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I collect userboxes[edit]

Xbox2.jpg This user is addicted to video games. PlayStation Logos.jpg
Anteater2.jpg This user is a Taahgaarxian. Run, atheists, run!
? This user prefers to be anonymous. That is, numbskull, they don't want you to know who they are. ?
Fireman1.jpg This User tries to stop flamewars to protect the O-zone layer. Fireman1.jpg
0 This user has written 0 articles because they like to keep busy while shirking real life responsibilities. 0
0 This user has recorded 0 audio files, because they love the sound of their own voice. 0
Anti-Benson.JPG This user is better than BENSON, and is an Anti-BENSON-ite! Muahahaha! Anti-Benson.JPG
This space for rent.
Sunglasses.jpg This user's future is so bright, they've gotta wear shades.
1+ This user has over 1 edit. Duh! 1+
DramaticQuestionMark.png This user can also be found elsewhere on the internet. DramaticQuestionMark.png
Bushfire.jpg This user is on fire. You can help uncyclopedia by throwing water on their head Bushfire.jpg
Firefox Logo.png This user believes the Mozilla Firefox could easily defeat Godzilla. Firefox Logo.png
Mario-lo-res.jpg This user is a Gamer and therefore creepy. Mario-lo-res.jpg
Domokunyellownbackground.jpg This user is a grue, and while you were reading this, has eaten you. Start over? Domokunyellownbackground.jpg
Angrygod.gif This user hates religion, and is a sinner through and through! Angrygod.gif
Fortune cookie 20040628 223108 1.jpg This user is being held hostage in a Chinese fortune cookie factory! The beauty of a pun is in the argh of the beholder. Help! Fortune cookie 20040628 223108 1.jpg
Hummingruby.jpg This user knows the truth about hummingbirds and will not rest until the lies have been dispelled. Hummingruby.jpg
ABYSS This user has survived the wretched dark place we call The Abyss. ABYSS
A x2 This user is lucky to have survived going through the Grue-infested pit we call The Abyss more than once. A x2
ABYSS x?,??? This user IS The Abyss. ABYSS x?,???
[ insert content here ] This userbox is a filler, and therefore looks ugly. [ insert content here ]
This user's IQ is over 9000.
Llama Rocking Chair.JPG Stop scrolling down, and admire the llama. It's much more interesting than the actual userpage, trust me. Llama Rocking Chair.JPG
Llama Rocking Chair.JPG What, you don't believe me? Fine, see for yourself. Don't blame me when you die from lack of llama. Llama Rocking Chair.JPG
Llama Rocking Chair.JPG Whoa! You made it! Good job!
Have some llama love!!
Then go away.
Llama Rocking Chair.JPG
The hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy classified this page as mostly harmless

Anything you may experience while reading it is entirely your fault...guv.

This user is reading your thoughts!
Mr rubber ducky.gif This user has been approved by Mr Rubber Ducky, have you? Mr rubber ducky.gif
Sign1.png This user is a mutant. Sign1.png
Blackknight.jpg This User has never been punished on Un-Bestiary. Learn from their actions and act like them.

