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AVAKuma, formerly known as AVACut, was an animation video maker and for some reason, a "game" for iOS and Android devices. It was created by a mysterious cult called AVAPix back in January 2022, whose actual developer name on the App Store is called Dreamforce Innovation.[1] In this supposed app, you dress up characters that are for some reason, named after a girl's name. Those characters are called AVA.[2] Their version of those characters are a 2D character system driven by skeletal rigging, which, in reality, there are a limited variety of poses and expressions to choose from. So, contrary to popular belief, they're in the wrong here, as they use a shitty version of Live2D. You can't even make complicated poses at all with these characters. Also, the game function, if you could call it a game where you explore with your character to obtain items, isn't even a game at all. More on that will be shown later in this article. The app's description used to claim that animating doesn't have to be boring, but they'd be lying if you use it.

You actually don't do anything on this app other than playing their "game", dressing up your characters, getting likes from other people (multiple times) from your posts and your character (if you choose to display it, but that's only for Android users, sadly), sharing your character cards and GIFs, and just pure boredom.

Features[edit | edit source]

Dress Up[edit | edit source]

Wait a second...does this seem familiar to you?

You can dress up male and female characters. However you could also dress up children as well. There isn't a lot of variety in the amount of options that you are given because every single one of them are actually part of these presets that are given to you. What you didn't notice is that every single one of these outfits were actually in another app by the same creator called Chuman, which goes to show that there was a lot of unoriginality in the app. What's worse is that they were actually usermade, which means they didn't even bother crediting the users that made it. The UI is the same, but AVAKuma's is more easier since you could input a name quicker. You could also recolor items and change the skin tone of your character.

There's also a feature where you can fill out information about your character. There exists an option where you don't have to specify the gender of the character, so that's inclusive. They also have an option where you can tell the character's star sign, but for some reason, they forgot to include Pisces, possibly because they don't think it's an actual star sign.[3] Other options include age, preferences, and personality. Another way you could share your character is by using a function where you can use GIFs, but there's literally only two options. New outfits are added every Thursday and Friday, and there are new poses and expressions every week. While the expressions part is (thankfully) original, the outfits are not. However, some poses are original. You could also get new items to dress up your character by playing a game, which, again, could not be considered one at all.

They also have two exclusive models that aren't in Chuman. The first one is the Zero model which only has a front pose. Also, some outfits from the female model were imported with some slight differences, along with some of the Zero outfits being imported to the Woman model so you could see the side and back appearances of these outfits. The other one is a furry model, except you can only see it from the sides and it's 3D. However, unlike the other models, it and its clothes are entirely original.

By the way, all the models are encrypted meaning that you can't even use it for editing purposes. The closest thing is to screenshot your character, however, it's much harder to increase its image quality. There's now a way to save your character as a PNG, but then again, it's not in a very high quality as you think it is. Which means if you want to become a VTuber or anything, good luck on making it a Live2D model.

Animation[edit | edit source]

At this point this is getting too similar.

Now this is the main part of the app. You could animate your characters and make stories with them. There's templates by other users if you're out of ideas, who are actually credited unlike the makers of the outfits themselves. But this is where it gets to a point where you couldn't trust the developers on what they're doing. The app's animation UI itself copies another app called Capcut.[4] Previously, the former went by the name AVACut. That's 2 unoriginality strikes for Dreamforce right there on the bat. Not only that, but it also copies Chuman too. Like the dress up function, every single camera style (save for the dual scenes) are taken from Chuman.[5] Actually, you couldn't make a single good animation with it. Every time you try to make your character say something, their mouth doesn't move, unless you use the little girl character (who has a pose with a speaking mouth, but it can get out of sync sometimes). The fact of the matter is, with a limited amount of poses, it feels like your animation isn't going very well.[6] If you try to edit using a third-party software (like Capcut), your animation will not count towards the works section of your profile. A majority of social media sites have a media tab, but this one only counts animations that are animated with their own app, even if you have their assets in your video. How frustrating is that?

They removed it much to the dismay of their userbase in May 2023, and as a result this led to their downfall. This app might not even exist after the 2020s. It has been considered the worst update the developers have done.

