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The coat of arms!

Saver that accommodate there money by Icesave lost there money , there's still a great deal of uncertainty of there money Icesave. During the credit crisis the Iceland bank going bankrupt and many customer lost there money. A women name Queen Patricia come into financial difficulties she lost her home. Poor Queen Patricia she have losing all her money after credit crisis. A friend of me say, even the 0therWorldKingdom will soon be just a memory so good as well!

Medieval Castle 16th century[edit]

0WK come in to financial problems after the credit crisis! 0WK is up for sale now. We asking a special friendly low price for this medieval castle that was built in the 16th century. This beautiful castle is lies in the middle of a meadow around a great Chinese wall and behiend big tree for more privacy. The garden is direct locate at the D1 speedway on 200 yards and your can see out windows heavy traffic.

The Village is Perfect Locate 1 Kilometer at Cerna Airport[edit]

The beautiful landscape of Cerna.

This castle is excellent for winter sports holiday. Your can lease out one of this small village for guast or clients to spend the night in a luxe room's with one bedroom and we have not forget to make a cage for dog is same room!

When your wake up in early moring your hear maybe it the Czech sheep in meadow in morning but it can also that you wakey wakey of noise D1 motorway! The village lying on one kilometre by Cerna airport. In early morning some Boeing take off this make a little bit noise but don't take care we have we have good isolation room never can hear sound of airplane.

The Previous Owner of This Village Have a Notorious Person[edit]

The previous owner of this village have a notorious person and broken every law notorious for his cruelty! Someone say that this village is build with money by the Russia Mafia! Leon a special member of Maffia is alway for fugitive after day that leave his homen we police come to his home to arrest him . His neighbour say that on someday leon come back to his home!

Leon have this village available from accommodation for homeless poor Czech girls that have lost there daddy and mum in a tragedy car accident! Girls have own business earn big money and have commercial insight. Then Earn a good salary at the top of the social and have business relation with great company and great drugs dealer. Some say that Leon do the financing deficit some great company lean extra money of leon and Maffia. Leon's daughter run now this company she is great businesswoman that have many client around world. But after hearing the bad new that 0WK lost all there money she take drugs deal to save 0WK. But secret drug deal failure when Agnecy of Secret Service CIA intercept Secret love letters of leon daughter this spoil the atmosphere! as it were to Save OWK of financial Dead!

Reconstructed castle area by the D1 speedway at the Czech Highlands. The area is situated 3,5 km far from a speedway junction at the edge of a small village. All buildings went through an expensive reconstruction and therefore in perfect condition. The entire area is surrounded by a high wall providing maximal privacy.

A wooden pole.

This castle is excellent for winter sports holiday.

The castle was built in the16th century, utility expanse is 1600 square meters. 3x big apartments (flat), 2x hall, antechamber, dining room, kitchen, huge attic (suitable for further constructions to make more rooms), tower. There are arched ceilings at the first floor and a long cellar beneath. The castle is furnished in old fashion style, old furniture, curtains, crystal chandeliers. Building for accommodation no. 1 - reconstructed building from 18th century, utility expanse is 2100 square meters. First floor - restaurant (32 seats), kitchen, swimming pool, hall, stores, 5 apartments, two rooms. In the second floor there are 14 rooms, hall and a night club. Building for accommodation no. 2 - new built, utility expanse 700 square meters. Reception, shop, store, laundry room, 3 apartments, 4 rooms.


The riding hall is reconstructed building with inner wooden platform from 19th century, utility expanse 770 square meters. The park with a small lake and a gazebo above the lake together with a big wooden podium has expanse approx. 20.000 square meters. There are amenity trees planted in the area. The buildings surround the castle and make a natural yard, where a water reservoir from 19th century is also situated together with a fireplace and smokehouse.

The area also includes a parking places with wired fence, another lake, granary building (3 floors) and cellars of former brewery (approx. 200 square meters)

Duct line (water-pipe), sewage pipes lead to local sewage pipes, AC/DC 220/380 V, central heating, alternative heating (fireplaces, other heaters), telephone, internet, outer camera circuit.

Prague 60 minutes, Brno 30 minutes, Vienna 90 minutes

A fancy bar.

The area is suitable as hotel, stylish restaurant with accommodation, place for weddings or other topic celebrations. Thanks to it's location at the Highlands near a speedway might be used as a representative residence for demanding applicants. This place might also be used as a luxurious home for seniors.

Special festive occasion your can propose that lady to marriage. Your can drink in the bar. We have place for accommodation for more that 100 people so let begin your weddings party with official civil wedding . Your know this a unforgettable marriage. We have in bar restauran three consumption special for married couple, 1 poisonous mushrooms, 2 ice cream with drugs, or 3 Coca-Cola Coke mixe of alcoholic poisoning.