TA This user believes that you can never have too many text adventures on Uncyclopedia. TA
No Wikipedia.png
This user does not have a user page at Wikipedia because he or she thinks that they take things way too seriously over there.
[insert content here] This user couldn't find any userboxes they actually liked. [insert content here]
This user is right-handed.
In Latin, they would be Dexter.
Yoda1.jpg This User a n00b is not, and approves that, Yoda does.
If you are a n00b who is looking at this, you have just exploded.
Numbersix.gif This user is not a number,
they are a free person!
Ouroboros.gif This user worships Ouroboros and joyously celebrates His return.
Msyclopaintia.jpg This user's primary source of artwork is MS Paint. Msyclopaintia.jpg
Pegasus small.png This user is convinced that any Pegasus is far superior to a Unicorn. No unicorn small.png
Unicorn small.png This user is convinced that any Unicorn is far superior to a Pegasus. No pegasus small.png
PIELAND This user is from Pieland, and is blamed for killing Pingu.
(List of Pielanders)
Skullnbones.gif This user is so pirate, they stole religious doctrine.
This user would be a professional procrastinator, but they can't be bothered.
Weasel photo3.jpg This user is a Pudgist
and worships weaselpudge, the holiest substance in the Universe. They shall be spared from the Apocalypse.
Weasel photo3.jpg
DramaticQuestionMark.png This user is the random bloody statue that rioted their neck inside of your documents so you must largely admonish them with a homotopy. DramaticQuestionMark.png
Color This user likes random colored userboxes. Color
usbx This user likes to use userboxes. usbx
Usb! No, really! Usb!
RENT This space for rent.
Lube available.
Call 1-800-666-6666.
Happysatan.jpg Satan loves this user, and will be seeing them in hell shortly.
Uncyclopedia elzzup otatop.jpg
.sdrawkcab si resu sihT
!degnellahc-yllatnoziroh TON si resu sihT :etoN
Crystalball.png This user can see what you don't!
Bananaseizure.gif This user will give you a seizure. Bananaseizure.gif
Sense This user promotes the radical idea of having sense.
Shyny ub.jpg This user is easily distracted by anything shiny. Shyny ub.jpg
Ihasashuvel.jpg This user gots a shovel.
Yes they does.
Straight.jpg This Uncyclopedian is happy to be 100% straight. Straight.jpg
sub subliminal! sub
sub subliminal! sub
sub subliminal! sub
MEH This user redefines lazy! MEH
Temp This is a template userbox, to create userboxes from. Anyone with it on his/her page is clearly just looking for an excuse to have more Userboxes.
Transformerlogo.JPG This user is a Transformer and has the powers to obliterate you!
Be aware of this user's laser cannon.
Windows logo - 2012 (dark blue).svg This user uses Windows because they can't get enough of your lover. Windows logo - 2012 (dark blue).svg
Wheel.jpg This Uncyclopedian watches Wheel of Fortune. Wheel.jpg
Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Ruff! Ruff Ruff! Arf! Arf! Woof!
Gu This user is easily tricked. Gu

these are not correct


This user has tested positive for PIES on the Myers-Briggs Test, really.

RAS This user has RAS syndrome and therefore is a fan of DVD disks and LAN networks. RAS
Gefahrensymbol F.png
This user is a bit of a pyromaniac.
Gefahrensymbol F.png
Face-surprise.svg Just because I think everyone is trying to kill me doesn't mean they aren't. You know what I mean? Face-surprise.svg
Napoleon4.jpg This user is not and has never been Napoleon. Napoleon4.jpg
Mad scientist caricature.png This user is a Mad Scientist. Mad scientist caricature.png
Homeless2.jpg This user is homeless.
Clown chili peppers.jpg This user fears the clowns. Clown chili peppers.jpg
Kraspin.gif This user enjoys staring at spinning objects, and may be afflicted with Attention Deficit look at the birdie! Kraspin.gif
NAV dark.gif This user is a Net Authority Violator
This Uncyclopedian claims to have a MySpace:*******
Maddox.gif This user loves Maddox.
Maddox, however, doesn't give a damn.
Assassin.JPG I am an assassin, and can kill you anywhere you go from in the shadows. Fear me! Assassin.JPG
Investment bonds.jpg This user is a miser, and couldn't be happier with their money! Investment bonds.jpg
Zombie man.jpg This user is a zombie, and should go back to Urban Dead.
Tofu-datasheet-1.jpg This user is a vegan and loooooooves tofu. Please remind them that they'll die if they don't eat animal protein.
Dracula1.jpg This user is a vampire. Bleh! Dracula1.jpg
Pick Up the Phone Booth and Aisle This user edits PUTPBAA, the most organised text-adventure on Uncyclopedia.
Smoking Sign.gif This user is adept at suicide for a small fee. Cool, aint it? Smoking Sign.gif
Domokunyellownbackground.jpg This User has been officially punished on Un-Bestiary. Learn from their mistakes and don't get flogged.

