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A photo of Karen Woods.

5G is a fatal disease caused by the companies Nokia, Ericsson, Walmart, and people including Doctors and Managers. "The disease is dangerous and could cause human extinction", stated a hero called Karen Woods. She has blonde hair, owns 34 barrels of makeup, and drives her husband's Cadillac Escalade. Karen says that the cause of the current pandemic, COVID-19 are 5G Towers, which is true, so TURN OFF YOUR MOBILE PHONE, AND PAUSE THAT MULTIPLAYER MATCH, FOOL. "The 5G towers emit radiation and spread the disease further", she says. "Vaccines are also dangerous because they cause autism in children. They contain dangerous viruses like cashiers and of course, 5G, too. This needs to stop right now. My friends from the Sunday book club and I must help save the planet.". That was the last inspirational quote from Karen Woods before she went to speak with the manager. She didn't survive. So now, instead of studying and succeeding in life, you just sit on the table and eat pimples through your nose. Luckily people like Kim-Jong-Dos and Boris Johnson, the 43rd president of the America of the Eagle-falcon-hamburger-Pizza-1-liter-soda are here to help. They have invented a seriously clever strategy to stop the virus: "Wash clean your limb hands after cough sneeze" is their suggestion. The WHO (Weener has onions) Has a remarkably stupid suggestion though. They said: "Clean your hands often. Use soap and water, or an alcohol-based hand rub. Also, avoid collecting toilet paper." LIKE THAT'S THE MOST STUPID THING EVER! HOW ARE OUR LITTLE ANGELS ABLE TO BUILD THEIR TOILET PAPER FORTS WITHOUT TOILET PAPER?! The truth is that they want to inject microprocessors into our bloodstreams. The coronavirus is just a pandemic created by the government to help inject us with poison that they call "vaccines", and 5G towers are spreading the virus. We must take action RIGHT NOW! Before this virus gets beaten by us, there will only be death.

5G is also used to control the nanobots injected into people by vaccine programs.