World[edit | edit source]

First added in June 2022, you can post your animations to their World feature, which is similar to social media. You could also post anything, however, videos need to be no longer than a minute and no shorter than 6 seconds. The problem is, if you try to put an image, it will be compressed, possibly because their servers couldn't handle large image sizes. Other than that, it's also home to some cringy roleplay featuring characters that already exist in anime. There are also non-anime characters involved as well. You have to follow rules like "don't be a dick" and "don't spam messages". Otherwise, you could get banned. You also have to add a category to your message, which is very unnecessary. Twitter does this for tweets optionally and they don't even restrict you to do this. Avakuma's filter system is abhorrent, since some innocent videos and images couldn't pass through. Every category has been misused by noobs who are new to the app.

The categories are:

  • Moments - The most common type of post you see in the world. Basically, anything.
  • ACGN - Basically stands for anime, characters and games. No one uses it.
  • OA (Original Anime) (formerly Creations/Video & Character) - Used to share your creations. A majority of them are very cringy.
  • Memes - Used to share the funniest things you've seen online.
  • Event - A supposed admin-only category. It's supposed to announce events happening in the app, but truly, it's not admin-only.
  • Cosplay - A category that allows you to share people wearing their favorite fictional character. Again, no one uses it because there's no cosplayers in the app.
  • Roleplay - The most dreaded category of them all. Do NOT go in there, unless you want to see some erotic interactions between anime characters.[7]
  • OC - Stands for original character. Used to share your characters that are created in the app.
  • Gacha - Used to brag about your in-app purchases you've bought in other apps.

In December 2022, there are now 5 categories, and each category is divided into different sections.

  • General - Anything. Nuff said.
  • Events - Similar to the "Event" category.
  • Display My OC - For those who wanted to display their creations instantly without admin approval.
  • Share My Works - Similar to the "Original Anime" category. Arguably the most vague category name ever.
  • OC Zone - Display My OC except there's a text format. Seriously, this should've been merged with Display My OC.

At this point it tries too hard to be a forum-social media hybrid. It almost never works.

Game[edit | edit source]

As mentioned, this couldn't be considered a game at all. In the first time that you play it, it looks promising because it 's close to a game. It would've been a visual novel, but now it doesn't afterwards. However, when you play it, all you have to do is to wait a specific amount of time. There's a chance that you can get an item, but the longer the time that you wait, the more likely that you get an item. It's all luck based, so the timing is random. You don't get to pick the time, sadly. You have energy drinks, but they don't refill until at a specific time period. Every location that you go to costs 10 energy drinks to enter. Once you do, you can't pick another location until your character is done visiting that location. If you run out of energy drinks, your character will be forced to wander until a certain time has passed. Yes, this app forces you to wait an entire day until all your energy drinks refill again. There are games like Candy Crush Saga that lets you wait for less hours to refill your lives if you ran out rather than this "game". Why couldn't there be a system where you can get more energy drinks faster? Is this supposed to be an anti-cheat system to avoid getting more drinks? Or maybe, why can't you have unlimited energy drinks to get more items? The app doesn't even notify you if your character's done exploring. There's also scenarios that do not connect to the app's lore at all after your character's done exploring.

If this were an actual game, it would've been the worst game in existence. Even Big Rigs is a masterpiece compared to this. Somehow it managed to get a fanfiction of it's own right after launch, with a new chapter a few months later...except the actual developers wrote it.[8]

Clothing design[edit | edit source]

In an update from October 2022, we got the ability to design clothes. The problem at first when this was added, was that there's only 5 items for you to design. You also were limited to 5 slots. Why couldn't there be more? Well, in June 2023, they decided to multiply that by 10. But that's still not enough.

Collectibles[edit | edit source]

AVAKuma allows you to get NFTs to unlock outfits. They're trying too hard to be Reddit at this point.

Black Market[edit | edit source]

The official in-app purchase shop in AVAKuma. Given its unfortunate name, it actually raised Avakuma's rating on the Google Play Store to 18+, because they are very bad at naming things.

Flash Club/Social Club[edit | edit source]

The most requested feature was a group chat feature. In response, the developers created a one day private chat. By the looks of it, every single room is basically WeChat but it's moderated. Unfortunately it seems that they've become unoriginal again. Rooms were supposedly rotated every day so you can't see the list the same again when you log in. Also every room is restricted to 21 people for odd reasons.