Sugar Glider Attack.jpg This User is a zookeeper at the Un-Bestiary. Don't mind the smell.

Marree man greyscale outline.jpg This user is a Marree Man. Drongos just became an endangered species. Marree man greyscale outline.jpg
TA This user believes there are too many crappy text adventures on Uncyclopedia. TA
Vietnam This user is Vietnamese
…and is an unwilling commie!
(List of Vietnamese Uncyclopedians)
Aljolson.jpg This user is genetically superior to most users. Aljolson.jpg


United Kingdom
This user is a total UKer
and wants to steal your country albums for sport.
(British Uncyclopedians)
Barr Irn-Bru 6 X 330 Ml Pack.jpg This user is fae Bonnie Scotland
So go take a running fuck at a rolling doughnut
Poland This user is from wonderful Poland …and has no idea how to change a lightbulb!
(List of all Poles on Uncyclopedia)
Old New Zealand Flag.png This user is a Kiwi
…and will someday earn the respect of the Aussies stole from them!
Old New Zealand Flag.png
$$$ This user is a libertarian, so he prefers chicks that shave their armpits (or guys that were introduced to the toothbrush). $$$
LeprechaunMoon.png This user is secretly training to be a Leprechaun, and believes themselves to be Irish. LeprechaunMoon.png
Israel This user is Israeli
…along with some angry Jews
(List of Israeli Uncyclopedians)
India This user is I nd ia n.
They can only talk in Bengali and C++.
(List of Indian Uncyclopedians)
Estonia This user is a crazy Estonian
…who will pwn ya all!!
(List of crazy Estonian Uncyclopedians)
Cz Flag.gif This user is Czechoslovakian
and can spell better than you!
(List of all Czech Uncyclopedians)
Cz Flag.gif
Cuba This user is Cuban
¡all your base are belong to Fidel Raúl!
(List of Cuban Uncyclopedians)
Hammer and sickle.png
This user is a Communist
& is working on their Lenin mustache! ☭
Colombia This user is Colombian
…and is smuggling cocaine!
(List of Colombian Uncyclopedians)
Condor1949.gif This user is Chilean
…and knows who the owner of Nuts4Nuts is.
(Uncyclopedistas Chilenos)
Canada This user is Canadian
…and is very opinionated about snow tires, curling, & the CBC!!!
Ceci n'est pas un Belge
...because Uncyclopedia
frowns upon cursing.
(List of other pas Belge Uncyclopedians)
Azerbaijan This user is Azeri
Watch out, or you'll
be fed the pilaf of doom!

