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Typical group cheat in WeCheat.

WeCheat (to be confused with WeChat) is a popular social cheating app in China. It is developed by TencNet (to be confused with Tencent). Described as an all-purpose cheating app, WeCheat provides covert text messaging, in-test video conferencing, mass answer distribution, and WeCheat Pay for bribing teachers and test invigilators.


WeCheat was founded as a TencNet product in 2011, capitalizing on the high-stress Chinese school system. Designed as a competitor product to Apple iCheat, it quickly gained users and 100 million active cheaters in 2012. Currently, there are over one billion active users.


WeCheat provides a covert exam messaging service, allowing answers to be sent from outside the testing area. For essays and poetry recitals, WeCheat automatically searches the web in its internal browser. There is also a 'moments' (朋友圈) feature, when users can share answers with a friend group. WeCheat Pay, a digital wallet service, is regularly used by students as a convenient way to bribe invigilators.

How to sneak it into the test[edit]

Hiding it in clothes[edit]

Girls can sneak iPhones into minor tests by putting them under their skirts. Boys, however, wear special clothes with in-pockets that are not visible from the outside.

Hiding it on calculators[edit]

TencNet also produces a calculator with two additional buttons: e and π. They are used for two purposes: giving the value of e or π and cheating.

Pressing "e=" on the calculator gives the value of e, and "π=" gives the value of π. For instance, if you want to find the numerical value of 19π, you need to type "π=×19=" on the calculator.

To send messages to other students, you use "e+" at the beginning of the message and "e-" at the end. For instance, telling that your answer to problem 4 is 156 would be "e+4.156e-". To receive messages, type "π+". When there are multiple messages, you can use + and - to navigate. To quit message-receiving mode, type "π-".

Special functions and features of WeCheat[edit]

The white number in the little red circle at the top right corner of the WeChat icon can also appear on WeCheat. But in WeCheat the number is usually the answer to a problem in the test.

The WeCheat calculator uses ultrared and infraviolet light to send answers to other calculators.

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