  • Event Discussion - Discuss the current event happening.
  • Roleplay Group - Are you looking to roleplay with someone else? There's a certain set of rules while roleplaying so you can't be an outcast.
  • AVAKuma Official Team - So, apparently you want to contact us? Join here so that you can suggest things and find bugs to fix.
  • Let's Just Talk - Talk to anyone. You could also share what upsets you but I'm pretty sure you can't find someone who's upset.
  • Looney's Amusement Park - Seriously, this is basically Let's Just Talk but it's supposedly more wholesome and uplifting.
  • Awesome Anime Pictures/My Favorite Anime~ - Post pictures from basically any anime. Actually it's mostly fanart but who gives a fuck?
  • Genshin Impact fandom - The first fandom dedicated to a game. Just talk about it in this room.
  • OC World Discussion - You have a lot of original characters and you thought that your characters should share the same universe. What if they don't, though?
  • Friends Around The World - Another chat room. That's it.
  • Realm Explorers - Roleplay. Again.
  • Adelos Academy - Probably the best chat room because you can duel anyone in this room. Not saying much but still.
  • Multiversal Heroes - Adelos Academy but with more roleplay.

Since then, you can join not one, not two, but twenty rooms at once. Although there's less choices. You can also create your own chat rooms, except that you need a badge, more specifically the Photon Badge and you need to fill out a form so that the staff can create the room, which sounds very inconvenient.

Comic maker[edit | edit source]

In an attempt to beat its Chinese counterpart, Avakuma made a comic maker so that anyone could make their own comics. The problem is that you can make only a maximum of 4 panels and you can't make a series out of it, unless you try to. But that's not gonna happen anyways.

Differences between Avakuma and Chuman[edit | edit source]

  • Both apps have an animation feature.
  • Both apps allow you to dress up both children and adults. However, Avakuma has two extra models.
  • Both apps allow you to share your videos to the world feature. However, Chuman does not have a "works" tab.
  • The mascot for Chuman is a woman named Chuman-Chan,[9] while Avakuma's mascot is named Zero. Chuman-Chan exists as a character preset in Avakuma.
  • Chuman has more backgrounds and camera styles. They also have more outfits.
  • Chuman is restricted to China.[10] Avakuma, on the other hand, seems to target English-speaking audiences, but there's people who don't speak English too.
  • Avakuma has a Discord. We're not linking to it because harassment isn't funny.
  • Chuman has an ability to create comics. Avakuma doesn't because it's meant to be an animation app.
  • Chuman has coins and diamonds to unlock things, while you have to either wait a set amount of time on Avaland or use your real world money on the black market, which is quite a very weird name for an in-purchase store.
  • It was expected that Chuman will outlive Avakuma in the future, even though Chuman would shut down because of financial instabilities. Although this ended up being true.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Yes, the app itself has lore. There are fragments of the story that are hidden, all of which have to be unlocked by going to specific places. You could get them again if there's a chance, but you'll be better off reading the "Plot Atlas" instead. The user-submitted tales in the story don't contribute to the actual story though.

Social media presence[edit | edit source]

No offense but if someone actually handled it correctly then the Fandom wiki wouldn't be disorganized and disheveled. What were the developers thinking?!

The app back when it was called AVACut used to have a suspended Twitter account for no good reason, but they didn't post anything in their socials. Someone did, however, create a Subreddit for them, but the admins didn't join. After they rebranded themselves, they're back on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. YouTube, TikTok and even Pinterest. However, their posts may have broken English, but that's because the company is based in China, and at times they can either misspell words or make it very vague. Very unsurprising. Granted, neither of the developers first language is English, but that's what it is. Somehow they even managed to get a Fandom wiki (which is very messy, by the way).

FAQ[edit | edit source]

What is Avakuma?[edit | edit source]

Didn't I just tell you that already?

Why Avakuma?[edit | edit source]

We just want to create an app for anime lovers. Plus we love anime, so we want to cater the app to many weeaboos as possible.