(List of Azeri Uncyclopedians)
No hammer and sickle.PNG This user is an Anti-Communist
…and is unabashedly American!
No hammer and sickle.PNG
US flag.gif
This user is not American
…and unabashedly proud of it.
(But they're not saying where they're from in case y'all come and bomb the hell out of it.)
(List of NonAmerican Uncyclopedians)
United States
This user is American
…and unabashedly proud of it!
(List of American Uncyclopedians)
This user is a Mac User.
Eat up.
(List of Mac-Using Uncyclopedians)
Tux-thinkpad.png This user supports free operating systems because they are basically a cheapskate. Tux-thinkpad.png
C:\>_ This user contributes using DOS.
Sucrose b small.gif This user joined the Folding@home Team, because they give a damn & so should you. Sucrose b small.gif
Protein.GIF I joined the Folding@home team, because I have nothing better to do with my computer. Protein.GIF
Unlocked.svg This user has a Really Lame Password. Seriously, you could probably guess it. Unlocked.svg
Verifying username and password…
Shit! This user contributes using dial-up!
Blue-supra-1.jpg This User can Drift and beat D.K. Blue-supra-1.jpg
Skyline Z-Tune.jpg This Uncyclopedian has
the Need for Speed.
Skyline Z-Tune.jpg
hey! The above wasn't my fault! hey!
This user's sex appeal is such that people around the world compulsively shout their name during intercourse.
Durrr This user is a fucking Moron. Durrr
NO This user doesn't care. NO
Sex This user is against sexuality; probably because it is not a pervert like you. Sex
One Fierce Beer Coaster icon.jpg This user has more fun than a well-oiled midget. One Fierce Beer Coaster icon.jpg
Uncyclopedia Puzzle Potato Notext.png This user believes that admins are control freaks.
Nuvola apps important orange.svg This user should not be trusted. Nuvola apps important orange.svg
UnBestiarylogo notext.png
This user has been punished on the Un-Bestiary.
n00b This user is a n00b. n00b
Myfisto.gif This user has attained a plane of asshattery previously thought unreachable and needs to be cockpunched immediately. Myfisto.gif
Nuvola apps important.svg This user hates you and everyone you care about. Nuvola apps important.svg
The Worst Part of Censorship.jpg This *bleep* user likes to *bleep* the use of *bleep* *bleep* profanity *bleep* The Worst Part of Censorship.jpg
Sergeant.PNG This user is a drill sergeant and just loves to turn n00bs into real men! Sergeant.PNG
Face-surprise.svg This user is happy to help n00bs. Leave a message here. Face-surprise.svg
3wisemonkeys.jpg This *bleep* user likes to *bleep* the use of *bleep* *bleep* profanity *bleep* 3wisemonkeys.jpg
ego This user is a deluded egomaniac. ego
1337 This user is elite. 1337
Canadian snowman.jpg This user is cooler than you. Canadian snowman.jpg
Geek.jpg This user is a geek.
Bad User
This user is an asshole.
Please avoid direct contact.
Bofh.svg This user hates telephones. Could be due to the fact that the U.S. government is monitoring them.
This user is a member of the
Evil Atheist Conspiracy.
"We're after your children and pets."
BROTRR This user is a proud Rigist. BROTRR

This user, Argon8, is a genuine Puppet Master.

This person has done (assumedly) bad things to Uncyclopedia under approximately 3 3000 pseudonyms.

Happy Face.PNG This user likes welcoming new users to the wiki. Happy Face.PNG
Anti-Benson.JPG This user denounces BENSON. Anti-Benson.JPG
Leagueofbenson.gif This user is a member of the League of Benson, and therefore admits that Benson is better than themselves. Leagueofbenson.gif
Buddychr.png This user has found Jesus, and is therefore no longer a threat to society. Buddychr.png
Fsm.jpg This user be touched by His Noodly Appendage. Fsm.jpg
Sad clown.jpg
This user is a member of the Uncyclopedia Departure of Fun.
Hiding kitty.jpg This user is a member of the Anti Kitten Huffing Movement.
Happysatan.jpg This user is a sinner, and bows before Satan. Happysatan.jpg
TheJeeMan.jpg Jesus loves this user, and has blessed this page.
Weasel photo3.jpg This user is a Pudgist
and worships weaselpudge, the holiest substance in the Universe. They shall be spared from the Apocalypse.
Weasel photo3.jpg
Paladin.jpg This user is a member of DiZ's inner circle. Fear them.
JoW This user is a suspected sockpuppet of Jimbo on Wales, but hasn't been blocked indefinitely because we are not so-called-experts. JoW
中共 This user supports the Communist Party of China, but only because because it's our last chance for global communist domination.
Villianc.jpg This user is searching for the Cabal. If they go missing, please inform their family. Villianc.jpg
3dspork.png This user is a conspirator in the Grand Conspiracy. 3dspork.png
Villianc.jpg This user denies any involvement with the cabal. There is no cabal. Villianc.jpg
9/21 This user will never forget the events of 9/21/07; the day Uncyclopedia was huffed by terrorists. 9/21
...and EEEEEEEEEEEEPENIS shit and penis! go shit and penis! Ee
Lotus.gif This user is a reincarnation of The Flying Spagetti monster. Lotus.gif
Awww... how adorable!
You made some other user happy, and they left a kiss for you on your page!

