or mask IMG 3966 (51380804053).jpg
  • Keep calm, this will avoid aggravating them.
  • Be careful
  • Slowly back away from them, taking caution to ensure they don’t notice.
  • DO NOT make eye contact
  • DO NOT engage in conversation

End goal[edit]

The average anti-vaxxer’s end goal is to get everyone infected with their deadly virus so that no one gets Autism everyone gets engulfed by the virus and meets their inevitable death, YAY!

Stop them[edit]

Luckily for them, there is a way to stop these infected idiots. We could simply try to forcibly inject them with a vaccine and watch them get Autism not get Autism. Or we could infect them with their own virus even further. This would probably also introduce a less deadly conspiracy for them to get busy protesting about. Just few ideas, maybe you have some more. Enjoy.