What happened to Avacut?[edit | edit source]

We just changed our name to Avakuma to avoid getting sued by the TikTok developers.

What is AVAland?[edit | edit source]

It's a "game" that forces you to wait an entire day until you explore again when you run out of energy drinks. We just want to be different from the other animating apps and games and just make your digital life more worse!

How do I level up in AVAland?[edit | edit source]

It's simple! Just visit any of our places provided and instantly level up fast. Depending on the time, you can get more XP.

What is Template Square?[edit | edit source]

We have templates provided by staff and users if you don't have an idea on what to do with your characters.

What are events?[edit | edit source]

We host events with massive prize pools. However, we don't have enough money to buy the prizes provided, so, all of these were meant to be scams all along.

Where is my user ID?[edit | edit source]

It's below your avatar, dumbass.

How do I create a video?[edit | edit source]

Asides from using templates, you can start from scratch and create your own stories and whatever's in your own mind. But here's a catch; if you use any 3rd party software, even if you include your original characters, your work will not count towards the works tab. This means you are a lazy animator!

How do I reach the official team?[edit | edit source]

If you try to contact us on our official email address, there's a guaranteed chance that we will never respond to you. The only way to do so is to join our Discord server, but then again, we won't respond to you in any way because we don't take suggestions.

What is the "carnival" feature?[edit | edit source]

It's another badly worded way of the "meet people quick" feature. Click their avatar and they will tell you their status in one post!

What is original character?[edit | edit source]

An original character, better known as an "OC" is a character that you've created yourself. Such characters can exist anywhere in media.

How to make an original character?[edit | edit source]

Make up your mind.

Official characters[edit | edit source]

Zero[edit | edit source]

Main article: Zero (AVAKuma)

The official mascot for the app. It's mentioned that she's the professor of the Academy, however, she does not dress like an actual college professor. She has several other outfits, but a majority of them are unreleased by the creators for secret purposes.

Spark[edit | edit source]

Her real name is Christine Spark. Surprisingly she never got any Rule 34 images due to her appearance, but that's because the app is very obscure.

Kuma[edit | edit source]

The orange bear character. Unlike Zero, he has more renders. What we know is that he was first spotted in AVAland, more specifically the relic area.

Wandy[edit | edit source]

Unlike the other characters, you can actually try to remake her, since she uses the Woman model. Also, unlike Zero and Kuma, her posts have little-to-no grammar mistakes.

Timeline[edit | edit source]

  • January 2022 - AVAKuma releases as AVACut, first on Android on the 26th and 4 days later, on iOS. At the time it was innocent, although it has a smaller userbase than it has now. The developers forget their anniversary of the app's launch every year.
  • May 2022 - AVACut makes the most delusional claim that over 100,000 users of the app actually liked creating animations on this app.
  • July 2022 - AVACut rebrands itself to AVAKuma to avoid lawsuits by Bytedance.
  • October 2022 - AVAKuma makes another delusional claim saying that their creators are located in every country around the world.
  • 2023 - At this point the app will die after the decade is over...only for it to shut down this year.

Death[edit | edit source]

In November 2023, the team behind AVAKuma announced that its predecessor app Chuman would close on December 13 because of operational costs increasing and the fact that no one uses it anymore. Also, it feels like they've been bankrupt. However, the death of AVAKuma will most likely occur after Chuman shuts down, but it could take a few days.

But on November 17, 2023, AVAKuma ended up being down, the longest time since the app was launched. It could also shut down at some point in the future, either by the same reasons as Chuman or the team just gave up.

Nothing was clarified until December 1, when one of the staff members (a former art head for the app) said that the servers will never open up again not because the staff forgot about it, but because it was bankrupt.

Confused users might not know that it shut down, but as for us, we're smoking a pack right now because the team has yet to respond.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. "Innovation"
  2. Why would they capitalize it?
  3. Very dumb.
  4. The developers of Capcut also made TikTok.
  5. Same goes for the backgrounds.
  6. Even the Gacha series of games had posable characters. This one does not.
  7. Seriously...just don't do it.
  8. Don't read it, it sucks more than the feature.
  9. There are also more mascots that are also turned into character presets.
  10. Also it targets to Chinese-speaking audiences too.

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