Keep the good work goin' for some more ;u*

Merry Chrizzle, Happy Hanukizzle,
and a Kick Ass Kwizzle from Me & Snoop Dizzle!

Pikachuevolving.PNG This user got Pokémon Pearl because they are a corporate whore. Pikachuevolving.PNG
Pikachuevolving.PNG This user got Pokémon Diamond because they are a corporate whore. Pikachuevolving.PNG
Aljolson.jpg This user is a flaccid contagious clitoris that likes to bomb while tawdry wobbly ostrich eggs anglicanize his rainbow. Aljolson.jpg
EvilClown.gif This user is an evil clown. Fear their evil (yet hilarious) wrath of DOOM!!

Other users who are Evil Clowns

Euroipods1.jpg This user supports the giving away of free iPods.
Chickenbox2.0.png This user raises their own chickenbox. Chickenbox2.0.png
Image-4.jpg Formerly lost among the dregs of society, this user has defected and crossed over from the dark side. Welcome to the machine.... Image-4.jpg
Potatohead aqua.png This user wants [[This page]] featured. Potatohead aqua.png
Alanmoore1.jpg This user is a level 13 Wizard. They see the fnords. Alanmoore1.jpg
Eeek! This user steals userboxes from random people's user pages. Eeek!
official This user is official. They get all their user boxes from here. official
This user has a crapload of userboxes. To see more of them, go to some other page.
Counter-Strike retail box This user is addicted to Counter-strike, and would like to blow your face off with an AK-47. Counter-Strike retail box
Counter-Strike retail box This user is an Asian, and probably lives at an internet cafe playing World of Warcraft 24/7. Counter-Strike retail box
MontyPythonFootLeftSmall.jpg This user is from Camelot, and
eats ham and jam and spamalot!
Sign2.png This user is an evil clone of LABELORD.
High voltage warning.svg No user serviceable parts inside. High voltage warning.svg
Monbags.jpg This user is POOR,

has never passed GO,

and never collected $200.

Paladin.gif This user is a paladin.
Hide your demons and undead.
Nietzsche187a.jpg This user is humping Friedrich Nietzsche's leg. Nietzsche187a.jpg
Leon Trotsky icon.jpg This user is humping Leon Trotsky's leg. Leon Trotsky icon.jpg
♀♂ This user is unsure of their gender, and doesn't want to know. ♀♂
This user is a boy and wields a penis happy stick.
This user is a girl, and is made of sugar, and spice, and everything nice.
Face-angel.svg This user is an angel. Face-angel.svg
+ This user suffers from senioritis, an incurable demotivational syndrome.
British Royal Family.jpg This user is a monarch, or a megalomaniac. British Royal Family.jpg
FA-22 Raptor.jpg This user is an aeroplane, and can be annoying. No offence to pilots. FA-22 Raptor.jpg
Lemming.jpg This user is a lemming, or at least thinks so. Lemming.jpg
CohoSalmon.png This user is a fish,
or at least thinks so.
This user's IQ is over 42,000,000,000,000,000,000.
Baphomet.jpg This user walks down the
left hand path
. Thus, they would be considered evil by the Catholic Church.
(List of left hand path Uncyclopedians)
This user is left-handed.
In Latin, they would be sinister.
(list of left-handed Uncyclopedians)

P.S:The anonymous, and alien anteater userboxes got mixed together. anonymous says: "This user is anonymous. That is, numbskull, he or she doesn't want you to know who he or she is." Alien Anteater should be readable. P.P.S:The n00b text was supposed to go with the pic of yoda.